Breakfast on the Beach


September 3, 2012

Breakfast on the BeachJesus said to them, “Come and eat breakfast.” Yet none of the disciples dared ask Him, “Who are You?”—knowing that it was the Lord. John 21:12 It had been a tough morning. Following Jesus’ death, several disciples returned to their regularly scheduled programming. They got up early, took their fishing nets, and . . . nothing. Not a bite. Until some guy stood on the shore and called out a weird suggestion to throw their nets in from the other side of the boat. I wonder if any of them grumbled briefly, “What difference does it make which side of the boats we throw the nets from? Who is this guy?” But by then, they were desperate enough to try anything. Suddenly, when their nets were heavy, the same question took on a different meaning, because they knew the answer. John shouted, “It is the Lord!” and Peter could not get to Jesus fast enough. Other than suggesting that they add some of the fresh catch to His spread, Jesus’ sole response was, “Come and eat breakfast.” Now, wait just a minute. When read in context, the scripture notes that this is Jesus’ third post-resurrection appearance, a miracle unto itself. After all, these men saw Him perish on the cross. And not only that, He’s preparing a meal on the beach—not as a ghost or apparition, but as a physical being able to lift things and build a fire, etc. Then, after their own efforts had been useless, He provides an abundance of fish with one simple instruction. And after these marvels, He simply says, “Come and eat breakfast”? Yes. We create so much unnecessary hoopla in our own regularly scheduled programming. We plan, we implement, and we work hard . . . and get frustrated when nothing comes of it. Desperate and empty, we finally look to Jesus as a last resort—because we don’t recognize who He is. And sometimes, really, all He’s asking is that we come join Him and take part in what He’s prepared and created. The rest will come. So declutter your mind of plans, schedules, and “to do” lists. Instead, look out upon the waves, wiggle your toes in the sand, absorb the sights, smells, and sounds, and enjoy the moment for what it is—not what it means, not what lies ahead, not how you arrived here. There will be another time for that. For now, just be present with Him. After all, in the best relationships, sometimes words are unnecessary. Lord Jesus, I bring no words, no petitions with me right now. Just a moment to be still and commune with You in gratitude and love, using all of my senses to absorb and celebrate Your beautiful creation. From Devotions for the Beach. © 2012 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Published in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Devotions for the Beach and Days You Wish You Were ThereDevotions for the Beach…And Days You Wish You Were There is a gentle reminder of days at the beach and the call of God’s love. These ninety devotions explore the parallels of life with the elements of the shore to help you see God, to find hope, to draw strength, and to rest in the comfort of His arms throughout your day. Purchase your copy here.

A Labor Day Prayer

Dear Lord, Many people are enjoying a day off today but we are so grateful that You never take a day off from loving and caring for us. Today those of us with jobs thank you for the blessing of employment. Those of us looking for work ask for guidance. Help us all to remember that, regardless of our resources, You are our Provider and our ultimate Employer. We thank You for all those who mind the store, teach Your Word, help keep us safe and healthy, build and repair our homes, grow, prepare, and serve our food, guide our children, and work in so many ways to make our world a better place. Amen
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