Deal of The Week: Receiving God’s Love


April 5, 2012

You are loveable . . . lovely . . . loving . . . beloved! Learn more in this study on the greatest love of all time—God’s love. “God’s love for us really is wondrous, perfect, deep, divine. In this study, we’ll take the time to look at the key passages in our Bibles that talk about that love. We need to understand the precious nature of the love God holds out to us in order to receive it with our whole heart.” (From Receiving God’s Love) With solid Biblical principles at every turn, this 12-week Bible study from the Women of Faith Study Guide Series is suitable for individual or group study and includes a leader’s guide. Discover the height, width, and breadth of God’s amazing love for you!

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April 5, 2012 38 views Women of Faith