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Bags of Grace

Bags of Grace


September 19, 2012

Bags of GraceI have been attending Women of Faith for five years now here in DC. About four-and-a-half years ago I came across an Upper Room devotion that talked about giving out “bags of grace” to people in need. I then felt called to start organizing these bags for the homeless, that we pass out while walking from the hotel we stay in to the Women of Faith conference. It’s been an amazing mission. The first year after passing out the bags we were on our way back to the hotel and saw someone reading one of the Bibles [from] our bag. Each year it has gotten bigger and this year we were able to give out 151 bags, seven homemade afghans, and fifteen $5 McDonalds gift cards. Another church with us had 15 bags, so 166 total—TRULY AMAZING! As I sat [at Celebrate What Matters] listening to Andy Andrews it made me wonder what my boys have learned from me doing [the bags]. For the past four years they have been shopping with me over and over and helping put the bags together. We have had many talks about who the bags are for and why I spend so much time working on them. But this year, my oldest asked me if he can come help hand them out. It was just confirmation that I am doing what I was called to be doing. Thanks to Andy for his talk because it gave me the feeling I might have planted a little seed in my boys…which could be one of the reasons I was led to organize these “bags of grace.”
September 19, 2012 50 views Women of Faith