Free to Worship


September 10, 2012

Free To Worship“When we heard there was going to be a live band at Women of Faith this year,” Worship Team member Michelle Swift remembers, “we just screamed! It’s a dream come true.” Team member Kara Tualatai agrees. “Having a live band adds a ton of energy; the whole experience is different. You can feel the difference. Not only does it add four more worshippers to the mix—they’re just worshipping with their instruments—it’s a much more free environment. It gives us the freedom in the worship setting to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.” Each of the Women of Faith Worship Team members has enjoyed dozens of Women of Faith events over the years, but they’re more excited than ever about Celebrate What Matters, particularly The Voice™ Worship Experience that wraps up the events. Kara says, “Anytime you’re declaring the Word of God it changes the atmosphere.” Michelle describes it as “a bit of ‘call and response’ so those who are used to that in their churches will have that element.” Jovaun Woods, another Worship Team member, chimes in: “We say the Word of God then we sing the Word of God. It really allows the Word to marinate our hearts and minds.” “Those who have been wanting to go deeper,” Kara promises, “this will fulfill that. This is really deeper than Women of Faith has ever been before.” The Women of Faith Worship Team—Hope Darst, Janice Gaines, Michelle Swift, Jenifer Thigpen, Kara Tualatai, and Jovaun Woods—is an important part of every Celebrate What Matters event. See them (and the new live band!) in person at an event near you. Schedule here. Celebrate JesusThe Women of Faith Worship Team recently released a new CD: Celebrate Jesus. This collection of new songs and old favorites will set your spirit (and your feet!) dancing and make your heart sing. Order one today!

September 10, 2012 91 views Women of Faith