Our Valued Volunteers

Our Valued VolunteersWhen Women of Faith rolls into town tractor trailers pull up to the arena with the parts and pieces needed to create the stage, stock the booths on the concourse, and prepare the space for the event. Meanwhile, staff members fly in from all directions to unload, organize, and set up . . . but it’s much too big a job for them to handle alone.

Enter our volunteers. It takes more than 200 local area volunteers to pull off a Women of Faith arena event and we couldn’t do it without them. Many sign up year after year; they enjoy being part of the event and often, as volunteer Denise W. said, look on their experience “as a ministry.”

The Distribution Team shows up on Friday morning to tackle the physically-demanding work of moving boxes filled with program bags throughout the arena and placing program bags on each seat in the arena. Like all our volunteers, Distribution Team members receive complimentary event registrations. In Oklahoma City we met Keith W., a ten-year repeat volunteer who works this team alongside his wife Regina so she can bring friends to Women of Faith at no charge. (That’s a new twist on date night!) Leta E., another returning volunteer, enlisted a friend this year so they could earn a free Women of Faith registration for another friend’s birthday.

Later that afternoon the Product Sales Team arrives. They’re quickly deployed to various booths, where a staffer provides information and training before setting the team to work organizing displays and preparing for an onslaught of customers once the doors open. At the same time, the Usher Team reports for duty to receive their marching orders—though “standing” orders is more often the case; you’ll frequently see volunteers ushers posted in doorways to help women find their seats. Both Product and Usher Team members are released from their duties while the program is going on.

The final group is our Arena Team. Tasked with variety of duties such as crowd control, helping distribute box lunches, and general assistance while the event is in session, the Arena Team helps make the overall event run smoothly and with limited distractions. As they’re hard at work during the program, this team receives free registrations they can gift to family or friends.

Volunteers work together, pray together, and often sit together during the program. Friendships are created, relationships strengthened, and life is shared. No wonder many volunteers enjoy their experience so much they come back year after year! For information about volunteering at Women of Faith, choose your event here and look for the “Volunteer” section.


  1. 2 years ago
    kris says

    I have volunteered 3 years now, I love it & this year I was able to bring my best friend as a guest, to the Rochester show. My little complaint was that it seemed like a ” show “, instead of a worship event. I
    didn’t care for the dancing & I missed the center stage & the “tron”. Also, the shortened Friday time,
    but I really do LOVE the wonderful time with all the Women of Faith & plan on continuing!!! Thank
    you so much & God Bless you all!

  2. 2 years ago
    Melanee says

    I would love to volunteer for the Orlando, Florida conference. I have attended in Seattle (twice) and Portland, Oregon. I have just moved to Orlando and signed up. I have tried 2 different positions, and was told full. Today I received an email about volunteers and was hoping I was finally accepted. I hope that if any spot opens up, you will be in touch with me. Thank you so much.

  3. 2 years ago
    Sheila Elliott says

    I was blessed to attend WOF in Rochester, NY this past weekend. I am so thankful to all of the staff and volunteers and to the team of presenters, praise team and all who shared with us their faith journeys.

    I love the addition of Ballet Magnificant truly beautiful indeed. The whole experience this year for me (after having been to WOF for the past 7 plus years) was much more gentle and calm. I love the fact that there is a live band at the event it truly enhanced the experince throughout the whole program.

    To God Be The Glory!
    So happy you will be back in Rochester next September!

    You will all be lifted up in prayer as you continue to bless Women across the country this year.

    Blessings and Love to all!

  4. 2 years ago
    Karla Nuss says

    I would love to volunteer; however, when you moved the event to Portland, OR., I can no longer attend. Since, I have muscular dystrophy, get around in a power wheelchair and do not have the strength in my arms to drive our mobility van I can no longer get the event. When the event was in Seattle, my husband would take me to the event and pick me up afterward in our mobility van. I am very disappointed I can no longer attend these events. They changed my life alot during a period of intense lifestyle changes due to the disease I have in 2010 & 2011.

  5. 2 years ago
    Liz says

    Come to southern or central alberta sometime & I’d love to volunteer! (Calgary again would be best!)

