Patsy Clairmont’s Son in Hospital

11/30/09 – From Patsy: 34 days after being admitted…21 days on a ventilator…and 40 lbs lighter…the man is coming home. Somebody say Amen!!!

11/30/09 – UPDATE: We are thrilled to report that Marty is doing much better! He is conscious, breathing on his own, and, Patsy tells us, “He grows stronger each day!” We appreciate all your prayers.

11/20/09 – From Patsy: Marty sat in a chair today for over 2 hours and he ate ice chips & popsicles. YES!

11/19/09 – From Patsy: Today (11/19) Marty works on regaining full use of arms, hands, & legs. Also swallow test. And he gets to sit in a chair! Yes!

11/16/09 – UPDATE: Day 20 in ICU. Please pray the sinus infection that is complicating Marty’s breathing will respond to antibiotic, it is a resistant strain.

11/5/09: Women of Faith Speaker Patsy Clairmont’s 44-year-old son, Marty, has been hospitalized with double pneumonia. He is on a ventilator and in a medically-induced coma. The latest word is that he is showing some small signs of improvement, but is still in extremely serious condition. We appreciate your prayers on behalf of Marty and the entire Clairmont family.


  1. 4 years ago
    Eileen says


  2. 4 years ago

    Patsy..I am praying for you and your son….

  3. 5 years ago
    Linda in Texas says

    Dearest Patsy & Family, I was at the WOF in Oklahoma City when we were told about Marty. Upon arriving back home you and Marty were put on my church prayer list and daily prayer group. I know there are lots of people praying for yall. Praise be to GOD for hearing everyones prayers GOD-IS-GOOD! I am so glad to hear he is doing so much better! You will always be in my heart and prayers, you are such an inspiration to me with your faith and trust in the Lord. I am going through a situation with my 43 year old son who is in kidney failure and being put on dialosis , he also is facing two more surgeries to try and save his foot, so maybe you and the WOF staff could pray for us. As a mom you know how it is no matter how old they are they are still your child. Thank you for Patsy for being the strong person you are and encouraging so many women in such a special way, until we meet again my love to you!

  4. 5 years ago
    Marty(really Martha) says

    I am sorry to hear that your son has been so sick, but am thrilled to know that GOD has put him on the road to recovery! I will continue to pray for him, and the family. For strength, patience, and a ready and real sense of humor. May HE continue to hold you all close to HIS heart, and bless your socks off!!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us, and giving us the privilege of interceding on your behalf. (Your son has a great name)!!!!!!

  5. 5 years ago
    KMatthews says

    Praise God. I'm thankful for the prayers lifted for Patsy's son. She is an inspiration to us. Saw her at Greensboro, NC and heart went out to her and her family. Even though she was going through this tragedy, she was still the most inspirational speaker. Thank you for being there on Friday.

  6. 5 years ago
    Judith E. Barnes says

    Hell Ms. Clairmont, even if I had never seen you and heard your awesome personality rush from your throat toward thousands of women to delight and bring joy and hope, I would still pray for your son. May God make His face to shine upon your son, yourself and your entire family. I have had hearty laughs just from listening to you and I pray for many hearty laugher for Marty, you and all your family and close friends. Blessings and God's unmerited favor. Judith E. Barnes, Snellville, Georgia

    • 5 years ago
      Judith E. Barnes says

      So sorry, please forgive me, my salutation should have read 'Hello Ms. Clairmont.' Blessings,Judith Barnes

  7. 5 years ago
    Sue says

    When we count on Jesus…….ALL things are possibe! He will NEVER leave us or forsake us!!! Patsy thank you for sharing a sliver of your pain with us during your Ft. Lauderdale visit…remember it is A Grand New Day!!! My little girl (12) has had 5 brain surgeries, so I can definately relate to being the Mom that just can't make it all better with a kiss and a chocolate chip cookie :) We are currently adopting a little girl from Russia and she is already pulling at my heart strings…and I haven't even met her. I think those letters MOM…were really supposed to be WOW! Bless you all!!!!

