Frankincense and Myrrh Bath Salts: The Wise (Wo)Man’s Gifts

By Ginger Garrett
Frankincense and Myrrh Bath Salts: The Wise (Wo)Man’s Gifts

Make a batch of these and nestle the package in a gold basket for a beautiful presentation that mimics the Wise Men’s gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh. These make great bathtime luxuries for yourself and wonderful holiday gifts. What a sweet way to share the message of Christmas. The recipe below makes enough for ten baths.

  • 6 cups sea salt (Dead Sea salt is preferable; or use coarse sea salt)
  • 3 cups Epsom salt
  • 1 cup baking soda

Combine the sea salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda. Add 5 drops each of frankincense and myrrh essential oil*, or until the mixture is richly scented. (You can also add in a sweet scent like lavender or orange to soften the smoky, spicy tones.)

Combine well and scoop one cup each into ten containers. (You can use cellophane baggies, colored plastic wrap tied with ribbon, ceramic jars—use your imagination!) Nestle the salts inside a gold basket with a Christmas card from you.

*(Essential oils are simply highly concentrated versions of natural oils extracted from plants and plant matter such as fruit, bark, and leaves. Because the oils are concentrated, one tiny bottle will last for a very long time.) It’s important to buy these oils at a store where you can test the scent before you buy. Inferior oils of frankincense and myrrh will have a bad “paint thinner” odor. High quality oils will smell rich and warm.

Excerpted from Beauty Secrets of the Bible: The Ancient Arts of Beauty & Fragrance Copyright © by Ginger Garrett. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


  1. 3 years ago
    Brenda Graham says

    Touche’ and Amen, Patsy! Love the Light and am looking forward to the day when there is no darkness! The bath salts is such a wonderful gift to bear – just like the three wise men to honor their King!

  2. 3 years ago
    Susan says

    Oh Patsy, your description of the dawn and of Christ’s return are so lovely. What a wonderful “think on these things” reminder.


  3. 3 years ago
    Gretchen Cleaves says

    I love this. Thank you Patsy! I wish you were my neighbor, but I do have a friend who is so like you and I cherish her friendship and love. I pray for her every day because she is always there for me when I need her. You are always there, too, with your wise and witty loving gift that you share with all of us. God bless you.

  4. 3 years ago
    Juanita Wickey says

    Patsy, you are such a blessed lady, so love you. Loved your joy in the Lord at Women of Faith in Portland, Oregon this past year, and your writings. The light and the dark. I love sunrises and sunsets, love the Lord, and so thankful there are people like you around to touch us. I too want to be a blessing and touch lives somehow, if noother way by prayer and intercession. God richly bless you, love your attitude, it helps mine change.

  5. 3 years ago
    Merline says

    I loved the beautiful way that Patsy described the dawn! How fitting at the beginning of the year to reflect on the beginning of the world! Thank-you Patsy!

  6. Thank you Pasty for sharing “Just Imagine”. It was wonderful as I believe God gave us gift of imagination if we use it in the right way.

  7. I love what Patsy shared on “Just Imagine”. I really believe God gave us gift of imagination if we used it right. Thank you Patsy what you shared today.

  8. 3 years ago
    Rachel Bath says

    I found the Dead Sea salt at my local Whole Foods (Just Foods) store. My question is, how much of the finished product should be used in a bath? I need to put instructions for use on my gift jars and am not sure what to say.
    Thank you,

  9. 3 years ago
    Lois says

    Go to for the purest of oils
    This is God’s medicine cabinet!

  10. 3 years ago
    Pat says

    Where can you find unscented Dead Sea salt?

  11. 3 years ago
    Beth says

    What a wonderful idea. I just called my daughter (that is living a lifestyle not according to God’s word), and asked her to do this with me. We have an awkward relationship so any opportunity to have something together is great. She is actully excited about this! Thank you for adding another blessing to my life!

  12. 3 years ago
    Marguerite says

    The best place I’ve found for essential oils is

    It is very important to get quality oils, as Ginger stated in this recipe, and Mountain Rose has GREAT oils and bulk herbs as well as many great items to make your own soaps, lotions and even teas etc! :o)

    Merry Christmas and God bless all

  13. 3 cups Epsom salt. Sorry about that!

