Celebrating Marilyn Meberg

Celebrating Marilyn

Our dear friend (and original Women of Faith speaker) Marilyn Meberg recently told us the Lord “made it very clear” to her that the time has come for her to “pass the baton” at Women of Faith. We chatted with Marilyn this week about her long history with us and what’s next for her.  See what she has to say in this video:

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And watch through the end for bonus footage on what she has to say about this.

And watch through the end for bonus footage on what she has to say about this.

How has Marilyn blessed you over the years? Do you have a favorite Marilyn story? What have you learned from this long-time Porch Pal? Leave a comment for Marilyn below and we’ll collect them all in a great big book of farewell wishes to give her as she heads off to new adventures.


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  1. 2 years ago
    Wendy Lerke says

    Dear Marilyn;
    It saddens me to know I will not see you at Women of Faith again. It saddened me to hear about Luci, although I could see it was difficult for her last time she appeared.
    You have no idea how much I have enjoyed your wisdom. I disagree with you that it’s time to pass the batton. I’m 68 years old and have been going to W of F for 11 years. I was practically dragged there the first time. I was so glad I finally went.
    We really need the wisdom of older women as you have matured in Christ and through your life experiences you minister to us. I especially liked the different personalities, styles and backgrounds.
    The first three years I went, I took my daughter-in-law. Her church (a mainstream denomination) disapproved of counseling with any psychologist or psychiatrist. They felt your profession (even Christian counselors) mixed worldly view with biblical view. She and my son had serious problems and would only go to their pastor. Unfortunately, he was young with children younger than theirs. I tried to explain the value of trained counselors, but without success. That’s why it was such a blessing that she could know your background and hear that your view was completely biblical. I know there are strong opinions regarding medication as well and my kids were also against that for my ADHD grandson, so it was wonderful for my daughter-in-law to hear from Shiela.
    The other speakers had one experience to contribute, but you, Patsy, Luci and Sheila had a lifetime of maturity and wisdom and many experiences to share. I felt as though through your team speaking that you were truly close friends and there was a very special feeling about the way you interacted with each other.
    I have enjoyed your style of writing as well.
    I know that to commit to the schedule you all shared with traveling so many weekends each year that it much have been tiring, but you have taught us countless lessons.
    Women of Faith will not be the same and I truly will miss hearing from you as part of the team.
    I know God has used you mightily in our lives and I ask his blessing on you and Luci.
    Love Wendy


    It will not be the same for me.

  2. 2 years ago
    Debbie says

    I missed You and the others at Sacramento CA this year it was so different. No Marilyn, Patsy, Mary or Mary prayer and no Porch, what happened? I kept asking if someone new took over running the WOF. And what happened to the Heart Emble, not the same. I’ve been coming to Women of Faith since about 1996. When I first saw You and all the Ladies walking up through the crowd to the porch. I was amazed by the Flow and the Grace. There was such Love and Fun on the porch. I do believe now, the Porch had to retire with You. You were All such a Team. I loved how You and Luci bounced off each other all the time. My favorite story was also the ajax sticker in “different places”. You have made us laugh and you have made us cry with you. Thank You for Your wisdom. You were like the Teacher of the Porch Pals. It makes us all fell smarter, because we understand You. You never talked over us. I will pay it foward, what You have taught Me.
    May God Bless You on You way,
    Love Debi

  3. 2 years ago
    Janet says

    I will always remember Marilyn’s smile. She is a great storyteller and knows just when to pause for effect and to drive home a point–often with that memorable smile. (Actually, all the Women of Faith ladies are great storytellers and know how to keep you spellbound.) Thank you for your solid walk with the Lord and for your wisdom. I will miss you, and I have gotten much from you. God bless you!

  4. As an adoptive mother, my heart is still enlightened by Marilyn speaking so candidly about adopting her daughter and meeting her birth parents. I will be meeting my daughter’s birth mother next year. Thank you for sharing this heartbreaking AND heartwarming chapter of your life.

  5. 2 years ago
    julia says

    Dearest Marilyn, Just 2 short years ago I thought my world was about to stop with the death of my mother and just a few 6 months later the death of my father. With my family shoving and pushing me I attended my 1st WOF conference. My oldest sister and I got front row seats and we were in the middle of that 1st row. How in the world we ended up with those seats I’ll never know but I believe we are all put in those positions for a reason. My sister and I had not seen eye to eye on our parents deaths but at this 1st conference we sat hand and hand, crying, together not for the lost of our parents but that many of our mother’s traits were seen and heard in yours and Luci’s stories. I could feel my mother close by, encouraging us to listen to the stories with open hearts and maybe just maybe we could heal a little. We could see our mother’s eyes, her hands looked just like yours and your heart was full of love just like our dear mother’s. You see we were raised Mormons and I never thought that would attend a conference like this. Needless to say we have attended 2012 WOF conference, reserved our 2013 tickets and I hope for many years to continue attending. I pray for a sweet life for you Marilyn and that you enjoy many things with your family. I miss my mother but you and Luci helped us in so many ways just when we needed it the most. You probably don’t know the full extend of how you have help people…but you have. God Bless and I know that someday, someday I will reunite with my parents.

    • 2 years ago
      Joanna Burke says

      I was dreading this day,but know it would come. I am only a year younger than you, so I understand. My 2 friends and I have been to every Women if Faith conference that has come to Spokane . It is the highlight of the year for us.We are blessed so much by you and your porch pals. I will really miss you. I buy the vidios, so still get to enjoy you on them. I hope some how to get to hear how you are doing. Thank you so much for taking the time to travel so far to inspire me in gods word as you have. I will really miss you. God Bless you. Love Joanna

  6. 2 years ago
    Joyce says

    Thank you so much for sharing your Godly wisdom at WOF. My favorite story is about the Comet sticker you and your husband relayed back and forth. So funny! Is that story available in one of your books or on a CD/DVD? I would love to have it for future laughs!

    May God continue to bless you in all that you do!

  7. 2 years ago
    Peggy Dudley says

    Hi Marilyn, My daughters and I have attended every WofF event in this area since the late l990′s. We have had such a great time (it’s our girl’s weekend out). And the joy that you and your porch pals have brought is something I will never forget. Your story about the bobbin just about had me falling off my chair. It is so much fun to see the enjoyment that you get from giving your messages and to hear the laughter throughout the hall at the hilarious things that you and your friends share with us. But most importantly is the message that God loves all of us, and he will always be there for us. Jesus died for us and will never forsake us. We need to trust God, as He is in control and has a perfect plan for each and every one of us. Thank you for your years at Wof F, God bless your ministry. We will never forget you.