  8. 5 years ago
    Kelly says

    And ALL the sisters say AMEN!!! Praise God! Goosebumps still emerge on my arms thinking of praying in Houston for him!!!!!

  9. 5 years ago
    Deanne Hoffman says

    Dearest Patsy,
    Praise be to God for the good news Marty is getting better. It is not easy for a parent to deal with a sick child no matter how old they are!! May God continue to give your family strength and Marty healing. God’s blessings to you all. Deanne

  10. 5 years ago
    Laura Craft says

    Patsy, To God alone be the Glory, to God alone be the Praise! All things are possible in HIM! He is faithful and True. I’d like to take this opportunity to request prayer for my very good friend, Donna Granger who had lung cancer surgery on September 9, 2009 and is still in the ICU. She has started recovering, had gotten pnuemonia, began recovering, got pnuemonia again, lung collapsed, now has Acute Repirtory Disorder, and just on Saturday, November 28th, she started having problems with her heart and kidneys, and she is now sedated on the respirator. The Doctors said they have seen people pull through this but they didn’t think she would pull through. Can I please ask for pray for Donna, her husband Don and daughters, Jamie & Kristina who are all very broken. They need the LORD to hold them and gird them up……..this has been a long hard journey, and I know that GOD still works Miracles “With GOD ‘ALL’ things are possible”…thank you so much everyone and may the LORD bless each of you in great and mighty ways that you know not of!

  11. 5 years ago
    Lonnie Sievert says

    Praise the Lord Patsy! I’m so glad your son is feeling better, sitting in a chair again and able to talk to you! God is Good! Blessings for a safe and healthy Christmas. Lonnie, Minneapolis, MN

  12. 5 years ago
    Kathy says

    PTL!!! Thank you so much for the update on Marty. I have been praying for him and your whole family. God is good all the time! All the time God is GOOD!! Marty and your fami;ly will continue to be in my prayers. Love & Blessings!!!

  13. 5 years ago
    Skye says

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Thank you for the update on Marty! God is gracious, and unfailing! We are continuing to pray for Marty’s full recovery! Been reading the firefly book!!!! You’re a blessing Patsy! Your book is touching many lives because it’s stirring my heart to change!!!! Blessings to you and your family!!

  14. 5 years ago
    karla says

    Praise God that he is getting better. GOD is soo Good.

  15. I am praying for your son. I know what it’s like to be sick myself, I am recovering 2 weeks of the flu that knocked me down very quick. Blessings on all of you.

  16. 5 years ago
    Tammy says

    Patsy and Les,
    Our family is praying diligently for all of your family. We pray that you were able to enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving with each other. We have a great big God that is faithful even we are not. He will care for you like no other can!!!

  17. 5 years ago
    Patty says

    PRAISE GOD. I was at the Houston event where we prayed for him! HOW AWESOME to see God’s hand at work in Marty’s life. Continuing to pray for his full and speedy recovery. Love you bunches Patsy!

  18. 5 years ago
    Stephanie Tollett says


    I am praising the Lord right now for the improvements for Marty. God is the mighty and ultimate physician and He will heal your son.

    I was honored to be among the women who prayed for him in Houston, TX for the WOF conference and will continue to pray for complete healing.

    In His Service,

  19. 5 years ago
    Julie Dudley says

    You are such a sweet lady of God, Patsy. I will be praying for a quick healing for Marty.

  20. WOW Patsy,

    Here it is WAAAY past my bedtime and I am just reeling from you WOF presentation in Ft. Lauderdale!!!Patsy,

    Way to go girls (and guys)!! What a fabulous testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit working in our lives.

    My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family as you continue to be at Marty’s side during his recovery.

