Purpose of Our Lives

Sheila WalshThis is the purpose of our lives. To learn to love God and to love one another. To let the light of Christ shine through the dark moments as well as in the glory days when everything is wonderful. He is faithful, even when we are not. – (2 Tim. 2:13) Sheila Walsh


  1. Women of Faith in Spokane was a life-changing event. For the first time, I was able to cry about that fateful day I visited Planned Parenthood, five years ago next month. I so appreciate Nicole Johnson sharing this powerful drama. Sheila Walsh, your message about placing complete trust in God has caused me to examine the places that I keep back from Him. Luci Swindoll, you make me want to have an adventure and engage in finger painting. Karen James, you are an inspiration. Marcus Buckingham – I’m going to stop doing what drains me and see if people notice. Mary Mary and Nicole C. Mullen – thanks for giving this white girl a chance to groove! Mary Graham, you blessed the socks off of my friend when you came to hold her baby daughter. Michelle Aguilar, it’s all coming together in an “ugly cry.”

    Blessings to you all.

  2. 4 years ago
    kathy mcdermott says

    spokane wof was wonderful, had my daughter inlaw with me for her first time. We both met sheila to sign our books. I managed to get in line for both her sessions at the very end. amzingly her message on gideon was something I had been reading about. I told her I really needed this weekend. I have had a very rough last year, or two or 10. the second day when she asked if I was ok I said yes. But I am not. not really or im not sure. My world has been crashing down around me with being bombarded with so much stuff and uncertainties. I have so many questions in my mind I would really like to some how get that opportunity back to be able to just talk with her. I think she would be the only one that may be able to relate to me. is there anyway this is possible? when your back into reality and have to face everything after a weekend like this. it was just nice having atleast two days to not have to think about it. thanks. looking forward to next year.

    • 4 years ago
      kathy mcdermott says

      anyway thank you for this verse I will try to remember it. something I have remember and have shared with others and need to remember myself i guess. is that when there is darkeness look for the light. I went on the hiawatha bike trail ride b/n id and mt. there is a very long dark tunnel you have to go through. You need a light to make it through. I was riding behind another friends bike and focused on his reflector and the lights infront of me so I would not crash against the wall or something. My eyes were glued. then as we got closer and could see a speck of light at the end of the tunnel I began looking toward that and didnt take my eyes off of it till it got bigger and bigger and the darkeness got smaller and smaller. Like our lives I guess. I am in that dark place. I know it has to get better. just not seeing it yet. sometimes the light gets so dim at times and it never lets up. I cold probably write my own book of my life or many books.. thanks for the little ray of hope and encouragement, hope this will help someone else as well. when I got out the the tunnel just to finish, the scenery was indeed beautiful and breathtaking. that was a good weekend too. close to the lord. just wish I could stay on the mountain and never have to come back down sometimes.

  3. 4 years ago
    Elaine Nearpass says

    This morning I thought about not going to church. Last Sunday was very tearful for me. On 8/17 my God loving, wonderful, caring, intelligent son Jeff passed away at the age of 42 for no apparent
    reason. He was sick to his stomach & thought it was a stomach flu, when his wife went to check
    on him he wasn’t breathing. She did CPR, called the paramedics & they worked on him all the way to the hospital but he never recovered. This has been so hard to bear, I’m a loss for words.

    Everyone has been so kind, sharing memories, sending prayers & love. I pray each day, all day
    for God to give me strength to make it through the morning, evening, hour. My friends & family have been so wonderful, I love them all so much. Looking forward to the WOF Tour coming to Hartford in November, it will be good to share Jesus & prayers with other women of like-circumstances, especially because I prayed so hard for Patsy’s when her son was so sick.
    I’m trying to look forward to each event & looking for the Christ-like quality in everyone. God Bless

    • Elaine,

      Oh, my heart aches for you. Jesus is on the floor agonizing with you.

  4. 4 years ago
    Sherri Bartlett says

    Such a blessing this year in Spokane!! Can’t wait for next year! Sheila, Lisa, Luci, Nicole, Karen, Mary, Nicole C Mullen, Mary Mary and all of the Worship Team thank you for sharing and making your lives vulnerable to us! I have so much to reflect on, ask God to change and share!! You feel like a dear friends!!