  8. 2 years ago
    Kathleen says

    Dear Marilyn,
    I’m saddened by your decision to leave WoF. At the same time, I do understand, having been through a decision to leave my previous employment the work of which I did enjoy – a good friend told me, “when it’s time to leave, you’ll know”, and, like you, when it was time, I knew.
    Yours will be a VERY difficult baton to handle well. I hope there is some one with training similar to yours, even if she doesn’t have as much experience. You possess great sensitivity and present a powerful witness. You will be missed.
    May God’s blessings surround you, hold you in His love, and guide you to your next adventure!

  9. 2 years ago
    Tricia Dudley says


    I’ve gone to over ten WOF conferences and I feel so much joy listening to your messages! Your wit and wisdom is always so refreshing and puts a warm spot in my heart. Thank you so much for your years of dedication and loyalty to reach out to so many women. I wish you God’s best and blessings as you soar into your next adventure!

    With God’s amazing love,
    Tricia Dudley

  10. 2 years ago
    Kimberly Jurkowski says

    Dear Marilyn,
    Just saw you in Hartford for the last time at WOF. Loved your message and hot pink jacket! I can only hope to look as wonderful at your age. Though I am fairly new to WOF (3 yrs.) I have been so blessed by your story and feel such a connection to you and the other ladies. You will be missed, but your books will go on to bless us for years to come. Thank you for allowing Christ to use your life in such a profound way. May He richly bless you in the next chapter of your life.

  11. 2 years ago
    Jeanene Seyfried says

    Thank you Marilyn for all the good memories and great inspiring stories you have shared with us. As an older person I will miss having someone I can relate to. Seems all my old favorites are leaving and I don’t relate to some of the younger ones as well but I guess that’s life. I will miss you.
    My love and best wishes to you,
    Jeanene, Eaton. CO

  12. Marilyn is REAL. She made me laugh and cry. I learned a lot from her witty stories, did Bible studies in our home with her books, and drove 9 hours to hear her speak for several years in a row. God bless you Marilyn!
    I have attached a poem of encouragement that I wrote for the porch pals several years ago.


    When the connections don’t connect
    And your flight has been delayed
    And your luggage is in Texas
    When it should be in LA
    And your clothes for the week-end
    Are the ones that you have on -
    Please team, hang on!

    Your non smoking room smells smoky
    And the bed is not so soft
    And the service is quite pokey
    And your make-up bag is lost
    When you’re lonesome for your loved ones
    And the days are just too long -
    Please team, hang on!

    When the food is less than stellar
    And your stomach might rebel
    When high heels are real killers
    And your feet begin to swell
    When your bladder is distended
    Because you had to sit so long -
    Please team, hang on!

    When their stories are hard to bear
    And your heart begins to break
    And you are desperate to share
    What a difference Christ can make
    When your load is overwhelming
    And you feel you can’t go on -
    Please team, hang on!

    Rest assured in your purpose
    To lift up women far and wide
    A beam of light in the darkness
    Knowing He is on your side
    Cling to His loving promises
    Knowing He can keep you strong -
    So please team, hang on!

    By Cyndi den Otter

  13. 2 years ago
    Barbara Erdmanis says

    It has been such a pleasure to listen to you, Marilyn, over the years of attending Women of Faith. You have a remarkable ability to draw us in with your humor but also blending your counseling background with your love of the Lord and reaching the women sitting in arenas all over the country. I will miss laughing at your stories about life with your husband and other stories you’ve shared with us and also your beautiful white hair. My mother had a beautiful head of hair very similar to yours and whenever I have watched and listened to you up on the stage, it reminded me of my mom. Thank you for that. My daughter, a doctoral student in clinical psychology, attended WOF in Philadelphia for the first time this year. She was so impressed by your presentation, bought your new book, and is using it in her work. She remarked about your ability to combine the psychology aspect with being a “woman of faith” and how she hoped to be able to do the same thing as she continues her career. Marilyn, may God bless you abundantly in all you choose to do in the future. Please come back to Philadelphia for a speaking engagement some time. You will be sorely missed on the WOF team! Blessings!
    Barbara Erdmanis

  14. 2 years ago
    Amy says

    Oh Marilyn, how I’ve grown to love you over the years of attending WOF. I love your words of wisdom and how you extended the invitation for women to have a real relationship with Jesus. I’ve bought and read all your books. You’re so wise! You’re also incredibly funny! For some reason, one thing I think of from many years ago is when you were telling of your battle with breast cancer and I guess you had a masectomy. (I don’t remember the whole story). But you told of someone bumping into you; your boob specifically! And you said, “don’t worry; I didn’t feel a thing”! Still cracks me up to this day. I have no idea why! You will be greatly missed!!

  15. 2 years ago
    Melody Dawson says

    I’ve been so bummed that I didn’t get to see the WOF Conference this year in Charlotte. I really wanted to go because my two favorite speakers were there… Marilyn and Patsy. And now I’m even more bummed to hear that I missed my last chance to see Marilyn! :(

    Marilyn, you have been my absolute favorite speaker over all the years I got to attend the conferences (about 10 of them!). I will miss you, your stories of inspiration and your wonderful humor. I know God still has plans for you to continue blessing women around you and I applaud Him for that. You have been a mighty instrument in God’s plans. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you’ve been to those you’ve inspired. You will be missed greatly! Many blessings to you!!

  16. 2 years ago
    Gretchen Cleaves says

    Oh, how I’ll miss your warmth and wisdom. You made us laugh and you made us cry because you helped us to learn more about how God and people play such an important part in our lives. May you have wonderful, fulfilling days ahead and know that you have made such a tremendous difference in lives all over the US for women in particular. God Bless.

  17. 2 years ago
    Linda Groth says

    Dear Marilyn,
    Thanks for sharing the Word, your heart, and your life experiences with us at WOF conferences and elsewhere. You are such a blessing. May the next chapter of your life be full of adventure as you follow God’s leading. You are a woman after my own heart when you made the comment, “Computers belong in hell!” at a WOF event in Dallas a few years ago! You made me realize I wasn’t the only one who felt that way! Hopefully, we’ll discover no computers in heaven!! God’s richest blessing always to you. Aloha.

  18. 2 years ago
    janet calve says

    I first heard Marilyn in Tampa in 2010. I had only been a widow for a year and Marilyn began telling her story. But in telling she started talking about watching Professional Bull riding on TV. She was talking directly to me!! I immediately related. She had me laughing and crying at the same time. Thank you Marilyn for sharing your love and your love for Jesus. You have impacted so many people. May God’s blessings rain on you abundantly. Janet Calve, Tarpon Springs Florida

  19. 2 years ago
    Jeanne Swygart says

    Thank you Marilyn for your wisdom and wit. I have loved your books and your presentations on stage. You will be missed!! I loved when you and Lucy would be bantering. God Bless YOU!

