Think About It – by Patsy Clairmont

Patsy ClairmontHave you heard Anita Renfroe sing “Think About it”? I love that girl! One of the repeated lines in the song is, “You’ve got to think about what you think about ’cause you think about something all day long.”

Ain’t that the truth! Our brains don’t rest. Oh, they might nod off for a nano-second, have bleeps, or even visit Mars momentarily, but they are aerobic, always active.

Ever have a night where your brain decides to chatter at you? Probably we all have, when what we want to do is sleep, yet when we lie down the brain rises up and decides to replay our day, our conflicts, our upcoming demands, our childhoods, the news, etc. It’s like being subjected to a yodeler in a canyon and we can’t find our way out. Yikes!

So what’s a girl to do?

I have found a few things that have helped me to help shush my brain noise. (“Shut up,” doesn’t work, I know. I tried that.)

What does help is if I reserve the last half hour before bedtime to get quiet (soft music, a soothing book, Scripture, prayer). If my head is stirred it helps to jot down what’s whirring around up there giving it somewhere else to be, besides on the fast track of my thoughts. The head-racket may be things I need to do in upcoming days, or conflicts that are current, and writing them on paper can relieve the immediate pressure.

I have found that my nature doesn’t do well with bad news before sleep, so I tend to catch up on world events throughout the daytime hours. Also rowdy TV shows can leave my brain cells in a wrestling match. So no thrillers or tension-producing stuff for me at night, lest I beat the stuffing out of my pillow―or worse yet, my sleeping husband. And arguing with one’s mate or teenagers is best reserved for daylight hours and should have physical and emotional boundaries. (Don’t forget: the purpose of an argument is not to prove our point, but to resolve conflict. Rats!)

During the day I have to deliberately scrutinize my thoughts, because I can entertain unworthy musings. I need to work at upgrading my thoughts, because they inspire actions, they spill out lips, and they affect or infect my beliefs about myself and others.

Anita is so right when she belts out, “Think about what you think about, ’cause you think about something all day long.”

What you thinkin’ bout??


  1. 3 years ago
    Nancy Fielder says

    Patsy, you are right on again. I love your writing.

  2. 3 years ago
    mae says

    One thing that has always helped me alot when my brain is in overdrive, is to “sing” a praise song in my head. Usually a gentle one, focusing on the Lord and my love for Him. The words act as a lullaby to my brain and my heart is at peace. Thank you for your comments and insights.

  3. 3 years ago
    Brenda Rash says


    Remember Burl Ives singing, “count your blessings one by one”? You two are soooo connected to our Father. blessed be

  4. 3 years ago
    Brenda Graham says

    I like to “pray myself to sleep”. Usually, my prayers are for other hurting people which takes the emphasis off of me. Puts a good perspective on life. Loved you in Omaha, Patsy (and everywhere else)!

  5. 3 years ago
    Margaret says

    You hit the nail on the head, Dear Patsy. So nice to know that it even happens to you and not to just me. Thanks so much for your down to earth comments. I haven’t been to a WOF conf. for quite some time and after reading the daily comments from all of you, I know how much I really miss all of you…..your wit, your understanding, your wisdom, your genuine interest in trying to help us through our daily lives. So thanks for that, too.

  6. 3 years ago
    Joyce Banks says

    As a young adult I started trying to live Philippians 4:8. I still struggle to live this out, but it is a measure to hold my thought to. Thank you for your refreshing renewing of our lives.

  7. 3 years ago
    Elizabeth Dianovich says

    Patsy, thank you for serving so wholeheartedly.Your humor, advice is helpful for many of us!!!
    Keep the good work!

  8. 3 years ago
    daniella says

    thank you for the tips on how to keep my head quiet. I really need it.

