Chonda Pierce

Celebrate What Matters with Chonda Pierce


October 4, 2012

Chonda PierceA long-time favorite with Women of Faith audiences, Chonda Pierce lifts our spirits with her unpretentious Southern charm and laser sharp wit. It’s been years since Chonda was on the Women of Faith platform and we still have women asking “when will Chonda be back?” Now we have an answer to that question and it is . . . in just two weeks! Just announced:  Chonda will join the Women of Faith team for Celebrate What Matters in Charlotte, NC, October 19-20. Chonda mixes music and comedy into a frothy blend that always leaves audiences laughing. Growing up in a Southern church provided her with a lot of material but her first experience with comedy came in college. “I auditioned at Opryland USA and was cast in a music and dance show called Country Music USA,” Chonda says. “Trouble is, I was a terrible dancer! Southern preacher’s kids can’t dance. They tried to teach me but I had two left feet. My boss told me I had better come up with another talent. ” So she did. “In order to keep my job, I memorized three pages of jokes from Grinders Switch, TN and I impersonated Minnie Pearl for six years. I fell in love with this craft. I still love singing and I still try dancing—but comedy is my first love.” These days you can often hear Chonda’s comedy on XM and Sirius satellite radio, but making people laugh is not her only gift. Several years ago, Chonda helped found a facility to help those suffering from depression and other recovery issues. “The vision for Branches came from what I learned in rehab. I wanted to help facilitate the same kind of journey that I took toward wholeness.” We’re thankful Chonda took that journey and delighted to have her back with Women of Faith. Register now to see Chonda in Charlotte or find an event in your city here.

 What’s your favorite Chonda story?

Is it the one about her mother and the mini-bar? The time her Nativity scene blew away and she had to knock on her neighbors’ doors and ask “Have you seen Jesus?” Share your Chonda memories with us. Watch this video on “My Mother and the Mini Bar”
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