Welcome to the Road

Welcome to the RoadWhen asked “What do you celebrate?” Sandi Patty responded “I celebrate that all my children are driving!” Now that school is in session a lot of new drivers are on the road. Remember what it was like when you started driving? On your next commute take a moment to offer up a prayer for all those beginners behind the wheel, their parents, and those of us who share the road with them. (Note: we strongly recommend praying with your eyes open while driving.)

If your teen is one of those new drivers you’re probably familiar with that combination of pride, relief, and sheer terror that fills a parent’s heart at the sight of their child behind the wheel. Fortunately, our friends at Nationwide have valuable tips to help you guide your teen along the path to responsible road-sharing. You’ll find them here:  Teen Drivers: Welcome to the Road.

New drivers almost always mean higher insurance premiums . . . but they may not have to be as high as you think.  Read 3 Tips to Help Teens and Families Save on Auto Insurance for an idea of the discounts you may be able to apply to your Nationwide policy.

Nationwide can help protect what is most important to you.  To learn more about insurance coverage from Nationwide click here.

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  1. 2 years ago
    ml says

    WOA !!!! Ok I am from North of the border .Any program that increases the likely hood of teen driving more safely for themselves, and their families, worried at that age plicing them always in their activities , helping them reason at right or wrong. Or others on the road is a welcome relief.
    NEVER knew these teen programs in additiion to driving classes existed? ….But we do have state farm .
    Car accidents are the worst and only police report you hear in some communities .Teens in rural areas are the most highly costly insured population for parents anywhere , imagine if your a single parent or teen away from home needing to work .In nursing we heard that was the statistic by insurance companies of likely injury and death!
    We all heard awful horror more car accident stories rurally where I lived person to person , school to communities, worn flowers still at the sites today .A white bike painted at intersections of death in Toronto a city .
    Such as a teen driving rolled over ,thrown from a car that my child was to ride in.Only in miracle wisdom asked a thousand parental questions saying NO .Or a granparent who adored their granchild a teen building a horse ranch arena for her horse skills killed reckless returning from a party the day after .Or a teen crushed in a car accident leaving a single mom broken in tears for years her only child and alone .We heard it all.Or the ones who walked away like a young man from our church thrown from a motorcycle , rolling over the car like a Tom Cruise movie stunt , miraculously surviving, getting up to walk into church that sunday as he drove in to attend regularily.
    Unfortunately a youth/teen backed his father’s pick up truck ,smiling away with 2 other friends onto my only vehicle hood a small Toyota and body , mine LoL:.
    Little did I know what was considered a minor injury by police would make me so sick starting my senior years, having planned a trip 1200 thousand miles away to celebrate my only grandsons 4th birthday. Luckily to see family in the same country .Supernaturally buying my dream home finally to come here over years of searching,then selling a home too relocating to reunite with family after 15 years (my only grankids)too during treatment now discontinued and what I thought was recovery I caanot extend more treatment for chronic pain ?:)
    Anything that helps is a welcome blessing, to be so fortunate that a family can afford even to have a car for a teen to be insured and drive safely more coscienciously.
    But I do agree having moved my email fro sympatico to gmail I do find it an infringment on my privacy to “not have my choice” of cookies and milk.
    Nor a church to choose to drive myself to, but on line , becuase I am too tired from the pain, and continue to use the bus, feet and taxi for all my errands setting up home living in a beatiful coastal area. I’d love a car or driving Miss Daisy, when a teen can use his or hers for pleasure.
    Lol Let,s just be of the Spirit of one mind with woes and blessings:)Amen?!

  2. 2 years ago
    Rebecca Sanchez says

    I look forword to see what will be put up each day. thanks you and God Bless

  3. 2 years ago
    Sandra Hopkins says

    Since I work for State Farm and have for 26 years really didn’t appreciate getting this email.
    State Farm also has a program for teenage drivers called the Steer Clear Discount Program that saves the parents money for their teenage drivers as well as tips on being safe drivers. State Farm also has the good student program for teenage drivers. I feel that Women of Faith should not be sending out advertisements.

    • Sandra-

      I just wanted to follow up personally to your comment posted last week about the Nationwide article. We appreciate the feedback shared and truly take it to heart. My team strives to provide inspirational content daily to our women. Our goal is to make the WOF Daily something our ladies enjoy reading and find valuable.

      As part of our commitment to our sponsors, we need to include them at times. Without our key sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to make the events possible. In trying to strike a balance, we make every attempt to provide relevant sponsor content to ensure the newsletter is still of value to our ladies. Based on your input last week, we have since made some changes in our future WOF Daily newsletters to ensure inspirational messages are always the primary focus while including sponsor mentions as a secondary mention.

      If you ever have inspirational story ideas to share with the WOF Daily subscribers, we welcome your input!

      P.S. I tried emailing you directly, but the State Farm email address didn’t work.

      Dawn McKeag | Director, Digital Marketing

      Live Events Management, Inc | A division of Thomas Nelson Publishers

    • 2 years ago
      Lisa says

      Hi Sandra,

      I think that any advertising is Healthy, it gives people a choice.You just advertised yours and I’m sure other Insurance companies also offer discounts and it’s always good to know. I also agree with Dawn,
      the Sponsors of any Event should be advertised if you want the events to go on at all or at low cost.

      Best, Ligia