  9. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, this could not be more dead on. Thinking is an automatic thing. It’s easy to believe negativity without ever challenging or questioning it. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. 3 years ago
    Lesa says

    I have a job that I am not to hold conversations while working on the production line. I have a lot of I call it “chicken time”, I really have to hold my thoughts accountable to myself. Thank God for an ever present Holy Spirit to help me. If not for his help I”d ride a rollarcoaster all day long.

  11. 3 years ago
    Diane says

    Patsy, you are a gem. All of your books have blessed so many. I love seeing you at WOF. You make me believe that being kinda “wacko” is o.k. Keep it up girlfriend. You minister to so many. Just wish all of you were at Phili this year. I don’t like it that you split up.

  12. 3 years ago
    Cindy says

    You are so right!! Patsy Thank you for share your insight.


  13. 3 years ago
    Inez says

    Thank you, Patsy for the kick in the pants! This has been happening a lot the last couple of weeks, and usually I have no trouble falling asleep. I like the idea of just doing something tranquil like praying or reading scripture right before bed. Been wallowing far too long!

  14. 3 years ago
    Marsha says

    Patsy, I have not heard Anita’s song but I can definetly relate. Recently I heard something that has stayed with me: “watch your stinking thinking”. I truly liked your suggestions and advice about using the daytime hours for heavy stuff in life. Thank you.

  15. On reading your article a lot of things came to mind. Like if I am going to find a job or just retire. What is my son doing for I havn’t heard from him in a couple of weeks. Will they get things cleaned up from Irene so we can take our vacation. But all I have to do is give it to the Lord for him to take care of and I don’t have to worry any more.

  16. 3 years ago
    Judy Boyd says

    Thank you, Patsy, for this great word of advise. I surely needed this today! My church is going through a tough time right now and we need to resolve conflict in a way that would be pleasing to God.

    • 3 years ago
      Ruth says

      I know what you mean about church conflict & how it can consume your thoughts. Our church was recently split in half by a group of members staging a coup to get rid of our wonderful pastor. They were prideful & arrogant, but lost the vote, so they left & formed their own church. We are more united & focused on God’s will than ever before. Amid all the conflict, we realized that God was just cleaning house!

  17. 3 years ago
    Nancy says

    Hey Patsy,
    When my brain will not quiet down after I have put my day in order and said my prayers make myself comfortable in bed and say the Lords prayer over and over. I figure eventually Satan will become over powered by God and leave me in piece. So far it has worked every-time (I have been using this technique for about ten years). I usually only have to repeat my prayer a few times, some nights more than others. But the good news is I’m sharing with God with each prayer. God Bless and Thanks for all you do.

  18. 3 years ago
    Katherine says

    My mother died last year and my brain doesn’t stop at night because I talk to God about many things I want to tell my MOM.

  19. 3 years ago
    Awilda Flores says


  20. 3 years ago
    TINA says

    Patsy always makes me smile. Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed at my job, so I always have to remind myself I am here to serve God and he will alwyas take take of me, and if there are things I do not agree with, that God will address that and take care of me, to make sure I do not fall, God is my peace and strength,and I trust in him forever. Thank you Lord

  21. 3 years ago
    Patti says

    Thinkin’about too much, I have been…and today I get a disturbing message from my daughter-in-law that knocked my socks off. I wondered how I would ever get to sleep tonight and then I read your article and I will sleep like a baby knowing God will take care of my son and his wife. God bless you for caring to share your insights for practical living in Christ.

  22. 3 years ago
    geraldine wong says

    Your insights and suggestions hit home. Half the time whatever is upsetting me isn’t even happening. And, I am learning that the meaning I sometimes give to distressing events needs to come from a place of compassion rather than judgement.

  23. 3 years ago
    Cecilia Bingham says

    Really enjoy your articles. Makes me stop and think!! Missed seeing all of you this year. I live in northeast Louisiana and usually make your event in Shreveport/Bossier or in Little Rock, Ark. No event close to me this year. Maybe next year? Look forward to it every year!!!

