Women of Faith speakers and celebrities offer uplifting stories of changed lives

To Patsy Clairmont, “Normal is just a setting on your dryer.”

The best-selling Christian author — with a book titled by that phrase — knows from experience. She suffered from agoraphobia for years and had great difficulty just leaving the house. “My prayer, when I was housebound, was that I could get to the grocery store and buy food for my family,” she says. “That was my biggest vision for my life.”

And now, the Franklin, Tenn., resident travels from conference to conference, standing on a lighted platform in front of thousands of people. They hear Clairmont speak and feel moved and inspired by her story of how her faith in Jesus Christ led her on a process that freed her from the debilitating fears.

“Life is full of little ‘stuck’ places,” says Clairmont, 67. Her books include “God Uses Cracked Pots,” “The Hat Box” and “Sportin’ a ’Tude.” “We need each other to kind of prod and coach and cheer-lead so that we can take the next step, whatever that might be.”

Clairmont, who will share her recovery story and talk about how God speaks in unexpected places and through unexpected people, is one of several headlining speakers and musicians at Women of Faith’s “Celebrate What Matters” event, which is on a 23-city North American tour and has sold nearly 10,000 tickets for Pittsburgh.

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  1. Hello!

    I’d love to share my testimony at a women’s gathering (or publish an article) which would be relevant to artists, moms, Craftsmen, Christians,,,,,,.
    I was an artist and art teacher, doing great in my profession, education, family…., then got hit with an illness that make my arms and legs go numb, and I could not teach, do artwork or even care for myself as I had so independently before. I found out I wasn’t the center of the Universe! My health and medications made it so I could not work or even run a household. I developed CIDP (Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) and my nerves were being eaten away from the outer linbs moving inward! ….that triggered Migraines and Fibromialgia. My identity had been all about my job title, education & paycheck!
    *************Boy Did God get my attention!

    As healing has come, the artistic talent has come back slowly and BETTER than before! Now I VALUE that gift!
    Recently I’ve had the opportunities to do artwork for publishers of Christian books & magazines! It’s a new avenue I never saw or thought of before! I believe God wants me to give Him glory though my artwork and enrich his children who are “visual” learners! (like me)

    I’m up for the challenge!

    So, people in the press room, this is an abbreviated version of this story. My heart was lead to contact you about this. I’ve also shared this story with my Christian radio station and my desire to speak to a group (or write an article) about gifts, priorities, illness, healing and coming out BETTER than before, after being refined in the fire!

    Let me know your thoughts,
    Tell me how I can encourage more people!
    Diane Ready
    Callaway, NE