5 Tips for a Happy Trip


August 17, 2012

5-Tips-for-a-Happy-TripSummer is winding down, school is just around the corner, and many families are squeezing in one last trip as the season ends. Or maybe you’re planning a road trip to Women of Faith with your friends! Wherever you plan to roam, here are 5 tips to make your trip a good one.
  1. If you’re traveling by car or RV, have your vehicle serviced to make sure it’s road-worthy. Check your tire pressure—all your tires, including the spare. (While you’re at it, make sure you’ve got everything you need to change a flat . . . just in case.)
  2. Take plenty of breaks; experts recommend stopping every couple of hours—in a safe place, of course. Get out and walk around. Do a few stretches. It will keep you more alert and more comfortable.
  3. Save money (and avoid empty calories) by packing a cooler of healthy snacks and drinks. If you get hungry on a long, deserted stretch of road you’ll have food at your fingertips…and if you see a roadside fruit stand along the way, the cooler will give you a place to stash those fresh-off-the-tree peaches.
  4. Create a road trip playlist or pack plenty of CDs of upbeat music to help you stay awake and energized. Or consider taking along audio books—nothing makes the time go by like someone telling you a good story.
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