Arms of Love


September 21, 2012

Arms of LoveThe year: 1777. America is in turmoil. In Pennsylvania a small, struggling group of people called “Amish” are surrounded by threats on every side. Even peace-loving young Amish men are leaving the faith to take up arms and defend freedom. Adam Wyse’s battle for freedom is more personal, but it’s a battle he’ll have to win before he can claim Lena, the only woman he’s ever loved. Will the promise he made to Lena’s dying mother drive them apart forever? Adam’s brother Isaac is only too eager to take his place with Lena. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye… This beautifully-written novel tackles hard topics not found in the average historical romance: Abusive relationships, post-traumatic stress disorder, and the miraculous grace of God Who paid the price for our freedom and holds us all in his Arms of Love. Includes a Reading Group Guide and a 4-week Bible Study written by the author to complete with a group or on your own. “There is a beautiful love story that unfolds within the pages . . . I was vested in the lives of these characters from the first page.” —BETH WISEMAN, best-selling author of The Wonder of Your Love and Plain Proposal.  

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From Arms of Love by Kelly Long

  “Would you like me to send Lena to you?” “Nee. I would like you to make a dying woman a promise.” “Mary . . .” “A promise, Adam. But some questions first, if you will?” He nodded, resigned. “Of course, but I—” “Gut. Tell me, have you kissed my daughter?” “What?” “You heard me well.” “Nee. Of course not.” Mary laughed. “But not for lack of wanting, eh?” He felt himself flush like some green lad, knowing he had held himself off like a wolf on a leash for want of kissing Lena in the past, convicted by her youth and delicacy. “I wanted,” he said, unable to keep the roughness from his tone. She reached out to pat his hand. “As is normal. But I am glad that your relationship has not progressed that far—it will make things easier later.” “Later?” he asked, but she was on to another question. “I know how your fater abuses you, Adam. I have seen the scars on your back. Why have you not left his home?” “I—” He broke off in confusion. He’d never been confronted by the truth of his private life in so forceful a manner, even by Lena. It was not so simple a question to answer. His father did see fit to discipline him harshly, careful not to “spare the rod,” but he hadn’t actually beaten Adam in several years. It was more torturous games of the mind now. “Well?” He swallowed hard. “I stay because . . . because I am bound there. I can’t easily go out into the world without my father’s blessing, and—well, perhaps I deserve what I get from him.” Mary snorted. “You deserve to be hurt, Adam? And your mamm standing by, helplessly? She can do nothing. She is a victim too, as is Isaac.” She covered his hand with her own. He thumbed the contours of her fingers and shook his head, thinking of his older brother. “Not Isaac . . . he gets away from it somehow. He has escaped.” “Nee, ‘tis not true. He’s lost himself in his own world, in his books and studies and animals, but he won’t walk away free. No one who lives in that house will ever be free.” Adam felt unexpected tears burn at the back of his eyes. He swallowed hard. “Ya, there’s truth in that.” “I believe that no one should have to live under such oppression of the spirit.” He smiled then. “You sound like a Patriot.” He was surprised when a thoughtful look crossed her face. “Well, maybe I am.” “What?” No Amish person would ever admit to supporting the cause of the Revolution—except for a few men, mostly young, who had done so outright by enlisting . . . as Adam himself had secretly considered. But to hear a woman, a neighbor he had known all his life, speak in such a way was confusing, especially with her husband jailed. “Ach, do not worry, Adam. I am not being unfaithful about Samuel’s plight. But there is in me something that believes there are things worth fighting for. Do you agree?” Excerpted from Arms of Love. Copyright © 2012 Kelly Long. Published in Nashville, TN by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Will Adam fight for his freedom and a future with Lena? Find out in Arms of Love, available in our online store. Order a copy here.
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