Patsy Clairmont

Just Spritz It


September 19, 2012

Patsy ClairmontMy husband Pam-med (cooking spray) my hinges. Well, not my hinges exactly, but our closet and door hinges and now they open and close smoothly and silently. It’s almost spookier than when the piercing screeches emanated from the door frames. Almost. At least the noisy version was familiar. Now the eerie quiet when the doors are opened and closed is graveyard silent. My hubby watches HGTV and the Food Channel which is how he knew about Pam’s double-life. Good thing, too, because all that hinge-creaking was wearing on my last nerve. Isn’t it funny how long we will put up with something that grates on us when it’s as simple to fix as a spritz of cooking spray?  And all I had to do was ask. I wish I could silence the creaks in my bones that easily. I get this trait from my mom whom I could hear, when I was growing up, in the early morning hours snap, cracking, and popping through the house like a bowl of Rice Krispies. Now I’m walking the dry-bone cereal trail. It didn’t help my walk that this past Spring a heavy box fell on my foot and cracked two bones that just happened to connect to two toes. Actually, if my anatomy info is correct, they hold my toes on. While the bones were mending I worried that before the repair could get a good grip, the toes might gallop away and head somewhere exotic without me. But they hung in there…but oh, my, they hurt. Not the toes but the bones that cracked. The doctors said I should be ready to boogie in six weeks and now it’s been six months. What’s a girl to do? I say Pam it. I mean what’s the worst thing that could happen? If nothing else my shoes and socks might slip off easier. All that to ask this…what have you been harping about that could be fixed with a quick spritz? If it’s a squeaky drawer: “Pam it!” If it’s a creaky attitude: “I Am” it! The Lord (the great I Am) has his own formula of spritz and all we have to do is ask. Sliding your way with joy, Patsy
September 19, 2012 30 views Women of Faith