Quench Not

Quench can mean to satisfy thirst. Or it can mean to extinguish fire. Interesting, isn’t it? One arrangement of six letters with two extremely different definitions.

God quenches our thirst. We quench God’s Spirit.

I stand in Sunday morning church, my arms dangling at my sides, my mind wandering through objections to the displeasing flow around me. The melody is too slow. I don’t know these words. The power point blips off-cue and I miss the chorus that I was just beginning to “own”. I roll my eyes. I sigh. I quench the Holy Spirit.

I meet the eyes of my co-worker sitting across the desk from me. She is weary. Her husband’s cancer came as a shock in an otherwise smooth season. My brain measures her suffering against my own. I decide hers loses. He will survive. She will adjust. My grown child is fighting a demon. In my heart, my pain wins out in the priority struggle. Together, we sit alone. I quench the Holy Spirit.


  1. Thank you for this message. It is funny how a deeper study of a word can bring so much insight. You have pointed out a truth that was staring me in the face, but I could not put it into words. Often times I find that if I cannot label a problem, I have no idea how to bring it to God. I just say “God, you know.” However, you have given me much better words to pray. You have enhanced my conversation with God. Thank you Elisa. Today you allowed the Holy Spirit to use your voice to quench me.