Leaning Into the God Who Loves You


September 25, 2012

A series of online Bible studies by  Lisa Harper, available free at In the videos, Lisa explains deep spiritual concepts in easy-to-understand, fun-to-listen-to language and tackles common questions like: Is the Bible just a big book of rules? Is it still relevant to our twenty-first-century lives? In the first session, God’s Word; The Greatest Love Story of All, Lisa talks about why we can trust the Bible, the scoop on different types of translations, and what the Bible means to us today. In session two, The Church and Christian Community; Who’s Got Your Back? Lisa shares the value of community and why it’s important to be part of a “tribe.” She answers the questions “Is it really that important to be part of a church? Can’t I just worship God all on my own?” Prayer; A Divine Sort of Direct Messaging answers “What is prayer, exactly? Do we really need to pray? Are there rules for how to go about it?” Lisa gives us three solid reasons for prayer and encouragement on getting started. Finally, session four takes on the mind-boggling concept of The Trinity; A Totally Redemptive Trio. How can God be three and still be one—at the same time? Lisa explains the Trinity in language anyone can understand. We’ll be adding additional Bible study resources in the future, but for now we hope you enjoy this video series. Start watching here.
September 25, 2012 384 views Women of Faith