    My husband, Cliff, was diagnosed with Choroidal Melanoma in August so we have been on perverbeal roller coaster ride since then. What do people do if they don’t have faith in GOD????!!! I don’t know how we would survive!

    Thank you for sharing your faith and helping the rest of us be brave and know that whatever happens Gods will may be done.

    With Love & Appreciation,
    Sandy Steffen

    P.S. Please continue to share your “Good News”. My friend Carol Ripley is coming to next years WOF and I pray you will be at our Ft, Lauderdale stop. She NEEDS to hear and experience YOU!! ( :

  21. 5 years ago
    Lisa Baumann says

    I was in a very similar situation 2 years ago (reading your updates brings back memories) …. my family didn’t think I’d pull thru. I made a complete recovery! It is a long road with gaining your strength back, but it sounds like Marty is on his way. Blessings to you during this time. Prayer is powerful and you have so many praying for you!

    God Bless You!

  22. 5 years ago
    Lisa Baumann says

    I was in a very similar situation 2 years ago (reading your updates brings back memories) …. my family didn’t think I’d pull thru. I made a complete recovery! It is a long road with gaining your strength back, but it sounds like Marty is on his way. Blessings to you during this time. Prayer is powerful and you have so many praying for you!

    God Bless You!

  23. 5 years ago
    Penne Logan says


    I was at the Houston Conference. You are great. I was even more astonished you came after hearing about your son. I feel so blessed to have been in your presence and getting to pray along with all at the conference. The Lord is so cool to heal his faithful servants son, as his faithful servant came and did her role for our Awesome God. What a beautiful thing to watch. Can’t wait till he is on the go again. Soon and very Soon. God bless you.

  24. 5 years ago
    Donna E. Norvell says


    I am praising the Lord along with you and your family in the news of Marty’s recovery! We have an Awesome God. Will continue to pray for complete healing.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    Love in Him,

    donna :-) Eph. 3:20

  25. 5 years ago
    Lisa says

    God is GOOD! So glad to here Marty is improving. I will continue to pray for complete recover.

  26. 5 years ago
    Marie Snyder says

    Patsy you are in our hearts and prayers. I pray Gods healing hands on Marty.Thank you for the update.May god Bless you and your family! Marie

  27. 5 years ago
    Mary Lou Arning says

    Thank God that Marty is recovering. I lost my son, Peter 5 yrs ago from pneumonia and I’ve been so worried for Patsy. Our wonderful God spared Marty’s life and I know he will have a full recovery!!

  28. 5 years ago
    Bonnie says

    Prayers are still coming. Such great news.

  29. 5 years ago
    Michele Farr says

    Have been praying for your son, following updates on Nicole C. Mullens post. Praising the Lord for your sons improving health!

  30. 5 years ago
    kimm hurd says

    patsy… so sorry to hear of your son… as a mother there is nothing worse than one of your children being so ill… my heart and prayers are with all of you.. may god bless and heal your son… may god continue to bless and work through you… you are such an inspiration to so many… sometimes life is difficult at best.. but it is here that we learn some of life’s greatest lessons… god bless… your sister in christ.. kimm

  31. 5 years ago
    Julie says

    Praise God! Our God is Bigger than sickness! He is still in the healing business!!

  32. 5 years ago
    Joy Higginbotham says

    We serve a Mighty God! Praise Him for your son’s recovery! I will continue to pray!!

  33. 5 years ago
    katie says

    Praise GOD!!! I continually Marvel at is Healing Powers!!!

  34. 5 years ago
    Ann Emory says

    You are such a blessing! You took the time to come to Houston even thought you had such an enormous burden for your son. Thank you!
    I will be praying for your son and your family. God bless you.

  35. Continued prayers going up for Marty and the whole family. We were blessed to be able to pray at the Houston event together but know that we have carried it on since. Please keep us posted. That is why I came to the site to see if there was any word. Bless all of you!