  20. 2 years ago
    Teri Griewahn says

    I have not been able to attend Women of Faith for several years now, and I miss hearing about God’s love and amazing grace from all the speakers. The first year I went was right after Barbara Johnson had been diagnosed with cancer and had surgery. Marilyn made a comment in her talk that day which I still think of often. She spoke of the incredible power in the name of Jesus, and how she could only walk the floor saying His name over and over when Barbara was in surgery, but that was enough. Since then I have had similar times when all I could do was to call on His name, and I, too, found that it was enough. Thank you, Marilyn, for letting God speak to all of us through you.

  21. 2 years ago
    Judy Asman says

    It is a wise person who knows when to step down from a ministry. God brings special people into our lives to enrich us with their presence for a brief while. You have been faithful to His calling and we are so appreciative. I have so enjoyed the years of your wonderful insight at Women of Faith. May He continue to bless you in new ways!

  22. My dear sister Marilyn, every woman of faith have been so blessed all these years with a touch of your spunkiness. You shared the love of Jesus, with all your heart and His wisdom shines through you. There is no amount of thanks we could even begin to give you. You blessed us with your counsel,encouragement, wisdom, comfort, even tears as we laughed but most of you gave us; YOU. The newer ladies will have missed out on the gifts of your concepts you brought forth all these years. You showing us how to be confident in no matter what stage of our walk we were in. To believe that God loved us just where we were at, teaching that He has given us His grace and mercy. I have great memories even several pictures with you and Luci at “All Access” in Dallas and Nashville. Four days before flying out to our conference in Nashville, was told I had stage 3-breast cancer, asked my doctor I did not want to tell my husband just yet because I wanted to go to “All Access”. So what’s another couple of days anyways. Mar.2011, had surgery, chemo and finish my radiation, just in time for October WOF Sacramento Conference. As a Group Leader I needed to continue to give my all for my ladies without complaining and rest inbetween all my emails, texting and calls. As October 2011 approached, I attended the Sacramento WOF, weak as I was nothing was stopping me from going; even with my bald-head. Praise God for wigs!! Marilyn, you made being “seasoned woman of God” great fun. Thank you for all the teachings each year, your faithfulness to the thousands that will be missing you. You shared so many touching and tearful stories like; the Bobcat in the birdbath, the new car, the “little pink lady”, funny one about your cousin being left by her husband; and she was in her jammies, then about the gum when you put it in your mouth, must have been tasty. Wish I could give more for instance, been so many more stories how can you chose a favorite, I can’t. What I am is grateful to God to have allowed me to have just a portion of knowing your wit and having you hug me several times through the years. Sista…This is your time! We have to let you go and explore everything, even doing nothing but staying at home!! Many will agree you have given much, now be “Free”. Just know that thousands of prayers will continue to come your way daily. Be so bless as our Heavenly Father guides you and give you peaceful rest to enjoy wherever He directs you path. We have your books and zillions of memories but your precious smiley face and giggle will be missed!! You are so Loved!
    A little secret: I will be seeing Thelma Wells at a conference in Feb 2013.
    Maybe one day you will join Lisa Harper, Patsy and Sheila who have been our Key Speakers. One day make a visit Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore, CA for our Christmas Event Dinner, Both Lisa and Sheila have been their several times, they keep coming back. We’d love have you come and share your love there.
    Philemon 1: 3-4
    Angelina Johnson- Group Leader
    Pittsburg, California

  23. 2 years ago
    Susan Panos says

    Dear Marilyn,

    I was so blessed to hear you speak at WOF three different times in Sacramento CA. After the first few minutes I was hooked! Your wit and insight were one of the things I enjoyed the most about the conferences. I was so excited to actually meet you one year and get you to sign my book. May God richly bless you during this new chapter of your life. You will be missed by us all!

  24. 2 years ago
    Cathy DeWeese says

    I have been following Women of Faith since 1997 and have thoroughly enjoyed the ministry. I was saddened to hear @ the Pittsburgh conference this year that Luci retired – but then a month later on the Women of Faith website that you were not “retiring” – but “handing over the baton”. I just want to express just how much you have ministered to me through the years. It was Women of Faith in 1998 that had me go home and seek counseling for depression as every speaker that year spoke on depression. I met with a counselor for six months and became new again (with God’s help and prayers). I admire your strength, your wisdom, your encouragement, your love for the Lord, and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. I love you and thank you for your work that has helped make me the person that I am today. God bless you and may he keep you safe.

  25. 2 years ago
    Jacqueline Stearns says

    I am going to miss you. You’ll be gone but not forgotten. May God continue to Bless your life and enjoy. You’ve taught me alot over the last 4 years of my attendance in the WOF conferences. Jacqueline

  26. 2 years ago
    Cheryl says

    Dear dear Marilyn;
    My how I will miss your wonderful humor and how you would try to be serious when you were telling a story, and then you would make your own self laugh! I loved your stories at each and every conference, though I must admit I am particularly fond of your ajax sticker in your husband’s trousers story! I could just see myself doing that! You were and are an inspiration to all of us! I am THRILLED that I have been able to join with you and the rest of your porch girls for these past 8 years! I wish you much happiness and hope that Bobcat Bob will just stroll by once in awhile without stopping to “look” into your birdbath! Ha! ha! Just so you know he is fine. We will be fine without you as you must know you have touched each and every one of us that has heard you speak and we carry a part of you in our hearts! May God continue to bless you. You will be MISSED!

    Hugs Cheryl

  27. 2 years ago
    Mary DeHaas says

    Marilyn, this was my first year at the Women of Faith. I reall enjoyed listening to you and I am sorry you won’t be there next year. God bless you and always keep you in His sight.

  28. 2 years ago
    Laura Padgett says

    Dear Marilyn,
    As a recent retiree (?), I understand the call to go on a different path for God’s glory. And I thank you so much for being a mentor to so many. Although I appreciate all the ladies of Women of Faith, I pray they will always have some women who have lived several decades to ministry to the younger generations. We are all mentors in some form or another but you have shown me how vital it is to share the lessons of my life that reflect God’s goodness and His plan for my good. Partially because of your example, I now write a blog called Livin What You’re Given and have accepted a contract to write about my own personal mentor in a book called, “Dolores Like the River.” Keep writing please. You are an inspiration and an awesome example and mentor. Blessings on your journey.