  14. You can use just epsom salt if you like and not coarse sea salt or a combination of both. I actually make these as gifts for my massage clients and friends. If you are going to make about 10 jars that hold approx. 1 cup each then you need about 10 – 11 cups of epsom salt and if it the jar holds 2 cups you will need to double all this. I personally add glycerin (can buy in Whole Foods or a health food store). It is a skin softener and gives the epsom salt a little shine, add about 1 – 2 teaspoon per jar. I usually mix the epsom salts, glycerin in a big bowl, scoop into jars and then add my oils. Add about 2 drops per essential oil to jar. The smell is really a personal choice and I suggest putting a lid on jar and come back in a few hours or next day and see if you want to add a few more drops of essential oils or leave as it. You could also have a girls night in and everyone make some of these for family and friends and have a great time doing it. Happy Holidays Everyone, Wanda Cox

  15. 3 years ago
    Rebecca says

    I found the recipe on another website and it listed 3 cups of epsom salts. This would make sense since it makes 10 one cup gifts and the sea salt and baking soda take up 7 cups. The person who wrote the other article said that she got the essential oils at her local Whole Foods but they may not all find them. I found them by doing an online search.

  16. 3 years ago
    Sue Torrence says

    If the final product makes 10 cups – does that mean I need to use 3 cups of Epson salts?

  17. 3 years ago
    Sandy Ashley says

    ME too!- – recipe directions sound like we should use sea salt AND epsom Salt plus….use both but recipe does not include measurement for the EPSOM salt

  18. How much Epson Salt? You have it as a listed ingredient but not the amount. Quite confusing. Please respond as alot of us have asked this same question. Thank you.

  19. 3 years ago
    Teresa says

    Has to be 3 cups epsom salts to equal 10 cups total bath salts.

  20. 3 years ago
    Bonnie says

    Same here epson salt?

  21. 3 years ago
    Catherine Vlasto says

    How fun to see this post! I use Therapeutic grade essential oils by Young Living. We have replaced our medicine cabinet with them. Frankicense is an incredibly powerful oil. It is anti-tumoral,anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and great for uplifting depressed mood. The company offers a whole collection of the Biblical oils. This is NOT a sales pitch but if you are interested in how to use them for everyday health issues, feel free to contact .
    I agree with the original post of finding and using ONLY the proper oils. Synthetic and chemcically mixed oils will be cheaper but they will not offer you the powerful health benefts of pure therapeutic grade oils.

  22. 3 years ago
    Sandi says

    What an awesome gift idea! Thank you for sharing.

  23. 3 years ago
    Jenny Hyde says

    No epsom salts quantity is listed in the “recipe” for this great gift idea. Can you help us out???

  24. 3 years ago
    Terri N. says

    I was hoping someone else had asked about the epsom salt too! How much?

  25. 3 years ago
    Linda Griffin says

    What a Wonderful Idea! At the rik of being a Pal Parrot, I too would like to know the amount of Epsom Salt to be used. Also … Does anyone from South Florida know who carries these two Essential Oils?

    • 3 years ago
      Jodi Bond says

      doterra is a wonderful company and has both oils that can help you….

  26. 3 years ago
    Cheryl Richardson says

    How much Epson Salt???? Maybe you need to repost the recipe?

  27. 3 years ago
    Lori says

    I’m working backwards here, so correct me if I’m wrong. If it makes 10 baths of one cup bath salts each, then it “should” require 10 cups of ingredients, yes? The sea salts and baking soda add up to 7 cups, so do we need three cups of Epson salts? What a great way to tie in tidbits from the Christmas story! I love it!

  28. 3 years ago
    Lila Munsey says

    The recipe calls for 7 cups salt & soda but says it makes 10 cups. So I guess we need 3 cups epsom salts.

  29. 3 years ago

    I searched on the Internet and found a recipe with the same ingredients:
    6 cups sea salt (Dead Sea salt is preferable; or use coarse sea salt)
    3 cups Epsom salt
    1 cup baking soda

  30. 3 years ago
    jennifer says

    I would love to make this, but how much Epsom Salt?


  31. 3 years ago
    Avis Matulis says

    Same here..Epson salt??

    • 3 years ago
      Carolyn Payne says

      I’m assuming that since it makes 10 cups and there’s 6 cups salt and 1 cup baking soda you would use 3 cups epson salts. Makes sense to me! :)

  32. 3 years ago
    Susan Hardy says

    I think they printed Epsom salt as a replacement for the sea salt so if you can’t find the sea salt-you can use the Epsom salt.

  33. 3 years ago
    Doris says

    I was wondering how much Epson Salt also, and got to adding up what was said and it looks like it’s probably going to be 3 cups of Epson Salt by my calculations. It says this makes enough for 10 baths at 1 cup per bath and the sum total ingredients that are listed (6 cups sea salt + 1 cup baking soda) equal 7 cups, so that leaves 3 cups for Epson Salt. Makes sense to me anyway, since no one has answered yet!!