  36. 5 years ago
    Mary Bishop says

    Patsy and family,
    Words escape me… what can someone say or what would I want to hear at such a time.
    The God of all of creation is with Marty, you and your family! He loves and cares for you all! I think the knowledge of that would be what would bring me the most comfort in such a difficult/scary/fearful time. No matter how old our children get, they are always our babies.
    Lord, we know you are the God of all comfort and the great physician and we pray tonight that you will supply Marty and his entire family with each of their needs. Thank you for being such a great God! Amen.

  37. 5 years ago
    Michele Close says

    Dear Patsy,

    May God bless your son with a speedy recovery. I don’t just believe in miracles, I depend on them! Our God is a God of miracles! Acts 4:22 “For the man was over forty years old on whom this miracle of healing had been performed.” My prayers are with you……..

  38. 5 years ago
    Sharon says

    I have been to all WOF conf in colorado since they started. You are an amazing lady, an I am sorry to hear that you are going through this with your son. I will keep him in my prayers an also you an your family.
    God is watching over you. Thanks for all the things you have helped me through with your wisdom an laughter.
    I cant wait to see you again, with all you new stories you will share..
    I don’t fully understand why we have to go through tough times. It will make us stronger..

  39. 5 years ago
    Vickie Bright says


    God is steadfast and Faithful. Been through this same scenario 5 years ago with my son. On a vent for 6 weeks. Had MRSA in his blood stream and collapsed lung. God was faithful every step of the way and He took care of my son. It is not easy. Hardest journey of my life to this day but God provided every step of the way and He spared my son. A MIRACLE. I am praying for that same miracle for your son. I was told one day from a missionary that had come all the way from Africa to pray like the woman going before the judge. God is holding your son so close right now. I pray for peace for you in this storm Patsy. A peace that passes all understanding. God is faithful and more powerful then anything. What I learned was He does it in His time. Father God, I pray today that you will provide for Patsy and her son what they need for the day and that each day you will continue to provide exactly what they need for the day and may Patsy’s son be healed. Thank you Father God for loving us and always taking care of us. We know this is the case with the Clairmonts. In Jesus precious name. Amen

  40. 5 years ago
    Jill Coker says

    Prayers are being sent up as I write this. Blessings and healings to your son and family.

    Jill Coker

  41. 5 years ago
    Linda Mowry says

    Dear Patsy,

    I just prayed for Marty. I am asking for a miraculous healing but if God chooses, to use a doctor to do it. I will continue to pray for him and for your entire family. My heart goes out to you all. You are a blessing and delight to me and everyone who gets to hear you speak.

    With love and blessings, Linda

  42. 5 years ago
    LAURIE WEAD says


  43. Patsy,
    You are such a special lady and have blessed me for years at Women of Faith. I know this has to be very trying for you to have a son so sick. My heart and prayers go out to you, your family and especially for Marty. May God lay His healing hands on him and bring him back to health soon. Prays continue!

  44. 5 years ago
    Gayle Brosnan-Watters says

    Praying for your son, Patsy. One of my dearest friends who is involved in our quilt ministry where we make quilts for cancer patients was in an accident this weekend with a semi. She has recently finished chemo for breast cancer, and has been a paraplegic for 25 years. She is in the hospital with legs broken in more places than I know. All this to say that, in spite of what things look like, our God is NOT surprised at what happens in this world, and HE is still in charge. I don’t understand Linda’s accident, and I don’t understand Marty’s illness or the other things you have had to deal with in your life, but I do know that God IS LOVE, and that He has promised that “all things work together for good…..” Praying, Patsy, praying, for Marty, for LInda, for so many who are struggling. And trusting Abba.

  45. 5 years ago
    Carol Voogd says

    Thanks for the update, I’ve been praying since I found out. A friend’s husband has the same problem and is in ICU here. But God is moving powerfully to strengthen his family’s faith!

