Celebrate What Matters with Amy Grant

Conventional wisdom has it that Amy Grant put Contemporary Christian music on the map. She surely did that, achieving such breakthroughs as being the first Contemporary Christian artist to have a platinum record, the first to hit #1 pop and the first to perform at the Grammys. Yet perhaps her greatest accomplishment was to open the door for a flood of other artists in pop as well as rock to sing about faith and soul and family and still grasp stardom. With that, her legacy as one of the most influential artists of the past couple of decades is assured.


So when it comes time to “Celebrate What Matters” what matters to a music icon? People. “I’m always trying to connect with people,” Amy says. “I want to connect people to each other, the things they believe in, the love of God, forgiveness, and things that are active and alive.”


Amy Grant - Lead Me On


See Amy at Celebrate What Matters events east of the Mississippi—including our first event in Columbus, Ohio this weekend! Click here to find a city near you.


Purchase Amy Grant’s Albums at The Women of Faith Store:


Amy Grant: Greatest HitsAmy Grant is a pioneer of Christian music.  This CD celebrates nearly 20 years of her Christian and mainstream pop hits that explore our faith and relationships.  Also includes two new songs.






Amy Grant: Somewhere Down the RoadA dozen songs that are sure to resonate with anyone who grapples with wanting answers to life’s toughest questions. Brand new recordings, previously unreleased numbers, and new versions of classic Amy songs.



  1. 2 years ago
    Reta Wilson says

    I LOVE AMY GRANT!!! ALWAYS HAVE! ALWAYS WILL! Her music has inspired me for years. She is real and humble. I would love to meet her some day, but if not, I will still enjoy her music and consider her an awesome tool that God has placed in my life to draw closer to him! Can’t wait to see her in Indy this weekend!

  2. I have been blessed to see Amy in several concerts from large gatherings — AACC conference where she played and sang unplugged to a large arena. The best by far was at a Group Leader gathering in Nashville on a snowy night. Many foks didn’t make the concert due to weather. I felt so fortunate to be there front and center. I love the intimate sharing and feeling like we got to know her. The words to so many songs absolutely convict me in my soul. God Bless you Amy!

  3. 2 years ago
    kristen says

    I just met amy grant at women of faith, and not only is she an amazing artist but a person. I dont know many “famous” people who would go out of there way to speak to you or acknowledge you for that matter but she most certainly did. AMY YOU ROCK! :)

  4. 2 years ago
    Beth Hoffmann says

    Thanks for the proofreading test. I confess to being geographically challenged, but I believe the cities listed are EAST of the Mississippi.
    Congratulations, your writing received attentive reading.
    Blessings to you in your ministry,
    Beth Hoffmann

  5. 2 years ago
    cheryl says

    @2011 WOF Anaheim very impressed by the entire 2 1/2 day event, and the new songs Amy shared with us all. Lots of tears and smiles from everyone. =My first WOF, Recieved 2 tickets free to attend this event. ( prize drawing at qtrly womens’ open space event / my church in pomona) This event & the supportive online comm.which I still get each day/WOF, has made a difference in me. I can still feel the power in the conv. center, the energy of the thousands of joyful people. It made a real dif. in many lives; in a huge way we spread hope, connecting all over the world with so many needy. Later on Discovered other connections in the US like Helpcup.org and successful human.org. prayers, passion for a helping hand ,are needed all over.

  6. 2 years ago
    Sharie says

    Give Bill & Gloria Gaither credit for encouraging Amy Grant and having her as part of their early back up singers and opening act for Gaither Trio. I just read “It’s more than the music” about Gaithers and learned that they encouraged alot of contemporary populars when no one else did.

  7. 2 years ago
    Vicki Lynn says

    Amy made a huge difference in my life when she visited with me and my family after the tragic death of my son. She is an awesome human being. Her songs have helped me through this very difficult time of my life.

  8. 2 years ago
    Vicki Craig says

    I have several of Amy’s CDs and love her music. She is such an inspiritional woman. Have gone to couple live concerts and was so uplifting for the Lord. Thanks to her and all. God Bless!

  9. 2 years ago
    britanie says

    Always love Amy’s music…