  6. 2 years ago
    Kari says

    I was not going to go this year, the past two weeks have been extremely hard and I said to my husband on Thursday. I would like to to go Rochester to the women of faith conference tomorrow. He said “Go you deserve it.” I called Kim and she took care of me and found me a seat. I did come by myself from Erie but saw four friends from other churches there. Plus the women who sat around me. What love! Worship for me was so awesome! The sound that came from the 8000 women was so filling for my heart. Thank you for working so hard to make such a great event. If there is something special you can do for Kim to bless her for her loving-kindness towards me at the last minute please do! She is definitely a blessing to your work at bringing God to us! Especially me! :)

    • 2 years ago
      linda says

      I love WOF, and have volunteered 3 years in a row, once in Charlotte, NC and the other two times in Greensboro, NC…..love the fellowship and the music, and of course the chance to meet some pretty aweSome people, thanks for allowing me to be a Volunteer and to help so many wonderful women, LOVE the testimonies and the energy in the audiance is amaZing…God Bless, See everyone in October, in Charlotte, NC…..
      Linda from S.C
      pastor’s wife/ and Mother of two…<3 <3

  7. 2 years ago
    Sharon A Cooley says

    I have two daughters that have volunteered at the Rochester, NY event for several years. At a time when some parents are not sure they have trained their children properly to honor and respect our Heavenly Father, I cannot tell you how proud I am of their volunteering at these events. They not only learn more about working with people they don’t know, but are equal with in they love of Jesus Christ, but they have done on their own. Their start in life was not the best, having had a very abusive mom and now know that as their stepmother/adoptive mother, they are truly loved, and supported as they expand their knowledge of God’s love and demonstrate the blessings they have been given with those they meet each and every day. Praise to our Heavenly Father for all that you do to help women grow, and demonstrate it to those to come to help in your ministry.

  8. We were so blessed. The Volunteers were so very helpful. I struggle with seeing the steps in the Honda Stadium and I was particularly thankful for those who made sure we got to our seats safely. They lit the way for us. Many of my ladies had never been there before so it was such a wonderful time for them. The only thing I really missed is that we ordered our tickets a year ahead and you moved the stage so we were farther away. Having it in the center really was better especialy for those of who struggle with sight. But everything else was awesome. Thank you so much…It was the best
    Blessings to you all.

  9. 2 years ago
    Willi Wheeler says

    Have you any plans to come back to Phoenix? I miss the opportunity to attend and to volunteer as I have done the past 3 years. But traveling is not in my immediate future, and I miss you. Thank you
    for what you do and have done! God Bless You.

  10. 2 years ago
    lynne costley says

    I wish you had more events in canada. I had the privlege of attending a women of faith when you were in calgary a few years ago and was blessed sure wish you would come up this way again

  11. 2 years ago
    Eleanor Coe says

    I have been a volunteer for a number of years on the Arena team and one of my closest friends I met at WOF. We both volunteer for several different type of events like this including “Dare to Share” and “Revolve Tour” when it comes to Denver.

  12. 2 years ago
    Cassi says

    I had an amazing time volunteering this year! I will be bringing my hubby and sister next year to help with the amazing Arena Team in Philadelphia under the leadership Chevis!! What a great group of people i had the opportunity to work with! Thanks for allowing us to help advance the Kingdom of God! Be blessed!

  13. 2 years ago
    Candy Johnson says

    Just got back from the Rochester event. What an amazing, uplifting time! The speakers poured their hearts out so that God might speak to us through things they had gone through in their own lives. The various artists used their talents to praise God to the best of their abilities and allowed us to share in their joy. The whole event could not have come together without those wonderful volunteers and I tried to make sure I thanked each one I came in contact with. I’ve been one of those “volunteers” and although I know they do it with a willing heart and expect nothing, I know that an unexpected and geniune “thank you for giving your time to us” means a great deal to them. So when you are at events, remember to thank each volunteer you see, not just for the service, but thank them personally for being there – it means a great deal and I believe God expects it of us.

  14. 2 years ago
    Cherry Himstedt says

    It has been a blessing to be a volunteer for a number of years now. I love being a part of the World Vision team and seeing children around the world get sponsored. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help and attend the conference at the same time. I look forward to this event every year and getting to share it with my twin sister, as well. Atlanta, here we come!!

  15. Good morning!
    I tried to volunteer in several areas for the Orlando, FL event. I was sent an email saying that they didn’t need anyone else to volunteer. What a shame, I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, it was going to help me attend the event, now I don’t think I can afford it. Maybe next year. Have a wonderful event!

    • 2 years ago
      Mary A says

      You have to sign up really well before hand, like as soon as they have schedule for next years Conferences, cause they fill up really fast. Check with your Church, some have award programs to help members that are in hard times. Hope you get to go. It’s an amazing experience.

  16. 2 years ago
    cherri ficarra says

    I volunteered this year,(Rochester), first time. Had GREEEAT fun and met so many women from as far away as ITALY! I ALWAYS get good thoughts when i spend time on ME getting together with other women,, listening to great music and speakers….. empties me out,fills me up, and i come away refreshed!