  29. 2 years ago
    Judy Knott says

    Dearest Marilyn & Luci, I have been so saddened by you leaving WOF. But I do understand so well when we need to slow down. Being in our 60′s & 70′s the body needs that. God has used you ladies to bless so many of us. All the laughter, tears, comfort, encouragement & wisdom you have given us, we will always have you in our hearts. I’ve been coming to WOF since 2004-5. The first time being, the ladies of our church in Kaufman, Tx. went to the Oklahoma Conference. Thereafter we’ve gone to Dallas,Tx. every year. It definetly isn’t the same with you not there. I’m so thankful to have known you all, to be able to learn from you, etc. Marilyn, I love your quirky little tilt of your head & that mischievous smile! I laugh so hard at you.The wisdom from each of you has meant so much. Each of you have a special place in my heart & memory. I am 66 years old & plan to go to all the WOF conferences as long as I’m able. I look forward to that all year long. I know God isn’t through with you special ladies yet, He still has plans for you. You’re too wise & good at what you do for Him to stop now! He can still use you for Kingdom purposes. I missed Mary this year too. I love & respect you special ladies so much. May God continue blessing you with good health & minds. When I grow up I want to be like you! LOL!!

  30. 2 years ago
    Lynette says

    Hi Marilyn,
    I just attended WOF – Sacramento. It was my first with those who have received the “baton.” It was superb, a fresh new look and very well received. I turned 65 at the conference and can relate to “passing the baton.” You have contributed significantly in so many ways with WOF. I first met you in the mid-90′s when I was chairman of a women’s conference held in Solvang. You were our speaker and from our first conversation, you put me at such ease and gave me so much confidence about the conference. It turned out great and we went on to have many more. It was at that conference that you introduced us to WOF and I have attended many since that first one. I have admired you and integrated your ideas and concepts into my life and work many times. God gifted you and you have been faithful with your gifts. God bless you in your upcoming endeavors. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

  31. 2 years ago
    Jan says

    Marilyn: For the last 15 years you have filled so many empty spots in my life–mother, sister, girlfriend. At the end of each Women of Faith conference, the question would be, “Which speaker was talking directly to you?” You were usually my “one”! It will never be the same for me without you. Thanks for all you’ve given. God has truly used you in a mighty way. Love ya, Marilyn Meberg!

  32. 2 years ago
    Carol Lombardo says

    Marilyn, I am so sorry to see you leave. I have attended WOF for the past 10 or 11 years. I just can’t wait for it to come and when it is over I start the count down til the next year. You have given me such an incredible sense of God’s love in my life I just feel so blessed. I wish you the best in your endeavors whatever they may be. I will be watching for new books or special shows you may do. God Bless You!!

  33. 2 years ago
    Jean Bechtle says

    When you were in Denver, CO, for a WOF event I realized that I had on the same black slacks, black top and red jacket that you were wearing. At least the outfit looked very much like what you had on. During a break when all 13,000 women were out in the foyer and it was shoulder to shoulder ladies, I was stopped by several women who thought I was you—we have the same white hair, as well. It was fun to see their reactions when they realized I was NOT you. However, I felt like I should say something “inspirational” to make them feel better. I merely said, “thank you for thinking I was Marilyn.” That wasn’t too inspirational but I did feel privileged to at least have a minute of “glory” as you have blessed so many ladies with your wit and down-to-earth stories. You have blessed me!!

  34. 2 years ago
    Sue, RN says

    Dear Marilyn- I, also, dreaded this announcement. I really missed you, & Patsy, especially, at the Sacramento Conf., I attended over the wknd. I was really hoping you would be part of the West Coast team next yr., but wondered if you would be the next one to retire from WOF. Brings sadness to my heart, and tears to my eyes. My friend, and I, that attended the Sacramento Conf., really enjoyed it, but it will never be the same w/o you, and all the “original” speakers. You have ministered to us in ways that you will never know until we get to heaven. Thank you for bringing us from tears to hysterical laughter, over the yrs. I’ve been attending for 15 yrs., starting with my 1st one in Pa., in ’97. We will miss you terribly, but pray God blesses you with many, happy, healthy, blessed yrs. to come. Thanks you for being a blessing to us!

  35. 2 years ago
    Susan Wallsch says

    Dear Marilyn,
    Thank you so much for being part of Women Of Faith team. I have always appreciated your sense of truth,”laughter” and great passion for others and how they can have so much more in Christ. I got to meet all of you ladys at “Irrepressible Hope” event in Excel Center,MN. I try to attend ever so often to be refreshed, encouraged with new homework (food for my life).Thank you for sharing your life with each of us.Continue on in whatever you do….for this needed and so appreciated. Thanks for sharing,loving and giving….for you truely blessed my life…… as well the many women through the generations you spoke to attending WOF events…to have “Hope” and so much more to have in life…. Lord bless you. Susan – Sun Prairie,WI

  36. 2 years ago
    Cheryl Nelson says

    Dear Marilyn,

    I have been attending Women of Faith since 1997 and I don’t think I have missed a one. I go with ladies from my church and became a group leader last year bringing 14 women and this year I brought 21. I am going for at least 25, next year. You have been an inspiration with your solid talks about faith and your humor. You will be truly missed. I hope you have a wonderful future, enjoying your roses and time for yourself. I know the Lord will tell you one day, “Job well done, Marilyn,” as you brought faith to so many people.
    With love,

  37. I will miss your wisdom the most Marilyn. I remeber once time a few years back that i went to a Woman of Faith conference in Aneheim and I was very ill. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me but I was having svere stomache problems and could not eat at all. I was very weak but I was determined to go to the conference so a group of girlfriends took me. I remeber sitting there and listening to you telling me not to sit back and just accept my condition. You said that I needed to take charge of my situation and to keep fighting until I got the answer to my problem. You said that if one doctor couldn’t find out what was wrong then I was to find another and another until I found one that could help me. When I went home I took your advice and wouldn’t take “I don’t know,” for an answer. I took me a month but I finally found a doctor who discovered that my Gall Bladder had impacted. I had emergency surgery and healed. That doctor said that I probably had only about a week to live. I am so grateful for your advice.

  38. 2 years ago
    Kathy Swearengin says

    My favorite story was when Marilyn and Luci were driving the helihopper. I never laughed so hard. To such a group that are such good friends. Marilyn you will be missed. God bless and be with you in all your endeavors.

  39. 2 years ago
    Penny Love-Henslee says

    Thank you Marilyn for the many years of encouragement. It will be so sad to be missing both you and Luci. I also missed Patsy since she was on the other team with you in 2012. After the last event in Anaheim and attending this event for more that ten years, we decided that Women of Faith was now for the younger set of women. As you said it is time to move on. I have all the tapes and DVDs of past events and will begin reviewing and renewing myself from all the wonderful presentations you have done over the years. You have made us laugh, made us cry, and have brought us closer to Jesus. Thank you for all the years of devotion, prayers, and sharing. You will be missed by so many of the people whose life you have touched.

