Cake, Anyone?

Shannon EthridgeAs the waiter introduced us to the huge tray of delectable desserts — apple cobbler, key lime pie, etc. — my friend began giggling when he mentioned the German chocolate cake.  She maintained her composure until we dismissed the waiter with a polite “no, thank you.”  But then her laughter erupted!

She explained that when she turned sixteen, her parents threw her a surprise party, which turned out to be not-so-surprising when her friends couldn’t keep a secret.  What was a surprise, however, was the unforgettable “mystery of the missing cake.”

As her mother went to light the candles, she cried out, “Oh, my goodness!  What happened to the cake?”  Everyone ran to the scene.  Almost half of the 3-layer German chocolate birthday cake was gone!  No one had a clue what had happened.


  1. Hello Shannon – I would love to speak to you about an event in the Caribbean that I would like you to be a part of. Thanks and God bless!