Intimacy with God

Intimacy with GodWouldn’t it be nice if our Bibles were arranged with simple, comprehensive instructions to spiritual intimacy? A nice, all-encompassing manual to better prayer and praise. A step-by-step process for efficient quiet times. A checklist for bringing glory to God in daily life. . .

  • Tips.
  • Techniques.
  • Systems.
  • Strategies.

But it just isn’t so. Each of us moves forward as a unique individual, building a relationship with the Spirit in our own way. There’s no wrong way to do it. Our life and His just kind of flow together, and we never really know what it’ll become. All we can do is hang on to the promise that it’ll be something beautiful!

We mostly hear about intimacy as it relates to married couples, but it’s certainly not limited to this. Generally speaking, intimacy speaks of close association and familiarity. Intimacy involves one’s deepest feelings and the vulnerability of sharing those feelings with a trusted friend. An intimate is a close friend or confidant. They’re the ones we trust with our very personal and very private thoughts. The trust required in this kind of friendship can take years to build.

In some ways, the hardest part of intimacy has already been surmounted when it comes to the Lord. He already knows our innermost thoughts and feelings. We take no risks in entrusting ourselves to Him. The Spirit is a confidant we can trust and love.

Excerpted from Experiencing Spiritual Intimacy by Christa Kinde. Copyright © 2006 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved.


  1. 2 years ago
    Anita C says

    The closest I ever felt to God was when I was going through a divorce, was out of work, and literally had lost everything. I would frequently walk in and around a nearby park and pour out my thoughts and feelings to God. Sometimes, I would pause and take in the view and felt God speaking to me. He would let me know that He loved me and that he was with me no matter what ‘path’ I would take. Why does it take a hard time to gain this kind of closeness? I long for that, and must rebuild this kind of time for God into my life.

  2. what i know GOD is never early or late I do hope has a perfect time for each of us.

  3. Yes, Lyn, I identify with you 100%. I’m a very private person and do not share with people even my husband my thoughts and/or concerns, so I find it very hard to have intimate time with God. I have been dealing with a health issue for 11 months now, praying that God will help or heal. I get down and discouraged because it’s been so long now. So yes, I know it’s the enemy in my head and I should trust, but it’s really hard sometimes.

  4. 2 years ago
    Lyn Vivenzio says

    So true! I am striving for that intimacy all the time. But something is preventing me from reaching it and I don’t know what it is. Sometimes I am filled with fear and my thoughts turn legalistic. “maybe I’m not good enough” or “what can I do to be better” I know these thoughts are wrong and that the enemy is trying to get to me, so I confess them and try to move on. I keep claiming the promises in Ephesians chapter two. “Once Iwas dead in my transgressions and sin, but God etc” Anyone identify with me?

  5. 2 years ago
    Julia Grizzle says

    I guess the challenge is our realization of that kind of intimacy, being fully understood, ie: known. No explanation or guesswork involved, pure communion. Experiencing that intimacy requires yielding ourselves and making an effort to fully know our Savior and realize His presence.

  6. There are no short cuts to a deeper intimacy with the Lord, we need to just jump in His word with the desire to know Him better. My friends experience, mine and maybe yours!

  7. Then why is it that people like me have trouble seeking God? I just need to ask the Spirit to draw me in closer to Him, and for me to not think of God being some “big dude up in the sky who has no idea of what I’m going through.” He does know. He does love me. He does want more for me. God does want a relationship with me. I have to keep telling myself this, and trust that I can have a deeper relationship with the Lord.

  8. To be known intimately by another person and still loved is the greatest gift on earth. To be offered this in friendship is something we all long for, and something God desires for us. He created us to be relational, intimate beings. To love so deeply our very lives depend upon it. http://www.saythat–

  9. 2 years ago
    Carol 'W says

    Thank you — this is so timely for my life situation. I crave intimacy and I already have it through my relationship with my Lord and Savior!