  46. 5 years ago
    Robin Miller says

    You have been such an inspiration to so many people and myself. Now praying that you will find the inspiration in someone else to get you through this. As you once said, when we’re above looking down we don’t need anything, but it’s in the valleys that we grow because we need God. Praying that God gets you through this valley with you and your son stronger in Him!

    Hugs and prayers,

  47. You and your family are in my prayers. Take care and God Bless.


  48. 5 years ago
    Jessica Christensen says

    Prayers going up for Marty daily. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  49. 5 years ago
    Raquel Pledger says

    “If the Lord brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it” Your family is in my prayers.

  50. 5 years ago
    Kay Bismarck says

    Patsy, my prayers are with you at this difficult time. Know that our women’s group from Living Hope Community Church will be at the conference in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend loving you and all the ladies BIGTIME! Godspeed.

  51. 5 years ago
    Sharon says

    Praying continuously!!! WOF Houston was outstanding… what a blessing each and every one of you ladies were to me!

  52. 5 years ago
    Bebe Pendergraph says

    Thanks for letting us know how your son is doing.,and bless you for going to Greensboro at that time to bless all of us. Your son is in my prayers, and how great to know that God is in control., and he knows how much you love your son, and to know that he loves him even more.
    God Bless you and yours.
    Bebe Pendergraph

  53. 5 years ago
    Jackie Thatcher says

    What an amazing servant of God you are dear sister. Your ability to bless us all at the Houston conference while your heart was with your son was truly overwhelming and humbling. While your message was truly motivating and as usual full of hilarity, your servant heart was heard loudly over all else. I will continue to pray for Marty and for you and your family. God Bless You All.

  54. 5 years ago
    Donna E. Norvell says

    Hi Patsy,

    Thanks for the update on Marty. I have been praying daily for him and your family and wondering how he was doing. I am trusting the Jesus as the Great Physician will allow Marty to heal quickly and that the infection will respond to the antibiotic and that the doctors will have wisdom in decision making.

    Blessings and love,

    donna norvell :-) Isa. 40:31

  55. 5 years ago
    Skye says

    I was there in the Houston conference when Sheila Walsh said the most beautiful prayer over your son! I have continued praying for his recovery as I’m sure so many of us who were there Friday night! Glory to the Great Physician, who remembers His promises! May the same God who rose Lazarus from the so called permanent sting of DEATH, raise Marty from this coma and completely heal his lungs! In the precious name of The Son, and our Savior, Jesus Christ!

  56. I will continue to pray for Marty and your family. You so blessed my life this weekend at WOF Houston.

  57. 5 years ago
    Sandra Brown says

    Patsy, You and I have a lot in common. First, we have the same father (heavenly father) and I know our father always meets us in our times of need. Second we both have a 44 year old son. We are also under 5 feet tall but as the saying goes ALL good things come in small packages. My prayers are that our father will put his loving arms around you and give you extra strength at this time of your life and that your son will be restored to a complete healing of his body. May GOD receive the glory and honor even during this situation.
    Love in Christ
    Sandra Brown
    Columbia, S. C.

  58. 5 years ago
    Lori Bonn says

    Will continue praying for your son Patsy! You blessed me at WOF in California and I know that you have many women like me that you have impacted that are standing with you in prayer! He does the impossible!

  59. 5 years ago
    Elaine says

    Patsy, I am praying for you and your family. I can see you son now saying “Okay Mom you can use this one for your next WOF”. I love hearing you speak and hope you are doing well

  60. MS.Patsy, God is with you and your family. All things are possible with god. You all are in my prayer. We love you and may GOD BLESS Your Family.LOVE

  61. 5 years ago
    Donna E. Norvell says

    How is Marty doing? Have been praying and will continue to do so.


    donna norvell :-) Isa. 40:31

  62. 5 years ago
    Steffany Rasmussen says

    Patsy and family~ I will be praying for you and spread the word to my fellow Women of Faith group members. Keep strong and know that there are many thinking of you as God helps to get you through this.

