Live for What Matters


For our son, Christian it was the last day as a high school freshman and the beginning of an overseas adventure. Through, Women of Faith, I have worked with World Vision for many years but this would be Christian’s first time to come with me on a World Vision trip.


We met up with my friend of almost thirty years, Sandi Patty, and her son, Sam, at the Dallas Airport and began our long trip. We flew to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, then to Nairobi, Kenya and finally on to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The following morning we set out with our World Vision U.S. team leaders, Michael Beonky and Jenny Lockwald, and began the six-hour drive to the town of Jimma, which would be our base for the next few nights.


  1. What a beautiful way of explaining the living body of Christ – we are to pour out our life, the very life God gives us to show Jesus to others.

  2. 2 years ago
    Cynthia Denes says

    Hey Sheila,
    I have been struggling with my faith for almost my whole life and one day God led me to the Women of Faith conference on 9/28 when a family friend had a spare ticket. Before the conference, I felt alone, depressed, and stuck at a miserable college no longer enjoying my major. But thanks to the Women of Faith Conference, I developed the courage to tell my family how I’ve been feeling and am now awake and more alive than ever. Thank you all so much for helping me find God’s voice again and the strength to follow whatever he has planned for me. Hope to attend the Conference again next year.

    Cynthia Denes