Christine Caine

Preparing for the Promise


September 26, 2012

Christine CaineMany people think that just because they are Christians, God is going to drop their destiny out of the sky like fairy dust…but nothing could be further from the truth! It was during my time as a youth leader in my local youth ministry that I learned the necessity of preparation. During that season of my life, I was using my car to drive young people to youth meetings, setting up the youth auditorium, vacuuming the floor, cleaning the toilets, and doing whatever else needed to be done. My dream and heart’s desire was to preach all over the world, but I knew that God needed to do a deep work in me so He could do a great work through me in the future. Although I found this preparation phase incredibly frustrating, lonely, and sometimes tedious, I know that if I had not stayed committed to the preparation process during those years, I would not be doing what I’m doing today. Many people are not where they are supposed to be when it comes time for God to promote them simply because they have not been committed to preparation. As a result they miss out on or defer the progress of their destiny. Instead of understanding that it is a vital part of our overall journey, people often look for a shortcut! But preparation is essential if God is going to make us into the women we need to be so we can do all we are called to do. I want to encourage you that God has such an amazing purpose for your life. Take time to seek Him and ask Him to show you specific things He would like you to do today in order to be prepared for all He has planned for you tomorrow. Love you and am praying for you, Chris xx
September 26, 2012 105 views Women of Faith