  63. 5 years ago
    Holly Shelley says

    Patsy,That was so kind of you to speak Friday night.
    It broke my heart to hear about your son’s illness. I pray he is still showing improvement. May God be with you and your family.

  64. 5 years ago
    Tonya Suttles says

    Patsy, my prayers arenwith you and your son and all of your family. i pray now and forever thatGod’s will be done.I lift you all up in prayer to our Lord, Jesus Christ who can do all things.

  65. Patsy,

    You have inspired me from the first time I heard you speak at a WOF conference and I know that I know that I know our Savior is holding you and Marty in His loving arms. I attended the WOF in Greensboro this past weekend and I have to tell you that you truly blessed my heart, as you always do. I too have two sons and my heart goes out to what you are going through. Our God is awesome and He alone will find glory in this situation. I pray healing for Marty and strength for you and your family.

    In HIS love,

    Bree Griffith

  66. 5 years ago
    Peggy Campbell says

    I heard your son was in ICU, and being a nurse myself, I knew the seriousness of his condition, and didn’t expect you to be in Greensboro this weekend. This was my first WOF, and it seemed God planned it just for me. Every speaker was used by God to speak to my heart and give me hope and encouragement for some trials in my life right now. I pray for your son’s recovery, and I admire your faith, that you take God at His WORD, that He will deliver you, and you remained faithful and came to the conference when we all knew you wanted to be by your son’s side. Thank you, Patsy, I needed to hear what you shared. God Bless you and your family!

  67. 5 years ago
    Martha Stanley says

    Patsy, My prayer is for Marty that God will heal him from his sickness that he is experiencing at present. You are a strong Christian woman with tremendous God Loving Faith and may God watch over Marty as well as you and your entire family during this time. I wish to tell you that I am returning home this afternoon from attending the Women of Faith Conference in Greensboro, NC with my sisters. This is our third conference. This conference was awesome and I enjoyed each and every minute of hearing music and motivational speaking. I came home from this conference with a humble heart and a renewal of Jesus Christ being in the forefront of my life. God bless you. Martha, Hope Hull, AL

  68. 5 years ago
    Beverly Shearon says

    Patsy, what a wonderful woman/child of God you are. Even in your hurting, you so delighted us with your wit and your message in Greensboro this weekend. What a sacrifice you made to leave your son’s side to be with us. Please know that there are many, many of us praying for Marty and for all of you.

  69. 5 years ago
    Melissa Modica says

    Hello Patsy and Family,

    We were there with you this weekend in Greensboro at Women of Faith. You are such a blessing to so many people and have touch our hearts! We prayed along with all the other women there this weekend for your son. The Lord says where two or more are gathered, he is there also and we will trust together that our heavenly father has a plan, a plan for good to give your son a future and your family hope. I pray that you will recieve peace today and that Marty will continue to improve! You are loved by us but God loves you and Marty even more!

    Your sister in Christ,

    Melissa Modica

  70. 5 years ago
    keli Connor says

    Patsy and family, I just back from the Greensboro conference and heard Patsy speak. As a former ICU nurse I really do understand how hard it is to seperated from a child who is ill. I will be praying for all of you that marty will continue to make those steps towards improvement and you will all be able to celebrate God’s love together again. God bless all of you.

  71. Dearest Woman of Faith,
    Remebering the WORD of GOD to the disciples during a terrible storm, “Master do you not care that we perish….” (paraphrasing) May the GOD that holds together the universe and all things in the palm of HIS hand speak the same tender words to Marty’s storm,…”Peace be still.” Knowing that in and through every storm, The ANCHOR Holds!. Women of Faithers all across North Carolina “cease not” to pray for Marty, you and the entire Clairmont family.

    Joyfully in HIS Service,
    Rose Avery

  72. 5 years ago
    Joyce says

    Mark 14:36 – Abba, Father, all things are possible for You.

