August Connection Members eBook Download – Seaside Letters

Seaside LettersTake a trip to Nantucket in pages of this inspiring love story from acclaimed author Denise Hunter. Sabrina never intended to fall in love with Tucker McCabe—especially since he’s unwittingly tied to a past she deeply regrets. A past so riddled with mistakes, it has separated her from God. But she’s fallen hard . . .

When Tucker learns Sabrina is the research assistant for a local mystery writer, he asks Sabrina to help him with a little sleuthing of his own . . . locating an elusive woman he’s fallen for online.

If Sabrina accepts the job, she’ll spend her evenings in close proximity to a man who can never be hers. If she turns him down, he’ll hire someone else—and that would be a disaster. Because if someone else sifts through all those letters and finds out the truth, Tucker will discover her secret . . . that the person he’s trying to find is her.


  1. What a tremendous experience and blessing to CELEBRATE in Indianapolis last weekend!