Celebrate What Matters with Sandi Patty

Celebrate What Matters with Sandi PattyAfter attending a recent event Brenda M. commented “to me there is no one like Sandi.” We have to agree! It’s not just her amazing voice or sparkly shoes that we love (although both are fabulous). It’s not just that she’s the most awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music history. It’s not even the 30+ albums she’s released or her iconic rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. . .

Sandi’s warmth, generosity, and down-to-earth “just keeping it real” style are what makes everyone in the arena feel like they’re part of her extended family. (She and husband Don already have eight kids between them, so a few thousand more at the dinner table is hardly noticeable, right?)

This year Sandi added emcee to her role at Women of Faith Celebrate What Matters, serving as a connecting thread throughout the event. We asked Sandi what she’s looking forward to at our 2012 events and what she hopes women walk away with after it’s over. Here’s her answer:

Find out when and where you can Celebrate What Matters with Sandi here.


  1. 2 years ago
    Jill Jackson Avila says

    Hi WOF, Can’t come to WOF this year as I moved to Mecico City, Mexico. Any plans for future events down here? If not, I won’t be able to come any more to the events. I will miss you. Dios te bendiga. Jill

  2. 2 years ago
    lana nusbaumer says

    i got my two sisters to go this year at indy and they really received a blessing. it was they’re first time.

  3. It is astonishing how God lifts broken pieces of our lives to build us into Proverbs 31 women. He certainly sees our potential when all we may see is a wall. Jo Russell, author, speaker.

  4. 2 years ago
    Laura says

    I have always loved Sandy since the very first time that I heard her over 20 years ago. I have followed her career and to me her very best album is Sandi Patti Finest Moments. I just love it. I have also heard several performances and been to Women of Faith several times. What strikes me is that she knows what it is like to be up high and down low. How real can it get? She also knows how to fight her way back from loss, disappointment and pain. She represents to me a real person who has overcome in Jesus name and therefore gives me comfort that I too in Jesus strength can be an overcomer. May God continue to bless you Sandi as you dedicate your life to minister to him. Thanks for also being open to sharing your struggles to encourage the rest of us.

  5. 2 years ago
    Kathy says

    I am a woman going through a divorce that my husband does not want. I believe as Sandi does that God will take the broken pieces of our lifes and make them something new again. I really enjoyed hearing Sandi at the conference.

    • I don’t understand why you are going through a divorce that your husband does not want. There isn’t anything that God cannot heal. I do not know your story, but I will be praying for you. God is the great restorer. God loves you and he loves your husband.

      • 2 years ago
        Henrietta MOORE says

        If our God and father gave you a second chance like the prodigal son can you please give him a second chance. My God is able to mend your broken heart. He is the only one that can fix it Can you please turn it over to him. Let him do the impossible for you

  6. 2 years ago
    Cindy says

    I am so thankful to have heard Sandi’s encouragement today. I really needed to be reminded of this and need to be reminded over and over so I don’t forget the beauty that God creates out of painful situations. Sandi is such an inspiration to me, both for her “down to earth – makes you feel like part of her family” personality and her incredible musical talent. I am so looking forward to seeing her at Women of Faith again this year!

  7. 2 years ago
    jacki says

    This was my first women of faith conference in about 20 years and I had not been to a Sandi
    concert since about 1985. Needless to say my Sandi tapes are worn out. Sandi was the best
    part of the conference, to be sure. I am an old traditionalist and my heart melts in worship with
    the words of the old hymns. I unlike your other reviews dont like the loud bands and rock and
    roll style worship. Mostly because I cannot hear the women sing, just the loud music. I know the
    lord loves music and I know he loves to hear us worship him, that is what we were made for.
    But, there is nothing more inspiring than hearing and seeing thousands of voices, becoming one
    voice in worship to the King of Kings. Great conference, great speakers, Everyone should go
    every year for a tune up! Thanks Sandi for coming home where you belong and leading us in worship to the one source of our forgiveness, strength and hope. No one does it like you.

  8. 2 years ago
    Patricia Pikulski says

    I have followed the life of Sandi Patty since God changed my life in 1979. I began listening to contemporary Christian music at that time, purchased her records, tapes and then and CDs. I was so happy a couple of years ago when Anna was at the conference with her. I always knew that Sandi had a heart for God, and no matter the turmoil in her life, God would work it all for good and she would be the new creation he makes us all as we journey here on earth.God has given her incredible talent which she continues to develop and live for him. Thank you Sandi.