  24. 3 years ago
    Angela says

    Oh, how true all this is for me. Shutting off the mind when your only goal is to sleep is a tough job. It is nice to know that I can relate to others when this problem hits. Your suggestions were “right on” and most I have used but it is nice to review them. It is ironic that the last insomnia night I had was empowered by my feelings towards responsibilities in organizing our church group for the Nov. 4 & 5 Women of Faith event in Rochester, NY.

  25. 3 years ago
    Ramona says

    Patsy, thank you so much. I always get so much from you! I think we have the same kind of corkie kinda humor and see things from the same side of the road. You give me a life line to hold on to and I thank you greatly! A greatful fan.

  26. 3 years ago
    Paula says

    Isn’t God amazing? He always provides the answers we need, when we need them. I think the hardest thing we, as moms, have to do is shut down our brains at bedtime. There is always something to think about or worry about. The enemy is great at putting it in our faces. Sometimes it takes a short commentary like this to give the nudge needed to remember! Thanks Patsy!

  27. 3 years ago
    Ginna says

    So sad I can’t go to WOF this year will be at a convention. Come back to St. Louis soon, please.

  28. 3 years ago
    Cindy Davis says

    Wow! Patsy, perfect timing on this subject. I have been suffering Insomnia for a while now.. You have given great advice how to calm our thoughts in our mind before bed. What a blessing you are.
    Sweet dreams :)

    • 3 years ago
      Diana Sturcz says

      My thoughts (no pun intended) exactly! I have been having the same problem. I had forgotten some of those suggestions that Patsy stated and will try tonight to get back on track. Being retired I tend to sleep late in the morning. I even tried getting up earlier to see if that worked. Fell fast asleep at first and then just tossed the whole night, until early morning. God Bless you, Patsy….

  29. 3 years ago
    Vonnie says

    This was just what I needed.

    Thank you.

  30. 3 years ago
    Kathy says

    This is just at the right time. I am out of a job and it is really starting to get tight and I told God your will not mine but I keep trying to take it back and wonder why I can’t sleep at night. I ask for doors to be open and close the ones that are not from you. Help to let it go and kiss it goodbye!

  31. 3 years ago
    Kathy says

    I am thinking about..WHO I can forward this to..So they can be blessed too..

  32. Pasty,

    TOTALLY agree with you. THANKS for the thoughts. Also, just wanted to let you know that I REALLY missed you @ the Indy WOF conference. Looking forward to seeing & hearing you next year in Indy.
    God Bless :-)

  33. 3 years ago
    June Curie says

    Thanks, Patsy. I think I’ll think more about what I am thinking in the evenings and what I subject my mind to before retiring, so I don’t wrestle with problems all night long.

    Thanks again, June

  34. Wow. Not only does this hit right on the target for a sermon series I am preaching (based on Joyce Meyers “Me and My Big Mouth”, but it hits me right between the eyes as well. The unfair betrayal I have experienced this day will not cause me to lose sleep. I will quiet my mind and calm my spirit and not carry this into my night time hours. Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. 3 years ago
    Ofelia says

    Thank you this was so appropriate and perfect timing.

    Blessings to you.

    • 3 years ago
      Vonnie says

      Thank you for the suggestions and ways to quiet the brain. Restless nights are not productive. Satan is always on patrol, but God protects and provides. He gives us what we need.

  36. 3 years ago
    penny says

    You are so right about the brain race. Sometimes I think my brain is having a race with all the thoughts rattling around in there. Nice to know I’m using a normal brain. Thanks, Patsy.
    Love WOF

  37. 3 years ago
    Nikki says

    I made a visual reminder of the purpose of an argument to hand in my office. Thanks for reminding me again.

  38. Thank you Patsy. We are going to really miss you in Philadelphia this year. I hope you will get back here next year.

  39. 3 years ago
    Maxine Fischer says

    Good Advice!

