Miracle Cream


May 11, 2012

Chloe: Dear God and Jesus, thank you for getting to have breakfast with my friends and helping us find the new body cream. We’ve been looking for six years… Amanda: At some point in both of my daughter’s lives I started using God to explain all unexplained events. I think this was passed down from my parents. “Why is it raining?” Mallory asked one day. “Because God decided the plants and trees needed water,” I said confidently. “Didn’t he know I’m in my bathing suit on the way to the pool?” she replied with her little arms crossed and her lips pursed. It became an easy way to answer the unanswerable questions about the world. I made it clear that God created and managed the universe—the good and the bad. The result: when things didn’t go their way, they would blame God, not me. But on the flip side, when things went their way, God got the credit, especially in Chloe’s world. In her mind there were no miracles too small or too big to put on God’s name. On this day we had been to brunch with some friends. I was sharing with my dear friend Amy that Chloe’s eczema had gotten so bad on both her arms that she was scratching all of the time, sometimes to the point of bleeding. Amy suggested we try a product at Whole Foods called “California Baby.” So we left the restaurant and went right to the grocery store. Amy knelt down in the aisle of the store, gingerly rolled up Chloe’s little sleeves, and gently applied the cream to her inflamed skin. Almost immediately, we could see the skin go from red to a lighter pink. “It’s a miracle,” I said out loud like someone in an infomercial. Chloe looked at her arms and glowed. “It feels better already, Mommy, for real” For Chloe, my use of the word miracle naturally meant that God was sending the healing. I started to wonder if maybe she was right, if all those things I took for granted, like good health, were really being guided by God on a daily basis. With that in mind, I grabbed four jars of the miracle cream and headed to the register. I decided you can never have too many miracles in the house. Chloe on Miracles: A miracle is like when Daddy lost his wedding ring and the big trucks buried it in the sand and made it harder. But he found it after. God is in charge of that. Excerpted from I Love You to God and Back. Copyright ©2012 by Amanda Lamb. Published by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
I Love You to God and Back shares one hundred of six-year-old Chloe’s bedtime prayers in a heartwarming look at the bond between mother and child—and how bedtime prayers built their faith together.
May 11, 2012 199 views Women of Faith