    Praying for Marty. Love you Patsy. God is your hiding place and He is faithful.

  73. 5 years ago
    Beth Jarrell says

    Patsy – We thank you so much for being in Greensboro last night (11/6/09) at the WOF conference and are praying for you and your husband and most especially for Marty. Our God is a truly awesome God and I am praying that He heal Marty’s lungs and make him strong again very soon. I pray for a quiet peace for you and your husband during this time that has to be so difficult for parents to go through.

    Love in Christ,

    Beth Jarrell
    Kernersville, NC

  74. 5 years ago
    Tammy Severt says

    Just returned from Greensboro Conference and have had you, Marty and your entire family in my prayers since hearing the news last night. My husband went through the same thing 5 years ago and it is a very hard thing to see your loved one go through. He is fully recovered through the grace of God and I am strongly and deliberately praying that God will also heal Marty. Stay strong and feel God’s angels around you. You bring such joy Patsy and I know that God knows what a warrior you are. I pray for your peace and His grace.
    A fellow Woman of Faith.
    Tammy Severt

  75. 5 years ago
    Norma Gillespie says

    We love you and pray for Marty. We missed you in OKC but many sent up prayers for you and family. I’m sure it would just blow your hair back if you knew how many prayers are being sent from all around the globe! Love, “Mrs. G” as the college students called me, but “Clay’s mom” to WoF…

  76. Dear Patsy,
    I was so very blessed by your message tonight in Greensboro, NC. After being told of Marty’s illness, I felt a strong urge to pray for him and then felt a sense of healing, that Marty was being healed even as we were there at the conference, that God was blessing you and your son because of your faithfulness to His Son.
    May God continue to work in and through you. You and your family will remain in my prayers.

  77. 5 years ago
    sandra ashley says

    Clairmont family,
    God is holding all of you in the palm of His hand. God’s people are holding all of you in the deepest part of their hearts as they storm the gates of heaven
    with love and the expectation that God hears and cares about His children.
    Grace-Grace-Grace-His will be done.
    Love from someone who has been there.

  78. 5 years ago
    Donna E. Norvell says

    I will be praying for Marty and your family during this time and for the doctors as they work with Marty. I trust you will feel God’s loving arms around you in a special way today. I have been so blessed by you at WOF through many years and appreciate you being so real.

    Love in Christ,

    donna :-) Eph. 3:20

  79. 5 years ago
    Krista Dymek says

    Patsy, Im so sorry to hear about your son. What a scary time for you and your family. I will be praying the God will lay his hands on Marty and that he will make a full recovery!

    Thanks for all you do at WOF. Your stories truly inspire me!

  80. 5 years ago
    Juanita Findrick says

    Dear Patsy and her family,

    My prayer are with you and your family. I know what Marty is going threw I was there…about 10 yrs ago I was very sick also with walking pneumonia and was not expected to live but I am here and doing Gods work for Him. Just keep believing and I will keep praying.God be with you all.

  81. 5 years ago
    Diana Davis says

    Patsy, you are my all time favorite and you show your heart each and everytime you get on the stage. Though I do not know the outcome of your son’s illness I know that God’s awesome grace and love will shine through. That is something you have taught me and reminded me each and everytime I go to the WOF conferences. My prayers and thoughts are for you and your family.

  82. 5 years ago
    Dorothy Jakab says

    My prayers are with Patsy in this difficult time. It’s enough that you lost your best friend last year, and now have to deal with your son being sick in the hospital. At least we have a strong God to look to for compassion and strength! God bless Patsy! You make the tours and look forward to always seeing you!!

  83. 5 years ago
    Linda Glasco says

    I will be praying fervently for Marty to recover quickly. I love you Patsy!

    • 5 years ago
      Julie says

      Patsy …..I am so happy to hear the news …I have been praying for you and your son. I am so happy that God has answered our prayers …may this Christmas be a very special time for your family.