Amy Grant: Caring for My Father

Excerpt from the People Country article:
Amy Grant: Caring for My FatherThe October issue of PEOPLE Country magazine includes a touching article on Amy Grant and the lessons she’s learning as she cares for a parent with dementia. Amy’s mom suffered from dementia before her death last year; now Amy’s father’s mind is failing. From the article: “Early on I was angry and feeling overwhelmed, like, ‘It’s not the way it used to be,’” she says, holding back tears several times as she tells her story. But her new role has yielded unexpected gifts. “A friend told me, ‘This is the last great lesson your parents will teach you.’ That changed everything. I’ve learned even tough situations are beautiful.” Read the rest of the story in the October issue of PEOPLE Country, on newsstands this week.


  1. 2 years ago
    Laura says

    I helped as much as I could while my mother slipped from us during her bout with Alzheimer’s. Thank you Amy for your insight with your own touch of humor. It was a graceful and delicate article, well written and showed the human side of a devastating disease. God blessed us with one of those amazing, infrequent crystal days when my sister and I had our mother back for one afternoon in Spring of 2006. Mother passed that September…

  2. 2 years ago
    Deanna says

    I wondered what was going on with Amy Grant at WOF this year (in Indy). Her thoughts were inconsistent, some of her comments were unfitting, and just seemed a bit out of sorts as she was talking. Her music was good and she seemed much more herself/able to smile as she sang but it just seemed like she was uncomfortable or out of sorts when she was talking in between songs.

  3. 2 years ago
    Kim Goetz says

    While caring for my mother while she was battling lung cancer (she was a nonsmoker) even though I had struggled with how can she have lung cancer?…she NEVER smoked! Even though I prayed that she would be healed (she died in 2007) slowly but surely I began to realize that she had one more thing to teach me…how to come to the end of life with your sense of humor, your faith, your dignity, all still in tact! She taught me many things, how to overcome ANY tragedy, (with the Lord’s help) how to be a good mother, how to be a prayer warrior, how to be at peace when you want to scream…the ultimate lesson she taught me was the most important journey of your life is your last, when you reach out and take Jesus by the hand to your home in heaven! She woke me up early one morning, she had something to tell me…she had been to heaven, saw the pearly gates, the street of gold, the heavenly massions, her loved ones, beutiful flowers, vegetables, fruits in sizes and colors we don’t even have on earth. Her best friend from childhood (my aunt) took her on the tour…her sister was organizing everyone (just because you are in heaven, doesn’t mean your personality changes)! She said Jesus and her mother were waiting just on the other side of the veil…with each passing day this world grows dimmer and heaven becomes more visible, when it was her time she would take Jesus hand and go…which she did!

  4. I’ve read this article and I was inspired and awe-struck of Amy Grant’s experience and growth through this devistation of losing one parent just a year ago and seeing her father go through this and not letting it engulf her in grief. She has such a beautiful and strong soul! I just wanted to hug her and let her know her story has encouraged me to always see the positive in all challenges no matter how big or small. Thank you Amy for sharing your experience! God Bless you!