Birdbath Bob

“What??  Pat Wenger, come back here fast…there’s a bobcat sitting in my birdbath!”  Now can you imagine any sane woman not speculating about the sanity of one who thinks she sees a bobcat in her birdbath?  But Pat came running and there it was: a bobcat in the birdbath!

How absurd.  No bobcat wanders into a residential neighborhood, spots a house with a birdbath and settles into it.  If he wanted water there is a small lake just beyond my fence that would be a more comfortable fit.  Pat ran to get her iPhone; I kept my eyes on Birdbath Bob.  My horror at what I saw was not just that he did not belong where he was, he was doing what he was not supposed to do: use my birdbath as a latrine.

When he turned to get out, he paused on the edge of the birdbath; his eyes narrowed; he saw us looking at him through the window.  He seemed to relish our witness of his inappropriate behavior.  He then hopped to the ground and headed for the back gate.  My first thought was, “How’s he going to get out? He doesn’t know the gate code.”


  1. Sounds like quite a shock to find a bobcat in your birdbath! We have seen many of God’s wonderful creatures this year travelling to our cottage – bears, moose, a cougar, a linx, and countless small critters … but no bobcats. I hope to read the rest of the story sometime though … I am not a paid connection member :(

  2. 2 years ago
    Patty & Jenny Vincent says

    Oh wow……We had a gofer in our back yard last week. I told my husband I thought it was a cat that needed a haircut. LOL

  3. 2 years ago
    Paula Kleppe says

    If we were still living next door to you I wonder if Birdbath Bob would have been so bold. Our dogs may have scared him off. But then he may have decide that a small dog would be a tasty snack.