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Laughter is the best medicine! Marilyn Meberg looked it up and she tells us that laughter is “good for your liver.” (She should know; Marilyn is a champion giggler). So do your liver a favor and grab some Giggles To Go. This collection of humorous stories will tickle your funnybone and brighten your day—and it’s free to download when you become a member of (Also free! See? You’re smiling already.)



Get your free copy of Giggles To Go  today!

  • Go “In Search of a Giggle” with Patsy Clairmont and take a gander at her favorite fridge magnets. (You may be inspired to come up with a few of your own.)
  • Snicker at Sheila Walsh’s hilarious description of her wedding day in “The Big Day” and find out why she told the photographer, “I don’t care how many photos you get of Barry and me, just make sure you get plenty of the trumpet player!”
  • Ponder the upside of memory loss with “It’s Gotta Be Here Somewhere” by Martha Bolton.
  • Laugh with Marilyn Meberg at her experience with an octogenarian con artist in “The Joyful Trickster.” (Warning: this story may lead to an uncontrollable urge for frozen yogurt.)
  • Tag along with a couple of country pastors’ wives who find themselves in unaccustomed luxury—and have unfortunate (but hysterical) cheese puff issues in “Putting on the Ritz” by Cathy Lee Phillips
  • Pick up new decorating tips (or…not) from Barbara Johnson’s experience in “Public Speaking, Cesspool Style.”

What are you waiting for? Download Giggles To Go and get ready to start chuckling.

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This free download is our gift to you . . . because we can all use a good laugh!


  1. I laughed so hard at the Ritz story. It sounds like something my mom, sister and I would do. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

  2. My husband and I laughed really hard–and the Lord knows we needed it. Are any more “Giggles” coming soon?

  3. I am new to women of Faith I would love to hear from you. Please pray for me?

  4. THANK YOU so much for these free books. I really appreciate YOU so much Patsy. You are truly MY favorite of the WOF speakers. You will be missed on the west coast this year. I honestly won’t be going because you are not going to be there. No offense to the others, but you are the main reason I go to WOF.

  5. healing spinal code both leg thanks

  6. Thanks for the FREE download. I live a pretty isolated life and reading from GIGGLES on a almost daily basis will surely do wonders for my spirit. I’m looking forward to it. Thank you again.

  7. I read this to my great Aunt in a nursing home who does not understand a lot or remember and for the first time in months she laughed!! Thank you for giving us a beautiful memory!! Praise Jesus!!

  8. 2 years ago
    Julie Allen says

    I like the Women of Faithers & cause there’s a couple or a few of the Women of Faith ladies that are funny & especially Sandi Patty & well she’s a good singer as well too.
    Although I got hand it to Merilyn Meburg she’s also another funny lady!! :)
    Sheila Walsh is a good lady & a good speaker as well too. :-)
    Also Sandi Patty is a good talker & speaker too. : 0 )
    the new lady that I was seeing with the Women of Faith on the TBN channel of A Night of Amazing Women the newer lady looked like a pretty nice lady the newer lady of Women of Faith.

  9. this is a pdf format. Can it be downloaded to my Kindle? and if so, does anyone know how? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Yes, you can send it to Kindle using the “send to Kindle” feature for documents. If you don’t know if you have it enabled, go to log in to your kindle account, and follow the instructions for downloading documents to Kindle. It will prompt you to start a short download. After it’s downloaded, you will be able to send it. Go to the “Giggles to Go” pdf you have downloaded on your computer, and click the “print” option. When the menu opens, go to the drop down menu to select a printer. When you click on it, you will also see the option to Send to Kindle. Click that, and hit print. Voila’ it will now be on your Kindle in Documents! You can do this with any pdf or document! Enjoy! :-)

      • That option is not there. I DID get it on there, lol, but I have NO clue what I did. When I select printer, there are only the option of fax or sending to my network printer, even if the Kindle is plugged in. Thanks for trying to answer my question. I appreciate it as not one person helped in the two weeks since I posted the question. I sort of forgot all about it and am glad you responded. Even though I could not do what you said to, I still at least got it on the kindle so thanks so much.

        • Hi Barbara, Here is how I do it (I have autoplay on my computer). Click on the Download button for the book, when it asks what you want to do, click save and put it on your desktop. Then plug in your Kindle (When I plug my Kindle into my computer an Autoplay box opens)…Click on the open files option, a new window will open with and your Kindle files will appear in folders. Click on the “Documents” folder, yours will probably be empty. Minimize your internet screen so you can see the Kindle documents folder and your desktop. Click on the book (file) you saved to your desktop and drag it to the Kindle documents folder. When you are done disconnect your Kindle and go to the Docs tab of your Kindle make sure you have Device selected (not cloud) you should see the books there. Then just click and read. ENJOY

      • Thanks for that info that was very helpful! :-)

  10. i love relisgest books i would read the women of faith one cause i love women of faith

  11. Thanks for the medicine. It went down smooth!

  12. Thank you so much! This so blessed me! :)

  13. Thank you. Laughter is still the best medicine!!

  14. Oh the story of forgetfulness, and how I waste 6 weeks of my life…I’m the nut who runs around looking for her sunglasses (that are on her head) and forgets she’s looking for them. Then I hop in my truck and take off and pull them down on my eyes as if I knew they were there the whole time. Wow…I blame it on having four kids … gotta be the mommy brain!

  15. Being a naive preacher’s wife, I loved the cheese puffs story!!

  16. Quite a goofing giggle. I enjoyed it

  17. Thank for the gift, i sure need the giggles

  18. Loved it. Thank you all!