  40. 2 years ago
    Melody Casserly says

    Dear Marilyn,

    I am so sad to see you go from Women of Faith but am praying for the wonderful next journey God has planned for your life. I sat 3 rows behind you at my first Women of Faith even at the Pittsburgh 2012 event & it took all I had not to come up & hug you tight & tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I told my best friend about this feeling she seemed to plead with her eyes, “Melody, please don’t be embarassing!” Haha So, I restrained myself…but it was HARD! I think you’re an amazingly beautiful woman of God & I am so blessed to have discovered you this year. I am 26 years old, a stay at home mom of 4yrs with four children aged 4, 3, almost 2 & a 2 month old…my husband & I have been married for 4yrs as well & he’s an amazing man who works so hard for all of us. But I wanted more…I felt like there should be more to my “in-a-rut” type life. I considered leaving him & attempting to venture on a new life…my plan had depths & I was ready. Then, after the event I purchased & read Constantly Craving…thank you so much! It changed everything when I realized the reason behind these cravings for more & once I understood I could realize these feelings, put them in place & turn them around. I love my life & appreciate it more than I ever thought I could. Thank you so, so much for the impact you’ve had in my life in such a short time. I used to live in DFW Tx all my life but then moved up to Pennsylvania 18mths ago & now I’ve discovered WoF & that you live in Frisco! Well, not that you don’t already have amazing friends, but if you’re ever in the Pittsburgh, PA area & feel like meeting an appreciative stranger & her family, haha, please look me up! I owe you so much & I hope God has shown you in a way that touches & fills your heart that you’ve made a huge difference out there & are truly a blessing of the Lord to this earth. I love all that you are Marilyn, & I pray for your peace & happiness/”contentment”. :) God bless you angel on earth <3

  41. 2 years ago
    Linda says

    October 29, 2012

    Ohhhhhhhh Marilyn,
    I read the words of your retirement with mixed emotions! Sadness…… then overwhelming joy and happiness. Your words caused me to think through the many years that I’ve been blessed with your teachings. I attended my first Women Of Faith celebration in 1996! Since then, I’ve only missed a couple of functions(having babies!). I’ve heard a lot of your life lessons. EVERY ONE of them hit that spot in my life that needed to be touched.
    For the last several years I have attend the Washington DC event as it is only three hours from my home. I have had the greatest joy, for three years now, to bring all three of my daughters and, this year, my brand new daughter in law with me. I am so happy that they get to be blessed as I have been.
    The words, that Jesus has obviously given you to share, have touched a span of ages that only Jesus can see. Those lessons have renewed themselves ten fold.
    As you enter those retirement years and do the things He tells you to do, please know that you are loved, missed, and prayed for by soooooo many. Go girl, enjoy those retirement times with family, friends, new friends and what ever God has in store for you.
    Thank you Marilyn,

  42. 2 years ago
    Dee Dee Boyce says

    Dear Marilyn,

    I am going to miss you very much. I have enjoyed your wisdom, wit and wonderful stories! I have most of your books and thoroughly enjoy them. They are permanent books in my library. I will be reading them and sharing them over and over. I hope you will continue to write for us! Your words have meant so much to me. With prayer and God, they have helped me through trying times when I thought I couldn’t keep going. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. What a great example you are for God and for women. Please keep writing! Much love from you sister, Dee Dee.

  43. I have attended countless Women of Faith conferences and was fortunate to hear Barbara, Luci, Sheila and Patsy speak. You certainly don’t need me to tell you how wonderful they were and are but I have to tell you that you are my favorite. There is something in your voice that calms me even in my most confused times. Thank you so much for all that you have done as I know that there are many women out there that feel the same as I do. You made me laugh until I cried and you made me feel like you were a friend placing your arms around me and telling me with God it will not just be o.k., it will be fabulous.

  44. 2 years ago
    Deb Bjornson says

    Faith a funny thing… that happened to me in this wonderful journey called life. I never understood how God could love me and allow such horrid abuse to happen to me as a child. It took years and a lot of wild living that brought me to my knees… as my faith in God grew I learned when he asked me to step out in faith… I could do it with both eyes open not closed tightly… lol I enjoyed you over the years, your stories touched my heart and helped me open both eyes to enjoy the life that God always intended for me to have. Thank you and God bless you for the millions of lives you have touched in a profound way for God. :)

  45. 2 years ago
    Angie says

    Marilyn may God bless as you start a new chapter in life… take care and enjoy!!!

  46. I will miss you greatly !!!! YOU are such a blessing to hear and to read your books ! Enjoy new adventures !

  47. 2 years ago
    WANDA DAVIS says

    Marilyn, I have really enjoyed seeing you at the WOF weekends in Charlotte, NC. I will really miss
    you, but I wish you the very best.

  48. 2 years ago
    Becky Balzen says

    Dear Marilyn,
    I have a heavy heart knowing you won’t be speaking at the conferences. You and Patsy spoke at the very first “early” conference I attended about 10 years ago and both of you stole my heart – you for your intelligence, poise, wit, faith and “realness” – I remember thinking – Wow I wish I was just like you!!! and Patsy, of course, for her large spirit in her tiny body – I am 4’11″ and have always been compared to her but have always admired you so much. I haven’t missed an annual conference since – either in SA or Houston and have so missed you the last year that they started switching off and you weren’t at our conference. I totally understand, but just want you to know that as you said in your video that it was time for the young ones – I am older and although I am open to new women, I will always treasure the “Porch Pals” I started with and you were the very first and will always be #1 in my books – speaking of – love your books and will continue to treasure them to continue to inspire and lead me down the right path! thank you so much for your truly faithful inspriration to all of us!!! God Bless You everyday and may your retirement be full of ” I don’t even know what day of the week it is” – love and blessings and greatfullness to you!!! Becky

  49. 2 years ago
    Linda Letsom says

    Dear Marilyn – I’ve been attending WOF since the very beginning in Pasadena. I’ve been a group leader since then and have even served as a “hostess” to you and many of the other speakers. I’m so thankful for the friendship you extended to me a few years ago. Sure wish for a pair of chairs we could pull up together for a nice long chat.

    I am so in touch with the position of “passing the baton,” as I too am in the same mode of transition with the Women’s Study group I have led for more than 20 years. It’s time to let go and see what it is that God has in mind for me just around the corner. Blessings and Love.

  50. 2 years ago
    Bonnie Eastman says

    I would like to thank you Marilyn for the way you put life to the words of Jesus and helped me to understand and put to practice in life, things that he tells us and comforts us. My two daughters and I have been going since the beginning. It’s always a mother daughter weekend for us in Sacramento. You are one of the main reasons we kept coming. We will miss your wonderful smile and inspiring words. We would like to hear you again in the future if you do any speaking engagements in N. California. God bless you and enjoy your new endeavors.

  51. 2 years ago
    Lori Wenger says

    Thank you, Marilyn, for your many years of faithful service in encouraging & teaching women! A group of us from McFarland, CA (near Bakersfield) have been traveling to Anaheim since 1999, and we have been blessed by your messages, which remain true to God’s Word. You seem to be gifted to share God’s wisdom through deep heart issues and trials that God has entrusted you to mold and shape your life,and in sharing these, the lives of others. Thank you again! I will miss you! (Keep writing, please!) Enjoy your family!

