God Loves Broken People (and Those Who Pretend They’re Not)


March 8, 2012

God Loves Broken People“If I could write only one book in my lifetime,” Sheila Walsh says, “I would ask God to make it this one.” Sheila’s 2012 Women of Faith messages are built around the concepts in God Loves Broken People. Now you have the opportunity to get a taste of her topic even before the event! The book includes a twelve-section Bible study (one for each chapter) so you can dig into the Word with a group or on your own. In typical Sheila fashion, she promises not to “offer you a nice, tidy system of belief that heals all wounds, brings out the sunshine, or inspires the angels to thunder the Hallelujah Chorus.” Instead, in twelve stirring, insightful, and deeply revealing chapters, Sheila shows how personal brokenness can open doors of intimacy with Jesus Christ that might never open in any other way. It’s not that God loves broken people more than those who imagine themselves to be whole―it’s simply that they know they are loved. They dare to believe it . . . and through such trust, a new wholeness emerges from yesterday’s broken pieces. Find your way to the other side of brokenness with God Loves Broken People.
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A Conversation with Sheila Walsh
March 8, 2012 209 views Women of Faith