The Women of Faith Scarf

It’s generously-sized; more than 2 feet wide and over 5 ½ feet long, not counting the 3” fringe. It’s deliciously soft. It’s a beautiful combination of soft turquoise blues in a striped pattern, including the Women of Faith logo, no less. And it’s unbelievably versatile—just look at the ways we came up with to wear it one morning at the office.

Women of Faith Scarf

It’s the new Women of Faith scarf! And it can be yours for just $15. Buy one today.

P.S. For even more scarf-wearing options, here’s a link to a handy YouTube video that will show you 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes



  1. 2 years ago
    Susan says

    Nancy, I was at OKC a few weeks ago and I think you’ll find the last session will be the most powerful part of the whole event (and this year that’s really saying something!) It ends with a worship experience that has music, scripture, dance, person I was there with called it ‘anointed’. I’ve been going to WOF for 10 years now and this year took all the stuff I loved about old events and added a lot more new to love.

    J.H. I haven’t seen The Lorax. Does it resemble The Brady Bunch? That’s what the ad makes me think of (showing my age, I guess).

  2. 2 years ago
    J.H. says

    Just gotta say – my family watched the movie “The Lorax” last night…kinda makes this “ad” for your scarf unappealing.

  3. Love the scarf ideas, I purchased the pink scarf a few years back and have always been looking for different ways to wear it….thanks for sharing:-)

  4. 2 years ago
    Nancy Gardner says

    Hi, I have loved going to Women of Faith in Hartford for three years and am signed up for Nov. 2012. I see that the schedule has been shortened on the Friday schedule beginning at 5pm with no reduction in admission. Because our group lives an hour away we are pretty much forced to sign up for a hotel room Friday night. How about a 2013 schedule of 9:00am to 9:00pm on Saturday only? In the past the weekly messages have been great. Now it seems that the site just wants to sell something. I am excited about the new dance group as part of the program. Because Hartford, MA is the last session of the season, you guys sit around and reminisce. Why is that in the schedule? Shouldn’t that be for the staff to do “on the bus.” Usually in the program you have a gritty/emotional session, then a change of pace session. Last year in Hartford, on Saturday, each speaker was depressing. Our group left for home, during the staff reminiscing time, and did not feel uplifted. The comedian Friday night was the very best! Thank you for trying to diversify the program and listening to customers remarks. I am in doubt as to whether I will attend the 2013 Women of Faith.