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Sandi PattyConnection Letter

Bonjour!  That’s about the extent of my French.  “Bonjour” (which is a greeting) . . . and I learned “where is the bathroom” which I can’t remember how to say in French now.


I was invited to do a Sunday morning concert by Charisma Christian Church, located about 30 minutes north of the heart of Paris. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience: 7,000+ of the most loving, kind, energetic, grace-giving people I have ever met. We were greeted with such gracious loving-kindness. I’m still on cloud nine.


Don and I decided to make a week’s vacation of it; we enjoyed so much seeing the sights of France as well as eating the food.  (Lord have mercy!) I took away so many ideas and thoughts from our trip but this one little idea has kind of gnawed at me all week.


Because we were international and we didn’t want to pay the horrendous international cell phone rates, we turned our phones off most of the time.  When we had free WiFi (pronounced “wee-fee” in French—adorable) we connected to the family in the States. The rest of the time we enjoyed walks, dinners, conversations . . . often we just sat in an outside cafe sipping our coffee just people watching.  So fun.


I began to realize that so often when I have a “down moment” that’s when I get on my phone—checking email, posting on Twitter, texting family and friends, even playing solitaire. I realized that not having phone access all the time enabled me to “look up.” There’s so much I’ve missed because I’m always “looking down” at my phone.   But wow, “looking up” I see and learn so much more.


I would have missed the beautiful little French family having lunch at Disneyland Paris. (Yes, we did. We were those people.) This little family was darling; triplet girls about age eight, enjoying their lunch together. I loved seeing the father laugh and smile at his girls. Then in the midst of a noisy moment he reached over and held his wife’s hand for just a moment and smiled. What a sweet moment. I would have missed it . . . had I not been looking up.


There are so many other sweet moments I would have missed had I not been looking up.  I began to wonder: in my spiritual life, how often do I miss sweet moments with the Savior because I’m “looking down” at the stress of the moment? Instead I am challenged, even today, to “look up” into my Savior’s face.  What sweet moments await me today? I can’t wait to SEE!


Open my eyes that I may see

Glimpses of truth thou hast for me

Place in my hand the wonderful key

That shall unclasp and set me free


Silently now I I wait for thee

Ready my God thy will to see

Open mine eyes, illumine me

Spirit divine

Words and music Clara H. Scott 1895


  1. Loved hearing your beautiful voice and wrm heart this weekend in DC you really touched my heart. You are one of Gods angelic angels the heavens are waiting for your glorious voice !

  2. 2 years ago
    Elizabeth Dianovich says

    Hello Sandi, I am so glad you went to sing in a church in Paris, France.Maybe you entertained missionaries (During 2005- I met a missionary family living in Paris with their 3 children) or angels.
    The Lord will bless you for all that.

  3. So, so very true! And what a lovely moment you witnessed at Disneyland Paris.

  4. Sandi- I feel like I got to know you at a Women of Faith gathering in Philadelphia a few years ago. I so loved this devotion you wrote. Yes it is true. We miss so much with the business of the moment, or the mire we are trekking through at the time. I try to step out of my self as often as I can, to see God in the people or the places around me. Canoeing with my husband or spending time with my kids are two of my favorite meditation times.Amen!