  52. 2 years ago
    paula says

    Marilyn-thank-you for sharing the love of Christ with us over these many years. I have many wonderful memories of different Women of Faith conferences and you are a large part of that. I remember the “original six” of you and you all have a special place in my heart. You have help me and so many others to grow in our faith. Whatever God has planned for you next, I trust it will be something special, like you. Let us know what and how you are doing. Thank-you.

  53. 2 years ago
    Pamela Jaqua says

    I have been going to WOF since 1997 and only missed once in 2005. I have always looked forward to hearing of your travels and little incidents you and Lucy were a part of. I will remember you as the “silver haired Fox”…Your wisdom, and love of the Lord really shines through, and you really embody that “laughter is the best medicine”. one of my favorite memories, is the time you stood up to speak, and just started laughing, and laughing and laughing, until everyone was laughing.
    I will miss seeing and hearing you in the future WOF’s, but do know that your time (like Thelma and some of the others) is meant to move on to bigger, better and greater things. May God Bless you in what ever you will do.

  54. 2 years ago
    Jill Jackson Avila says

    I attended women of faith for over 10 years and loved this weekend. I loved to hear the stories of Maralyn’s and Lucy’s adventures–of the stories about going to different countries with World Vision. My favorite story is the one where her and her husband invited friends over and they made mint punch. Also about the ladies who were visiting their dying friend and gave her milk with brandy in it. Thankyou so much for the years of laughter and tears and your beautiful tender heart. My husband and I moved to Mexico where we are missionaries so I can’t go to WOF anymore. Please come and see us. You are always welcome. Dios te bendiga as the Lord leads you on a new adventure.

  55. 2 years ago
    Tambra Herbert says

    Thank you Marilyn for all the years of inspiration. I will never forget when you spoke on faith. You talked about your friend and your husband facing serious health issues. You said that the same communities of friends were praying for both people. But the result was different. The friend was healed, but your husband was not and went to be with Jesus. You showed me it was not a lack of faith, but God’s sovereign will. That helped me so much. My husband had passed away not long before this message and it helped me so much. I was angry and hurt. I had faith, I believed, why didn’t my husband get healed. The prayer and belief is our part, but ultimately the result is in God’s hands. Thank you so much for helping me in the healing. God is still God.

  56. 2 years ago
    Jean Crawford says

    Hi Marilyn,
    I was at the very first Women of Faith conference in Pasadena, California and was hooked!! I loved you from that moment on and also met and experienced your teachings at Southwest Community Church in Palm Desert. I have bought and and read every book of yours and just ordered the last three you have written that I haven’t read. I hope I will be able to see and hear and experience your writings in the future. You have done for heart and head than I ever expected in this life. Because of you, I have learned laughter, love of all people and absolutely love that God of ours. God Bless You Marilyn, and please remain in the limelight in one way or another. I truly love you and wish you the best!! Stay healthy. Blessings and love, Jean Crawford

  57. My heart is broken, Marilyn, to hear that you are leaving WOF. I so love and and enjoy you as a speaker and author. In 2007, I was attending WOF in Anaheim and was waiting for a doctor’s prognosis for my beloved father. At that time, at WOF, you were sharing about your husband’s cancer and eventual passing and your infant child’s passing. It so ministered to me and provided the faith and courage that I needed especially when I learned that my dad had 4th stage cancer. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord allowed me to hear your message that day to speak to my anxious and weary heart. Thank you so much, Marilyn. You will be sorely missed! I will continue to pray for you and pray that I will grow old gracefully as you are. God bless and much love to you. You are a kindred spirit.

  58. 2 years ago
    Deb Mahoney says

    Marilyn, I have truly been delighted with the many stories you and Lucy shared of adventures you encountered together. I always looked forward to the many Women of Faith conferences I have attended where the two of you, Patsy, Thelma, Sheila, & Nicole were together. You will all be my favorite porch buddies. You have lifted my spirit with your many stories, your humor and your great messages of faith. You and the others have helped heal my spirit when I most needed it. Every year I attend, it always comes at a time when I need to share time with my sisters in Christ. I will remember you always and will pray for you and whatever the Lord has set forth for you in your coming days. God Bless You.

  59. 2 years ago
    Peggy says

    Marilyn, you are a delight God has shared with us.

  60. 2 years ago
    Libby Coker says

    Gonna miss you so much and your wonderful stories, my fav is about hubby and the sticker, I have shared it countless times with thoes who ask me , what is WOF about ? so Marilyn thank for the up lifting and funny stories you gave me to share and I will be looking out for you as well, and may God Bless you in what ever He puts in your hands to do. Libby coker

  61. 2 years ago
    Kathy H. says

    I met Marilyn when she was in Lansing, Michigan. I had gone down to Women of Faith with a group of women from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Gladwin, Michigan. We adored the women, their funny and sad stories touched our hearts. We came away feeling like we knew each woman intimately.
    We loved Marilyn’s sense of humor and will miss her greatly. Here’s hoping we can read some of her stories in print and keep in touch that way.
    God Bless You Marilyn

  62. 2 years ago
    Julie Gehrig says

    Oh, dear Marilyn, how we will miss you!! You will always be one of my favorite memories of Women of Faith.

  63. Dear Marilyn,

    I have so enjoyed knowing you through Women of Faith and wish you well in the future.

    I would like to tell you about my Mother. At a WOF in Shreveport, LA, years ago, we were late leaving the conference because someone had taken her wheelchair by mistake. As we were leaving you came up to us and ask her how she had enjoyed the program. You knelt down in front of her and talked to her for a few minutes. I think she was about 90 at the time and afterwards she kept saying that the lady on the stage had come down and talked to her. She was so excited by your gesture of kindness. You are truly a loving and caring person and I will be forever grateful to you for all you have done for us WOF in the audience.

    Thank you and God bless.

  64. I have ALWAYS looked forward to hearing Marilyn speak at Women of Faith. I appreciate her intelligence and humor. I think she added mucho value to the conference as I know she has a counseling degree too. I shall miss her very much!

    Marilyn, I just heard your taped farewell talk and I want you to know that even though you feel you should turn the baton over to someone “younger,” I disagree with you. Your age never mattered to me at all. I’m in my 50s anyway and you had and have alot of wisdom to share with others.

    Have fun in your retirement with Lucy (I know you 2 are very good friends).

