Women of Faith Wednesday

What’s in your purse and why?

The Smallest BibleBloggers who enter our blog hop will be entered for a chance to win The Smallest Bible. This palm-sized edition includes a magnifier for reading ease. Despite its small size, this Bible has more features than many large Bibles, with the additional details that make it unique.
In order to be eligible to win, complete the seven steps below. Blog entries may be submitted until 11:59PM CST on May 30, 2010. The winner will be randomly selected from eligible entries on or about June 1, 2010.


Congratulations to Marissa G.!

Margie’s blog post was randomly selected as this week’s winner. She’ll be receiving The Smallest Bible—congratulations!


If you participated but didn’t win, never fear! We post a new blog hop—and another opportunity to win—every Wednesday. Thank you for blogging with us!



How to participate:

  1. First, use your blog to write a post about this week’s topic. Entries not relating to the topic will not be entered in to the contest, and will be removed from the blog hop.
  2. In the HTML section of your blog, insert this code at the top of your blog post to identify it as a Women of Faith Wednesday post:

  3. Place this HTML in the bottom of your blog post to connect with our Blog Hop:

  4. If your blog doesn’t support JavaScript, use this code instead to link to our list:

  5. When you’re done creating your blog post, publish it for all to see! Then come back to this page and select “Click here to enter” below.
  6. On the Blog Hop Entry Form, enter your name (or your blog’s name) and the URL to your blog post (not the home URL of your blog), then hit “Enter Link”
  7. Send an e-mail to wednesday@womenoffaith.com with your name, e-mail, and phone number. Please put your blog title in the subject line. If we don’t have your contact information, we can’t contact you if you win!
  8. Read other blogger’s posts, leave them comments, and enjoy meeting new friends on yours!

Need more information? Click here to learn about Women of Faith Wednesday.

Please do not enter the blog hop unless you are participating. Entries not relating to the topic will be removed. Thank you!


  1. 4 years ago
    Tricia says

    you have these contests and they are only allowed for those that have blogs. I don’t have a blog and don’t see myself having one. Can you find a way to include those of us that only use e-mail?

    • Hey Tricia,

      Unfortunately this contest is designed specifically for bloggers. It wouldn’t be possible to include absolutely everyone in every contest or giveaway that we have, even though we wish we could! In order to try and include as many as possible, we offer new contests very often for all different groups.

      For example, we frequently offer contests for anyone who receives our free newsletter, which you can sign up for at http://womenoffaith.com/emails/ Last week we gave away two free tickets to Women of Faith in our Mother’s Day Giveaway!

      We also have contest and/or specials for our Twitter and Facebook followers and fans, like the 100,000 Fan celebration on Facebook we’re doing now, where we are offering 20% off of our webstore.

      Thank you for understanding, and best of luck in our other contests! :)