Celebrate What Matters with Ken Davis

Ken DavisBest-selling author, frequent radio and television guest, and one of the country’s most sought after inspirational and motivational speakers, Ken’s mixture of side-splitting humor and inspiration delights and enriches audiences of all ages. He’s certainly had audiences at Celebrate What Matters in stitches with his humor, transfixed by his story, and inspired by his message.

“Oh my goodness….” Kim Y. posted, “I truly laughed all my eye makeup off! I was in tears, dying laughing . . . then you had me in true tears.” Thousands of women who have seen Ken agree with Kim’s comment, “What a testimony you have and an amazing way of sharing it! Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing!”

Traveling to Women of Faith almost every weekend this fall (with multiple stops in between), Ken has a lot of experience with airport security. In the video below he tells about one encounter after a long trip .

See Ken at Celebrate What Matters this fall. There are still plenty of cities left on the 2012 tour! Find out which events Ken will be part of here.


  1. 2 years ago
    Kate Headley says

    Thanks for sharing. I was so bummed that I missed your segment. By the time I got off work, I had to make a 3-hr trip to Spokane from Wenatchee, I knew I was going to be cutting it close. I would’ve made it…I think…but I found out I parked at the wrong building and ended up walking 20 minutes to get to the Arena, and watched you wrap up. Maybe next time. :)

  2. 2 years ago
    Penelope says

    I saw you on youtube and laughed from deep down (something that rarely happens anymore). The last youtube I watched (6 of 6 with you in your Loony Tunes jacket) touched a deep hurt with words I know are true but sometimes need to be reminded of. Without the laughter first, I don’t think your words would have reached as deep as they did. Thank You!

  3. 2 years ago
    Laurel Kaemerer says

    I took 10 women to the One Day Women of Faith. None of us had heard you before but your humor and the story of your lost granddaughter touched us all. We saw you in San Diego and will be coming to Anaheim In Sept.. Thanks for your clean fun!!!

  4. This guy looks familiar! I think a saw him as a kid. He sure looks old now!

    • 2 years ago
      Kayla Bergholz says


      Very excited for you to be part of this…yay! I was at DCW about 6 years ago at Glen Eryie (and at CHIC conference with I was in Jr High)…awesome, God stuff since then….yay! You mentioned I looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones LOL, now just 6 years older as well. Time flys…yet you are still hilarious! Thanks for being a joy example to us all!

      Blessings to you in the journey with Woman of Faith!
      Kayla Bergholz

  5. 2 years ago

    You made me laugh this morning…. I was sad :(…Thanks