  34. 3 years ago
    Carolyn Payne says

    I’m assuming that since it makes 10 cups and there’s 6 cups salt and 1 cup baking soda you would use 3 cups epson salts. Makes sense to me! :)

  35. 3 years ago
    Carol says

    I am also wondering about the epsom salt? How do we find out?

  36. Please let me know how much Epsom salts to use. I have everything else ready to go including the jars.


  37. 3 years ago
    Arica Lancaster says

    Sorry, but a beautiful and wonderful recipe like this should be proof read before publishing! As printed this would not be successful. How much Epson Salts belong in the recipe? Please correct & respond. Thank you

  38. 3 years ago
    Susan says

    Good essential oils can be found at Sprouts, if you have one in your area. Also some health food stores carry them. If they don’t, they will likely be able to direct you to a place that does.

  39. 3 years ago
    Sandee says

    Same question: how much epson salt? thank you. sounds like wonderful idea!

  40. Young Living Essential Oils are the purest and most therpautic oils available! Check out the website. Use #1206065 to read more! These ols have done wonders for my health!

  41. 3 years ago
    Nancy Gentry says

    I would like to make this but I too would like to know how much epsom salt?

    • 3 years ago
      Julie Hodges says

      Me too! How much Epson Salt do I need???

  42. 3 years ago
    Debbie says

    Should I assume that the amount on the Epsom Salts is 3 cups to round out to the ten for the recipe?

  43. I am looking forward to trying these! btw, for those interested in the essential oils, I really recommend getting organic essential oils–many good grocery stores carry an organic selection–or, whole foods has tons or a health food store:)

  44. 3 years ago
    Bari says

    Beautiful idea – have the same questions as the ladies above: Epsom Salts isn’t an ingredient mentioned in the ingredient list – need to know the quantity. And… the instructions sound as if frankincense and myrrh are in the same batch. Perhaps that is correct, but I’m not sure. LOVE your daily emails. I entered the Women of Faith world with a bit of trepidation, but am now wholly absorbed and caught up with the spirituality and the comraderie of the events.

  45. 3 years ago
    Julie says

    Do you put both the Frankincense and Myrrh in the same container or do you use them separately? And also as Rhonda asked, how much epsom salts?

    • 3 years ago
      kelly ann gross says

      how much epsom salts do you use?

      thank you

    • 3 years ago
      Belinda says

      How much Epsom salt? Great idea!

  46. 3 years ago
    Carol says

    I purchase my essential oils from – although I’m sure there are plenty of other sites to buy from.

    I would also like to make this – what qty of epsom salts should be used?

  47. You mention Epsom Salt, but you don’t state how much you need of it. I want to make some for gifts. This sounds delightful.

  48. 3 years ago
    Rhonda says

    How much Epsom salt?

    • 3 years ago
      Rebecca McGowan says

      Yes, how much epsom salt? I thought perhaps it was an oversight in your email, but looking on your Facebook post, I don’t see the amount there either. Thank you.

    • The Frankincense and Myrrh Bath Salts takes 3 cups of Epsom Salt.

  49. So where do we find Essential Oils? This sounds great, I’m going to make some and give as Christmas Gifts!

    • 3 years ago
      Felina says

      I have bought essential oils at Bath and Body works and at one time there was a kiosk at our local mall that sold them but it’s not there anymore.

    • Go to This is a great store that is located in my hometown. I bought frankincense essential oil there last year and will buying the myrrh to make these salts.

      I was wearing frankincense earlier this fall and was told by a friend that I smelled like Christmas memories.

    • 3 years ago
      Jodi Bond says

      I sell a line of oils called DoTerra !! All of our oils are Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. We have Frankincense and also Myrrh, along with many other oils. Frankincense oil is the most precious of all ancient oils and highly sought after by consumers. It also aids in relaxation, immune support and mood enhancement. If you would like to learn more about these oils please feel free to contact me at

      God Bless and Merry Christmas jodi bond

    • 3 years ago
      BARBARA KING says

      You get essential oils at health food stores.

    • 3 years ago
      Susan Hardy says

      You can find essential oils at Young are the BEST and only essential oils to buy!

    • 3 years ago
      Jenn says

      You can buy essential oils at your local natural foods store typically. Or if you have a local soap / body product store, they often carry essential oils as well.

    • 3 years ago
      Terri N. says

      You can also usually find them at natural food (health food) stores or co-ops.

    • Therapeutic-grade essential oils can be bought online from– then your recipients will receive a health treatment AND a beautiful spiritually uplifting gift. :)

      Frankincense and myrrh are both exquisite for your skin and found in many premium facial care sets.

      The author is right- smell before you buy. Or trust the person/company you buy from– Young Living is the best!