Giggles to Go


April 9, 2012

A Free Download for Members Laughter is the best medicine! Marilyn Meberg looked it up and she tells us that laughter is “good for your liver.” (She should know; Marilyn is a champion giggler). So do your liver a favor and grab some Giggles To Go. This collection of humorous stories will tickle your funnybone and brighten your day—and it’s free to download when you become a member of (Also free! See? You’re smiling already.) [freemium] Download Giggles to Go[/freemium]     Get your free copy of Giggles To Go  today!
  • Go “In Search of a Giggle” with Patsy Clairmont and take a gander at her favorite fridge magnets. (You may be inspired to come up with a few of your own.)
  • Snicker at Sheila Walsh’s hilarious description of her wedding day in “The Big Day” and find out why she told the photographer, “I don’t care how many photos you get of Barry and me, just make sure you get plenty of the trumpet player!”
  • Ponder the upside of memory loss with “It’s Gotta Be Here Somewhere” by Martha Bolton.
  • Laugh with Marilyn Meberg at her experience with an octogenarian con artist in “The Joyful Trickster.” (Warning: this story may lead to an uncontrollable urge for frozen yogurt.)
  • Tag along with a couple of country pastors’ wives who find themselves in unaccustomed luxury—and have unfortunate (but hysterical) cheese puff issues in “Putting on the Ritz” by Cathy Lee Phillips
  • Pick up new decorating tips (or…not) from Barbara Johnson’s experience in “Public Speaking, Cesspool Style.”
What are you waiting for? Download Giggles To Go and get ready to start chuckling. [freemium] Download Giggles to Go[/freemium] Along with your copy of Giggles To Go, you’ll also become a valued member of the Women of Faith community and receive:
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This free download is our gift to you . . . because we can all use a good laugh! [freemium] Download Giggles to Go[/freemium]
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