  40. Your thoughts hit home. It seems my brain won’t shut down at night and I am left with solving the world’s problems. After that I rearrange and redecorate the house in my mind. Whereas the latter can be entertaining, I fail to get a good nights rest. Will definitely try some of your tips. God’s blessings to you.

  41. 3 years ago
    Charline Smith says

    Thank you Patsy. I have nights when I can’t get my brain to sit down. With 2 daughters, a granddaughter and my husband with Dementia in the house things get pretty hard. However, God has always shown up when I needed Him,just not always the way I wanted Him to. Thank you for your wisdom and love of women.

  42. 3 years ago
    Kat says

    Patsy girl,
    You nailed it! We know what to do when the thoughts bomobard us so hard that it feels like a hoard of locus but sometimes we forget we have the right and the power to cast them aside. Thanks so much for the reminder and thank you so much for this past weekend in Dallas. You were just what I needed.
    love ya sista-friend

  43. 3 years ago
    carol says

    loved your thoughts, patsy. will try them very soon. thinking i would like to be at wof in philly, but it is not to be this year. blessings to the whole bteam! thank you for all you do!

  44. 3 years ago
    Cheryl Nyreen says

    Patsy… I just love you! I can hear your voice as I read your message, and you are absolutely right girl! I’m gonna throw away all those pills I take to get a good night’s sleep and take your advice! Thanks for being so wonderfully made by God! And Thank You Lord, for Patsy!

  45. 3 years ago
    Millie Geibel says

    I have many of those restless nights and some times days when there are so many things running through my head that it’s almost hard for me to catch up with myself. I’ve found that writing things down does help like you mentioned and it does take some of the pressure out of ones head. One thing is certain that when I start my day by asking God to let everything I do be in His name, honor and glory, my day always seems to go well, and at night I rely on God and ask Him to calm my thougths so I can get a good nights sleep and He always comes through.

  46. 3 years ago
    Carol says

    Thank you. I am facing life changing decisions (most decisions are) and I have been feeling the stress of the unknown. I know it is Satan wanting me to change my mind.

  47. 3 years ago
    Patsy says

    I’m not sure if it’s because we share the same first name and some of the same struggles, but I so relate to Patsy Clairmont. She always says something that touches my heart and mind and makes me think. Patsy is an inspiration and a gift from God to us all!

    With prayers and blessings,
    Patsy Wells

  48. 3 years ago
    Sarah says

    Totally agree. I’ve used some of those methods myself and they do help. A breath prayer helps, too. Breathe in while saying something like “In the time of trouble” and breathe out saying “God is with me”. Choose your affirmative or comforting statements to fit the situation that has you sleepless. They really work!

  49. 3 years ago
    Connie says


    WOW!! This pretty much says it all. My husband and I have been under attack by the other heirs of his Fathers estate. Your statement of “when we lie down the brain rises up” was a perfect description. I have been trying to do what you said the last couple weeks and it has really helped. We are going to court today and I did that (what you said) last night and had a great nights
    sleep. Thank you for all your great insight. The only Women of Faith conferences I have missed in 11 years
    was when my Mother died in 2004 and my Father died this year. I plan to be back next year. You ladies are awesome!!

  50. 3 years ago
    Norma says

    I do agree with you I have been there, your article has endorsed what I have been thinking;just to add it is that time of night when the brain is going that I sometimes say an extra prayer for someone on my prayer list. I also does that when Im awaken for no reason at all in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning and sure enough after praying I will go off or back to sleep in no time. I enjoy all the writings I get from Wpmen of Faith but more than anything I am always blessed.

    • I am so thankful to hear that I am not the only one with a problem having to tell her brain to “shut up” when it is time to rest and sleep. I leave my longest meditation time for bedtime to relax myself. Talking to God and becoming peaceful with myself slows things down and brings me to a place where I can relax and feel the arms of God wrapped around me. At that point I find myself falling fast asleep!