  65. 2 years ago
    Nancy says

    Dearest Marilyn,

    You are one of the reasons I attend Women of Faith year after year. Why would you feel that we want to hear from the ‘younger’ speakers instead of those who are ‘older’? You, Patsy, and Luci were the best part. The conference has been changing, and I have to say, I really miss the original group. One year you spoke about craving to be alongside your husband again. Oh how I can relate… it will soon be 7 years, and oh how I miss him. Really wish you would reconsider. We need you and your stories and your wisdom. May the Lord bless you and keep you…always….


  66. 2 years ago
    Dee says

    I appreciate all the teachings from Marilyn. The stories, laughter, and delving in the Word were
    inspired by Him. May this season of your life be the greatest yet and be blessed in everything
    you put your hand to.

  67. 2 years ago
    Carol Tyykila says

    Dear Marilyn–Several years back a group of ladies from our church were attending another of the WOF conferences. Having heard you speak before I was very brave and approached you to tell you of one of our group ladies who was facing surgery like you had and she was quite nervous. When I told you the details you took time from your very busy conference schedule to make a special trip into the audience and visit with her. She was so surprised and so very thankful that you were willing to visit with her, reassure her, and pray with her that she was speechless. She couldn’t get over how much less nervous and concerned she was about the upcoming procedure. Thank you for the special lady you are and for sharing your life with us ladies who so love you and the WOF conferences. We will miss you terribly, but thankfully we have books of yours to read and memories. May your future continue to be a blessing to so many others. You are SPECIAL!!

  68. 2 years ago
    adrienne kellar says


  69. I will so miss Marilyn at Women of Faith! I have been attending about 5 years now and YOU have become one of my favorite speakers! I love the way you bring in humor and touch my heart with your words, all at the same time. I have also enjoyed your books and I’m thankful that I can use them as resource material. You will be missed and I know God will use you in your next adventure! Thank you for your many blessings.

  70. 2 years ago
    Cherith Sivyer says

    Marilyn Meberg has caused me to laugh and rejoice in God’s faithfulness and provision. Her audio-story of driving on the sidewalk at the university where she taught was hilarious. Also her story about avoiding the ski slopes when she went on a trip with her husband and friends was priceless. Her humor always leads back to the fact that we must live with God at the helm of our lives. May
    God richly bless Marilyn as she begins a new chapter in her life’s story.

  71. 2 years ago
    Donna says

    The funniest story I remember is Marilyn going in to have her oil changed, dressed “grungy” and looking at new cars as she waited. She was not seen as a viable customer. My favorite memory is her visit to our group leaders meeting in Des Moines IA. She spoke to us, met each of us personally and shook everyones hands. I am going to miss seeing you at WOF. My goodness no Luci and now no Marilyn. God bless you as you have blessed so many of us women.

  72. 2 years ago
    Michele Nolte says

    Hi Marilyn Meberg,
    I wish Gods Blessings on your new adventure. You will be missed. I hope that they will put together a whole DVD on all your speakings of Women of Faith because I would Love to buy it. You have touched my Heart in So many ways with your WORDS and I PRAISE God for you. I have had my share of Laughs and tears that God brought to me through your messages. You are a BLESSING TO ALL.

    • 2 years ago
      Donna says

      Oh I agree a whole DVD of Marilyn would be great! I too would buy it. Are you Listening Thomas Nelson Publishing?

  73. 2 years ago
    Irene Huntzinger says

    I have enjoyed you so much! Your humor, your straight talk, your love of Jesus, your compassion for the hurting, your counseling through your talks. I loved it all and will miss you so much. Have a great time in your new endevour and God Bless!!

  74. 2 years ago
    Carol Hoffman says

    Thank Marilyn for blessing me over many years with your wisdom, humor and honesty. I can’t tell you how many times your words have gone through my mind as I have faced hard struggles in my life. I will always remember you signed a bundle of books for me as I bought the blue light special and purchased the whole bundle. God’s richest blessings on you in the days ahead ! Love !

  75. 2 years ago
    Chris Rettig says

    You will never know how many lives you have touched and changed with your spirit, your knowledge and your love of God and us!!!
    I met you many years ago at my first Women of Faith Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. I had just lost my 17 year old daughter to a drunk driver. I was looking for help, rescue, and a way to go on for the rest of my family. You provided me with that!!! Your loviing touch, your soft words and your encouragement, to let God help and guide me!!! I will never be able to thank you enought for that!!!
    I turn my gifts and my troubles to God, and as you promised me, he helps me, guides me and lifts me up like no other!!! I have gone on, and he has helped me through many hurdles, and it just keeps coming!! His love is forever!!!
    I wish you joy and happiness in whatever you do and will never forget your wonderful help!!! I keep reading, singing, laughing and trusting in him!!! We are a team!!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! You are wonderful!!!

  76. 2 years ago
    sha lawry says

    Dear Marilyn, I have loved your messages through out the years, my heart screams no no please dont leave us! Your wit and love of Our Lord has inspired so many of us and helped us laugh. Life can be hard and we love the way you inspire us to march on through it loving Jesus every step of the way.
    I am hoping you will not leave us entirely but continue to be involved in our lives, we need you!

  77. 2 years ago
    Lori Hoptowit says

    Dear Marilyn, I was so thrilled to meet you & hug you in Texas @ the group leader conference! Such an experience and joy to meet you in person. God blesses us all with many gifts, but you are truely a wonder & I am forever changed…for the better. You will be missed on the porch, but we love you enough to understand, best of luck to you as God leads you in a new adventure.

  78. 2 years ago
    Julie Dudley says

    I am saddened to hear that you will be “passing the baton” at WOF but fully understand your decision and obedience to God’s direction for you. My mom and sister and I have been to almost every WOF since 1998 and I can’t begin to tell you the joy and peace I have experienced at each and every one of them. You had me laughing one minute, and crying the next. One of your funniest stories was the one about the bobbin- (I am sure you know what I am talking about) absolutely hilarious!! Then when you gave the Gospel message you captured everyone’s heart. One of your books “Love me, Never Leave me” was particularly meaningful for me. It reminded me that no matter who lets you down or leaves you, that God never will, no matter what, even though sometimes it may seem that way. But the truth is, He never will. Another thing that I love about WOF is seeing the devotion and friendship that you share with your “porch pals”. You all share a true, genuine, friendship that is so rare, and so inspiring. I could go on and on about how you have inspired my life, but just know I wish you all the best and many years of Blessings and happiness to come. My family and I will be seeing you on the “12 Gifts tour” on November 29 in Omaha. I am so glad to be able to see you one last time! God Bless You.

