Women of Faith Writing Contest

Women of Faith Writing Contest
Everyone has a story.  We want to turn yours into a book.

Do you have a story to share? Something meaningful; something funny; something that changed your heart, your soul, or your way of seeing the world?  When you share it with us you could be sharing it with people around the world.

Women of Faith, Inc. and WestBow Press (both divisions of Thomas Nelson, Inc.) have created a writing contest exclusively for you. WestBow Press offers you the opportunity to publish your faith-based writing with a company that combines Christian values and professional services.

One Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • At the sole discretion of Thomas Nelson, publication of the winning entry by Thomas Nelson and the opportunity to have the book sold by Women of Faith.
  • If Thomas Nelson declines to publish the winning entry, then the Grand Prize winner will receive a FREE Bookstore Advantage publishing package with WestBow Press and the opportunity to have the book sold by Women of Faith.

Prizes will also be distributed for First Place, Second Place and 30 Round Two finalists.

Click here for details and to enter. But hurry! The deadline to submit an entry for the contest is 11:59 PM EST on January 15, 2011.

Happy writing!


  1. I am working on my book submission. I have done everything in word perfect. I can save it as a .doc file but it looses a lot of the page breaks and formatting. I was wondering, if that happens when I send it in, in a word doc, will I will be disqualified? Should I purchase microsoft word and re-do all my formatting?
    Thank you & God Bless,
    Beth Kelly

  2. 4 years ago
    Amanda says

    I was looking at the requirements for submitting a manuscript….it says 10,000 words or at least enough to fill up 48 pgs of a 5×8 book. My manuscript is a children’s book. It would definitely fill up 48 pgs with illustrations added and, in my mind, certain page breaks. Just wondering if I should still submit it or not??

  3. 4 years ago
    Sheri says

    I cannot connect through the link either. I would like to know the contest rules and how to make a submission. Thank you.

  4. 4 years ago
    joann says

    For some reason I keep getting a ‘run time error’ when clicking on the link: “Click here for details and to enter”. I’ve been unable to read details. Is there another way/place to view these?

    My entry would definitely be faith-based (God-based) writing.

    Specifically I would like to know: Can the entry be fiction that is minimally based on (my or friends’) real-life events, or must it be non-fiction? What is the word/length minimum & maximum, Any other requirements that are important for me to know?

    Thanks so much for your help! God’s blessings on you for making this opportunity available!

  5. 4 years ago
    Martha Lansberry says

    Perhaps there are many women who have a story to share–perhaps not of book length, but a story important to be shared, to mark how God reached out to us ina daily moment or in a struggle at one phase of our lives. In addition to this “book length” contest for one publication, how about a contest for “story length” pieces to compile a book of inspirational events from many? More opportunities to show how God has guided the lives of women and to compile a group of stories, with one just waiting to touch the soul of a reader seeking to see Him guiding another like herself.

  6. 4 years ago
    Sonya Garrett says

    I was just waiting on God to show me the way. I have written several short stories, but the story of my life even astonishes me. So many times I escaped a disaster that could have taken my life as a child that I never thought I would make it to adulthood. But God had a purpose and He protected me from me. Even though I haven’t finished it, this story covers an abusive parent and how God led me to love them and witness to them as an adult. If only this story could give other young girls the strength to have faith in our Holy Father for all of their needs and to know they are never alone no matter what the world tells them. He gave me this gift and for Him only will I use it! Praise God for His unconditional love! SRG

  7. I have two books I am working on. One of them is my life story, which most people will think, big deal but when they get to the part where I should have been dead, but God woke my children up and sent them to me in the middle of the night and saved my life…….then they become inspired. I know my life story is not complete, but from the night my ex-husband tried to kill me to 4 years later when God told me and my husband to give up everything and move to a new state and start our lives completely new with no money and no jobs…They are inspired.

    The other book is modern day parables God is/has shared with me which I am working on finishing Volume 1 now and getting ready to publish myself. I am doing pre-orders on my website now but would like to have it publicly published one day.

    So Thank you for this opportunity even if I don’t even get close in the running I think it is wonderful.

  8. 4 years ago
    Patty Jean says


  9. I want to enter this contest so badly but I’m almost dead smack in the middle of mine (my story). I see those glimpses of what God may be preparing me for – sometimes I’m thankful and sometimes I pray that there is another way He can lead me so that I end up in the same place. He’s God, after all, NOTHING is impossible. So why is He making me walk through the fire instead of going over the rainbow? Right now my story isn’t at a point where many would see it as a huge encouragement but I know that one day it will be. Please have this contest again for those of us who are still trying to navigate our way through the flames.

  10. 4 years ago
    Berni says

    my husband of almost 30years went to sleep one night and didnt wake up the next morning. Died of heart attack at 53 years old. I am still dealing with the pain and financials burdens of this.
    i still dont know what the Lord has in store for me or what he is trying to teach me. Yet the Lord did give me a HUGH blessing and i am thankful for that. One week before my husband died, our first grandchild arrived. She is a blessing and joy and lifts my spirts everytime i am with her.

