Time to Recharge

Dear Women of Faith Friends,

Time to RechargeAs I write this I am in the mountains of Colorado at 9,000 feet with all my grandchildren. Something about being here recharges my batteries. I am so ready to begin our Women of Faith Tour. Here are some of the things we have seen that reminds me of God’s amazing power and make me want to share his love.

  • We have a bat who is living just outside the front door. He sleeps all day (upside down) and is gone all night.  Kind of like the way I used to live!
  • We have seen three rainbows in the first four days.
  • We experienced a wild raft ride down the Arkansas river
  • We enjoyed a leisurely train ride through the awesome Royal Gorge
  • We have watched the sun set almost every night
  • We watched a lightning storm with hundreds of strikes.  Better than any fireworks display I have ever seen.
  • We have prayed together.
  • We have laughed.
  • We have exchanged hundreds of hugs.

Best of all…..we are simply together.  I spent much of the spring working hard on the promotion of my new book Fully Alive. Dozens of interviews; sometimes eight hours a day.

This little getaway reminded me that one of the most important aspects of being fully alive is nurturing relationships, taking time to be with the ones you love, AND most certainly taking time to listen to the ONE that loves you.  It was in these same mountains that my four-year-old granddaughter Jadyn walked away from a campsite and wandered into the wilderness.  In Fully Alive I tell of those hours of terror and how she was miraculously found.  I can’t wait to tell you the story.  I can’t wait to hear your laughter.  I can’t wait to meet you.

I hope that you will bring some friends you love to WOF and that you will have your own batteries recharged as we worship, sing, and laugh together.  Be sure to say hello.



  1. Ken,
    So happy to hear of your recharging.

  2. 2 years ago
    Cherri Murray says

    Ken There’s nothing like the mountains to recharge and renew you. We have been where you are at and found it breathtaking. You can find God in every scene and in the quiet stillness of the morning and evening. I pray for your trip and a joyous time with your family.

    Thank you for speaking your heart so clearly in Oklahoma City. I was part of the usher team and was so blessed by you and the team as you offered encouragement and inspiration to all of us. God is using you in a mighty way and I am testimony of that as I read your book, Fully Alive. That is what I want to be for the Lord for the rest of my days, fully engaged in whatever He wants me to do. As a retired nurse manager, God is giving me new sowing fields as I open myself to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Thanks again for setting the example and giving God the glory. Bless you!