Patsy Clairmont’s Son in Hospital

November 16, 2009 | by

11/30/09 – From Patsy: 34 days after being admitted…21 days on a ventilator…and 40 lbs lighter…the man is coming home. Somebody say Amen!!!

11/30/09 – UPDATE: We are thrilled to report that Marty is doing much better! He is conscious, breathing on his own, and, Patsy tells us, “He grows stronger each day!” We appreciate all your prayers.

11/20/09 – From Patsy: Marty sat in a chair today for over 2 hours and he ate ice chips & popsicles. YES!

11/19/09 – From Patsy: Today (11/19) Marty works on regaining full use of arms, hands, & legs. Also swallow test. And he gets to sit in a chair! Yes!

11/16/09 – UPDATE: Day 20 in ICU. Please pray the sinus infection that is complicating Marty’s breathing will respond to antibiotic, it is a resistant strain. 11/5/09: Women of Faith Speaker Patsy Clairmont’s 44-year-old son, Marty, has been hospitalized with double pneumonia. He is on a ventilator and in a medically-induced coma. The latest word is that he is showing some small signs of improvement, but is still in extremely serious condition. We appreciate your prayers on behalf of Marty and the entire Clairmont family.
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