Arise, My Love


August 31, 2012

Arise, My LoveHave you ever felt buried by work, or projects, responsibilities, family issues, or even your own pain? I know I have. Life can have a way of piling up on us when we least expect it. Even people we love can put pressures on us without realizing it—then one day we find ourselves buried alive! When my kids were small, they loved to play with our dog, Saddie. They would sometimes put her in the clothes basket and playfully pile clean clothes on her, totally covering her little body with just her nose sticking out. I think she knew she could jump out anytime, but she’d wait until her name was called. It was a fun game. One day, while searching for Saddie, I began to call out her name. There in the basket of clothes was a little black face peeking out. I think she was getting used to being buried. Maybe she was just waiting for someone to notice she was missing and to call her name so she could leap to freedom and prance around with glee. Or maybe she had gotten used to being in that small basket and wasn’t thinking about the joy of being called out. Sometimes we can find ourselves buried by circumstances. We may wonder if anyone even knows that we’re missing emotionally, mentally, spiritually . . . even physically. We can become used to the weight of emotional pain or the weight of other people’s burdens and expectations. We think this is our lot in life. Well, Jesus knows where you are—and no matter what the weight of the situation, He is calling YOUR name! God’s Word is liberating, His love is comforting, and His voice is calling to you, “Arise, my love!” In Isaiah 43:1 the Lord says, “I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are Mine.” It’s time to rise up, leave the place of captivity, and be FREE!
Judy is one of the prayer intercessors who travels with Women of Faith and prays over every aspect of the event, including requests received from women on site. If you’re at one of the Celebrate What Matters events on the western side of the U.S., you’ll probably see her there. Find an event near you.
Check out our highlight video from our event in Des Moines & Indianapolis last weekend. Enjoy!  Don’t miss out in celebrating what matters with us.  For a listing of events, Go Here.
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