Celebrate What Matters with Selah


August 27, 2012

SelahAmy Perry of Selah admits her first Women of Faith experience was “not what I expected.” And that’s because…“I’ve never been a ‘girlfriend’” Amy tells us, “I have friends that are girls, but I never did sleepovers or boy gossip—I’d rather have hung out with the guys in the science lab. So the idea of a whole weekend devoted to women was a little off-putting to me.” Fair enough; a lot of women feel that way. “But when we got there,” Amy remembers, “I felt so loved and welcomed. I wept as each speaker shared from her heart. I realized that there is an importance for women spending time with other women, and that not all women will hurt [you] or gossip about you. It was an amazing experience. Sheila Walsh’s talk changed my life . . . something Sheila said was like a light bulb going off in my spirit. It changed my life.” This fall Amy can be found at Women of Faith most weekends, performing at Celebrate What Matters with Allan Hall and Todd Smith, the other members of Selah. (Todd’s wife, Angie, will also be there; she’s speaking in cities on our ‘west’ tour.) At the events, the members of Selah celebrate the hope they’ve discovered and share hope with broken people through their songs. For a taste of Selah’s powerful music, watch this video from Selah (you might want to have a tissue handy):
Hear Selah in concert, in person, at Celebrate What Matters events this fall. See when they’ll be in a city near you.
August 27, 2012 43 views Women of Faith