Intimacy with God


March 27, 2012

Intimacy with GodWouldn’t it be nice if our Bibles were arranged with simple, comprehensive instructions to spiritual intimacy? A nice, all-encompassing manual to better prayer and praise. A step-by-step process for efficient quiet times. A checklist for bringing glory to God in daily life. . .
  • Tips.
  • Techniques.
  • Systems.
  • Strategies.
But it just isn’t so. Each of us moves forward as a unique individual, building a relationship with the Spirit in our own way. There’s no wrong way to do it. Our life and His just kind of flow together, and we never really know what it’ll become. All we can do is hang on to the promise that it’ll be something beautiful! We mostly hear about intimacy as it relates to married couples, but it’s certainly not limited to this. Generally speaking, intimacy speaks of close association and familiarity. Intimacy involves one’s deepest feelings and the vulnerability of sharing those feelings with a trusted friend. An intimate is a close friend or confidant. They’re the ones we trust with our very personal and very private thoughts. The trust required in this kind of friendship can take years to build. In some ways, the hardest part of intimacy has already been surmounted when it comes to the Lord. He already knows our innermost thoughts and feelings. We take no risks in entrusting ourselves to Him. The Spirit is a confidant we can trust and love. Excerpted from Experiencing Spiritual Intimacy by Christa Kinde. Copyright © 2006 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
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