Celebrating Every Moment


August 21, 2012

Celebrating Every MomentI’m celebrating every moment I have with my kids this year! Just keeping up with the daily demands of life is borderline crazy.  But now, I have to add travelling, speaking, and writing to my already-crammed schedule as a mom. Now that I have to fight even more than before to make time for my kids, I’m realizing how easy it was for me to take some very important seasons in life for granted.  We just expect our kids to grow up, graduate, get married, give us grandkids and find a job to support their family.  But do we take the time to slow down and enjoy the “stages” of our kids’ lives? Personally, I have a daughter that I never had the chance to give birth to.  I have a son who almost never saw the age of four.  These painful experiences have also reminded me that time is precious and possibly shorter than I expect. My other daughter is just now turning sixteen and getting her driver’s license. But that’s the small challenge; the big challenge is knowing that in two years she uses her license to drive off to college. My middle son is in junior high.  He’s just starting to chart his course through the teenage years.  He’s also travelling and speaking with his parents and signing books nearly every day. My youngest is learning karate and is definitely enjoying being the youngest.  Colby has the gift of bringing laughter to our “mostly serious” home. When I was younger, I never thought we would be out of the bottle, diaper, and pacifier stage.  Some of those moments were rough, especially when I was sleep deprived.  But don’t wish those times away!  Cherish them and take lots of pictures!
Sonja Burpo and her husband, Todd, are the parents of Colton Burpo, whose trip to heaven (and back!) is told in the New York Times bestseller Heaven is for Real.
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