Which Bible Version is Right for You?


March 29, 2012

FREE Download : Whch Version is Right for YouA Free Downloadable Guide to English Translations of the Bible Did you know: there are roughly 450 different versions of the Scriptures—just in English! Why so many? Where did they all come from, anyway?  Which one is the best one? How do you choose? Which Version is Right for You? is here to help. If you’d been born before a dramatic 15th century discovery, you probably would never have seen the Scriptures for yourself. Today, thanks to modern technology, you can choose your Bible by reading level, by how literal the translation is, or by the translation philosophy. (We won’t even mention the vast number of cover choices you have!) This entertaining tour of the history and categories of translations will answer questions you didn’t even know you had—and help you determine how to decide Which Version is Right for You. [freemium]Download Which Bible Version is Right For You[/freemium] Get your free copy of Which Version is Right for You? today! For anyone who’s ever stood in the Bible aisle and wondered “What’s the difference?” You can’t judge a book by its cover, you know. Just because it has a cute, cuddly cover doesn’t mean the words inside are child-friendly. Likewise, a serious-looking leather exterior may hide a modern-language translation that opens the eyes of your heart to a new appreciation of God’s Word. With so many variations of Scripture available, make sure you know which one best suits your needs—or if you’re giving one as a gift, the needs of the recipient. Download Which Bible Version is Right for You? today and discover . . .
  • The difference between more and less literal translations—and why you may want at least one of each
  • Which section is a must-read when choosing your version
  • Why there are so many difference versions
  • And more
[freemium]Download Which Bible Version is Right For You[/freemium] BONUS:  Which Version is Right for You? includes a convenient Bible Translation Guide with a brief description of fifteen of the most popular versions—and the text of John 3:16-17 from each so you can do a side-by-side comparison! About the Author:  Frank Couch is Vice President for Product Development of Bibles, Reference, and Curriculum for Thomas Nelson, Inc. A graduate of the University of South Florida and Dallas Theological Seminary, Frank has written a story Bible, developed several reference systems of the Bible, created a concise Bible concordance, written or edited over sixty small-group study guides, and edited nine study Bibles. [freemium]Download Which Bible Version is Right For You[/freemium] Along with your copy of Which Version is Right for You? you’ll also become a valued member of the Women of Faith community and receive:
  • Daily (Monday-Friday) emails with inspiration, event information, contests, news, and special discounts
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  • And much more!
This free eBook is our gift to anyone who wants to know more about God’s Word.   Which Version is Right for You? [freemium]Download Which Bible Version is Right For You[/freemium]



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