Who Are You Trying To Be?


June 20, 2012

Christine Caine Hey girls, Have you ever found yourself trying to copy or become like a person that you admire? Have you ever looked at someone who you deem to be “successful” or godly and rather than taking principles from their lives and applying them to your own, you try to become exactly like them? I have found myself doing this from time to time, and have come to realize that comparison ultimately leads to frustration…her shoes just weren’t meant for us! I remember how on one occasion after a particularly grueling time on the road, I was tired and began looking around at how other women were living their Christian lives. I wanted the normality of sleeping in my own bed for more than a few days a month, of not getting on an airplane every other day, and of establishing something resembling a routine. I wasn’t exactly sure what a “normal life” would look or feel like, but I had convinced myself that it would be much easier than my current life. I decided it was time for Christine Caine the preacher, teacher, wife, mother, crazy traveler etc. to change everything. Later that night I distinctly heard the Lord ask, “Who exactly are you trying to be?” He simply reminded me that He had made Christine Caine unique from every other person on this planet. It was His intention. I felt God say to me, “The reason you are not like someone else is because I don’t need another ‘someone else’—I need a unique you.” Instantly, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I realized that just because I’m not super-cookie-baker-extraordinaire, it doesn’t mean I’m not exactly the kind of woman God created me to be. The reason I had become discontent in my life was because I had allowed my focus to shift off pursuing my own unique life-print and onto the life-prints of some of the women around me. Ladies, we definitely want to be wise women, so let’s decide we are going to discover God’s life-print for our life and fulfill it. We are each graced for our particular race and not anyone else’s.
June 20, 2012 33 views Women of Faith