  11. 4 years ago
    Gina Turiano says

    Praise the Lord for the mighty things he has done! God restored my life from the pits of depression and anxiety, It had become so bad that I was on total disability and did not leave my home for months. But we have a greater God. One who heals and restores that which the devil steals away.Throughout the darkness in my life, God ALWAYS provided light through the cracks,,,,

    I am now back to teaching full time, as well as actively involved in church. I love to write about How God’s presence can carry us through our greatest darkness and bring joy no matter what the circumstance. I have been posting daily encouragement to others via facebook status statements every morning and God has used them to bless my friends and friends of their friends…

    Here is a few examples of the type of encouragement writing I like to share daily with people. I would love someday to write my life story of how God has taken me from the depths of despair into the peace of his presence.

    This is how I use my experiences as a teacher to remind us of God’s promises

    God truths….Its easy to walk in line holding a hand.God thanks for holding mine.
    Its good to have your name tag on.God I’m glad you know mine.
    Its good to have your name on your lunchbox.Remind me that the place to have mine written is in the Book of Life.
    The most important lesson was from the kids.Will it take forever for mommy to come back for me?Thank you for reminding me Lord that You too,are coming back real soon

    God knows what is in store for me each day and he will empower me accordingly.The degree to which he strengthens me each day is based on 2 things:the difficulty of my circumstances and my willingness to depend on Him.So on these first days of kinder I expect to start looking like Hercules!And the words of a 4 yr old say God’s truth.Will the day be too big(long)like yesterday?God thanks that nothing is too big for you

    So glad all our tomorrows come with the promise of a new start…wishing I had a big enough eraser to just erase today away…123 eyes on me…never realized how that could be!

    Today I will TRY not to look at the size of my struggles,but rather look at the size of my God.When there are so many seemingly impossible things to be done,I will recall that my loving God is right beside me with helping hands.Motto for today is… Zip it Lock it Put it in Your Pocket and Crisscross Applesauce Hands in Your Lap.God help me to remember YOU are on my class list…Wanna be line leader?

    Ss. Cc,and Oo.We call these copy-cat letters and we are learning them in
    kindergarten.What 4 or 5 year old doesn’t enjoy playing a good game of copy-cat,you remember,the kind that drives older people nuts! As I was reading this morning Paul admonishes us to imitate him as he imitates Christ…I guess we all can join in this copy-cat game.Help me Lord, to act like you in all I do so others will copy too!

    Another fun Kindergarten activity is follow the leader.Kids love to do the crazy walks, jumps and I do.I realize that in order to be a good leader in God’s kingdom I must be a good follower.I’m not charged with setting the pace or cutting the path before me but instead,keeping my eyes on my Leader,God,and following His every move. So join me in a good game of follow the leader today and see where God will take you!

    My students find joy in the smallest things:a new pencil,a new lunch song,or new learning game.Then somewhere between pigtails and pantyhose, our joy wanes.But God makes all things new for us.It begin’s with the seed of God’s Word planted in our hearts.Joy comes as a result of whom we trust,not what we have.God gives us new life, new strength and new hope each day!may our day be filled with joy today

    We had our first spelling test.My kids all passed!How’s your spelling?Some think religion is spelled-DO-in other words religion consists of all the things we think we have to do in order to ear God’s approval.Christianity is the antithesis of religion.It is spelled-DONE-Jesus Christ has already accomplished everything necessary for us to experience God’s favor.

    Sometimes I just write devotional thoughts that are not necessarily tied to teaching but are things God lays on my heart…

    My favorite word is always.God always does what He says.Always.Sometimes it’s not on my time schedule,but he always does what He promises.
    God always forgives.Always
    Sometimes its hard for me to,But God always does.
    God always provides for my needs,He always gives peace in life storms and He always guides me.Always
    May I always be faithful to Him and always let others see God in me. Always.
    What’s your favorite word?

    A new day.A new start,a wonderful do-over. I will give God thanks for every thing that comes my way.When I Give God thanks in everything(regardless of my feelings) He will give me joy(regardless of my circumstances).Thankfulness opens my heart to God’s presence and my mind to His thoughts.I may be in the same place,with the same circumstances,but it is as if a light shines in the darkness enabling me to see his face.
    My challenge today is to keep fixing my eyes on the Lord no matter what is going on around me.When God is central in my thinking,I am able to view my circumstances from His perspective.I will rejoice in what God is doing in my life even though understanding it sometimes is beyond my understanding.I will remember that God looks for the persistence of my faith rather than perfection of my actions in my walk with Him

    Enjoying a day off?On this day we celebrate those of us who are working…let us remember our friends and who are not…while we enjoy a day of rest,let us remember those who are faced with no rest from the struggles of life…I am glad that God never takes a day off.He’s always on the job.Have a good last day of summer for friends back east and a good only 2 months of heat to go to my pals in the west

    Thank you for taking time to read this entry into the writing contest
    May God continue to bless others through you,

    Gina Turiano

  12. I lost my only son. I was bitter. My Father sustained me. I was ready to give up my life to be with my son. My God, My Father, My Refuge saved me from my life of self induced despair. I have written about my enlightenment. I am not yet finished, but I would love humanity to know my story that leads even non-believers into the light of Christ, my Savior, and for all to know that I now BELIEVE! God Bless. Maureen