No Match for God’s Grace

Molliere is the name of the driver who took me to the Port au Prince airport in Haiti last week. He wore a perpetual grin–brilliant white against his chocolate skin–and sang hymns or told stories for the entire two-hour bumpy, chaotic, so-hot-my-legs-were-sticking-to-the-seat journey.

My favorite story he told was the one about his father giving his heart to Jesus when he was 100 years old. I was so excited about someone falling into the arms of God that late in life that I began to pepper Molliere with questions about the details. That’s when I found out his dad was a voodoo priest. For more than seventy years he practiced black magic and animal sacrifices. He put curses on people and vehemently denied the authority of the one true God.

However, despite his crooked heart, God lavished grace on his family and all ten of his children (including Molliere) put their hope in Jesus! Essentially God surrounded a sewer with a rose garden. And a year before he died, Molliere’s dad responded to the living hope he saw in his family and asked Molliere and his brother to pray for him.

I can only imagine how loud the angels cheered when those two Haitian men led their hundred-year-old voodoo priest of a daddy in a sinner’s prayer…I’ll bet even Baptist angels were dancing in glory!

Regardless of how big, scary and insurmountable the problems we’re facing seem to be, they are no match for God’s grace.

Nothing, you see, is impossible with God. Luke 1:37, The Message

Lisa Harper


  1. 2 years ago
    debbie speakman says

    Thank you Lisa for your powerful and inspiring teaching at Columbus, OH this past weekend!
    I know you are going to be a great mom! I too was adopted and know my mom was my best “prayer warrier”. She raised me in a loving Christian home and one of her gifts, I think, was instilling in me the
    love of reading. She always read to me as a child and I hope you will think about that for your child also. God Bless and Best Wishes!!

  2. women of faith blesses me a lots when i put the cd video gospel music for volume one and two the only one i have.And as i have looked in the website all the way here in Kenya i see there are so many news articles i have read and they blesses my heart so,so much.

    Si Lisa Harper if it could be possible i would like to be receiving news letters articles through my email address so that i can keep learning more and more from you people over there.God bless you all hoping to hear from you soon.Blessings and Christ love,