Just Spritz It

Patsy ClairmontMy husband Pam-med (cooking spray) my hinges. Well, not my hinges exactly, but our closet and door hinges and now they open and close smoothly and silently. It’s almost spookier than when the piercing screeches emanated from the door frames. Almost. At least the noisy version was familiar. Now the eerie quiet when the doors are opened and closed is graveyard silent.

My hubby watches HGTV and the Food Channel which is how he knew about Pam’s double-life. Good thing, too, because all that hinge-creaking was wearing on my last nerve. Isn’t it funny how long we will put up with something that grates on us when it’s as simple to fix as a spritz of cooking spray?  And all I had to do was ask.


  1. Love it! Lisa! not your broken bones…your creative way of speaking the truth!! Just keep on blessing us with your creative thoughts!!

  2. Hi, Patzy, I just love your personality and the way you deal with everyday life. testimony and your talks are a blessing. As you see my name is Patricia but they called me Patty, and one member of my church always forgets and calls me Patzy but I don’t mind, and now I think you and i are twins how about that? lol. By the way are are the same high the only difference is I am black hair still with some white highlights here and there, and a little of much less weight not that I am saying your fat please don’t take me wrong, but literally I am because of health reason but that is another story. I would love to meet you in person but unfortunately I can’t go to attend to the next conference one I can’t afford it, second is far from San Francisco, don’t have who can take me and last I have to bring all my house with me ha ha ha I have three caregivers, and my machines and my oxygen too, so I would need a place to stay and so. I wish they would make the conference here and maybe I could go. I have seen the DVD but is not the same you know, I guess you have to accept things when you can’t do anything else. I just want to say the you are a blessing to everybody, may the Lord bless you and keep you in His ways and healthy too.