  79. 2 years ago
    Dawn Hales says

    Precious Marilyn…I remember the WOF when you talked about the loss of your precious Mother, I was raw, as my mother had just passed the week prior…I remember sitting and sobbing through your memories, with my loss so fresh…I had total strangers handing me kleenex and giving me pats on the shoulders. I went to your ‘booth’ and wanted to thank you for your sharing, but couldn’t speak…you looked up at me & I just stood there, but knew that I needed to honor my mother the way that you had honored yours, by sharing my story and grief with others. I work in GriefShare now and am so thankful for your ministry in my life…Gods RICHEST Blessings, Marilyn~you are a precious sister & loved by us all! Blessings, Dawn Hales

  80. Godspeed Marilyn!! You will truly be missed. All you originals who started WOF laid an awesome foundation for the younger ones. Thanks for your love, fun, wit, understanding, encouragement, silliness, and all the words I’m unable to think of right now that describe your wonderful personality. You are such an inspiration, which I know you will continue to be in your next adventures God has in store for you. God Bless you as you journey on!!!

  81. 2 years ago
    Beth says

    Marilyn, I heard you and the girls on the porch in Seattle many years ago, when Women of Faith was just getting started. What impressed me was that you weren’t 30 something women who “had it all together” but you were real women and were able to share your life stories with all their difficulties in a way that was hilarious, yet cut to the core of our pretending. I bought the “tapes” back then and would listen to them on road trips. One day my cool 6th grade son said, “Mom those ladies are talking about serious stuff but they are hilarious! Even guys get it! I can’t drive by furniture on a freeway w/o mentally seeing you and Lucy out there waving to passers-by, see a golf cart w/o laughing about two fun stranded ladies who love life or see a jeep covered in mud w/o remembering your adventures in New Zealand! Keep it up Girl! I’m learning to live my life w/o my husband of 31 years, missing the fun of his companionship, knowing that if God can take you through it, He’ll do the same for me! Praising Him through the storm!

  82. 2 years ago
    Gail says

    God Bless you Marilyn. You will be missed. You have a profound way of speaking the word of God.
    Peace be with you during this transition to your new life with our Lord.


  83. 2 years ago
    Judy says

    Dear Marilyn,
    I have been blessed so much by your ministry in Women of Faith. I will miss you … it won’t see the same but just know that your inspiration and transparency have spoken to the hearts of many and we hope that you will still be available to speak once in a while…as another said, we at this age do need
    people like you to continue to share with us!! Much wisdom is shared after years of experience in this journey called life and so we hope you “keep yourself visible” :):) Thanks again for your ministry, much love in Christ,

  84. 2 years ago
    Marte Simpson says

    Dear Marilyn:
    Isn’t life grand? That at certain points, you can choose to say, “Ok, enough of this, I am ready to do the next thing, on a smaller, slower scale”! and it resonates within us as a leading from the Lord, as He guides us to the next best thing. A time of getting closer to Him, more intimate, with assured joy!

    I am glad I got to see and hear you for several years at Anaheim when we lived in California. We would go as a group of ladies from various congregations, churches, and messianic synagogues, and looked forward to it! Will look to see what you will bring to the table! Enjoy!, Fond memories of you and Luci Swindoll helping us laugh, cry and grow.
    Love and prayers, Marte

  85. 2 years ago
    Laura says

    Marilyn Meberg,
    You have been my favorite for all these many years, and you will always be, regardless of who picks up the baton. I have been going to WOF since its early days, with you, Luci, Patsy, Barbara, Sheila, and Thelma. My first conference left me with such admiration for all of you and pride that women could pull off such a fabulous event.Now my daughter and I attend yearly as our own special tradition.
    You and I exchanged letters many years ago, with you calling me “the little teacher.”
    Well, this little teacher is so happy to have made your acquaintance. I will pray for you and the happy and relaxing years ahead.
    With the deepest affection,

    • 2 years ago
      Donna says

      Oh yes, I could not remember Thelma Wells’ name. I could picture her but not name her. So glad you added her name to your list Laura. I loved all of you WOF and miss those who are not with us anymore! You have brought on a lot of great speakers who love the Lord too. Thank you for not passing the baton any sooner than you did.

  86. 2 years ago
    Joyful Jannell says

    Wow! Ms. Marilyn you will be greatly missed! I am thankful for all the fun life enriching testimonies you shared with us at the WOF events held in the Chicagoland area in past years. May you continue to obey the voice of the Good Shepherd along the next phase of your journey of being blessed to be a blessing to everyone you meet. God bless you and keep you.

  87. 2 years ago
    Charyl Garman says

    I have long been a fan, (even before WOF) starting when I coordinated the Candlelight Dinner at Grace Community Church in Tempe, AZ when you were our honored guest and speaker. While I finished my reponsibilites for the evening before taking you back to your hotel, you occupied your time with playing basketball with my pre-teen daughter in the church gym. That made an everlasting impression on me as a mom and on my daughter. Since that time, I have attended several Women of Faith events and have been amazed at how God has continued to use you in the lives of so many women. Though I understand your decision to pass on the baton (something many woment do not have the insight to do) I will miss you and trust that you will know God’s richest blessings and wonderful encouraging spirit.
    You are a jewel,
    With love and admiration,

  88. Marilyn ~
    i am not exactly sure what to say, accept that you will be missed. I am not very poetic or grand with my words and I am sure that other people will be more memorable in what they have to say, but all i can say is… “God speed, and God bless”. You will definitely be missed. I always loved listening to you speak. You are so wise and i love your style of getting to the point and saying things without “sugar coating” them; all the while keeping God’s love in your words and wisdom. You are never harsh in how you speak but speak with love and compassion. Within the last two years i recieved my masters in education and I am hoping to someday have my own classroom to be able to teach elementary school. I also thought, as i am sure a lot of other women do too, how awesome it would be to be a speaker at a women faith conference/event. I know that no matter what the Lord has for me, He has blessed me with that opportunity and it would be for His glory and not mine. With that said, I hope and pray that no matter what God has for me, I hope and pray that i would be able to have that same amount of wisdom, compassion, and passion when i speak, no matter the audience type. You are a beautiful woman of God and I know that this “retirement” from speaking at the women of faith conferences is only the beginning of something greater that God has for you. I pray that you are truly blessed in your next steps and continue to feel God’s love everyday. I know that no matter what you are doing, God will use you to continue to bless people with your wisdom, your passion, compassion, your smile, and your sense of humor. Thanks for always making me feel a little bit wiser and thanks for allowing me to do it with a smile. May the Lord bless you and keep you. You WILL be missed. Thanks again. Love you…

  89. 2 years ago
    Michelle Pruitt says

    Wonderful Marilyn, I will greatly miss you at WOF. You have been such an inspiration and joy, You are funny, beautiful inside and out, loving, and I know a wonderful friend. I know you have had suffering in your life, but you have overcome, through God. I have many favorite stories of yours that I will keep in my heart forever. Thank you for sharing with us through WOF, and my God bless you with your next chapter of life. I have enjoyed “our” times together. LOVE YOU

  90. 2 years ago
    Sue Hurd says

    Dear Marilyn,

    I, too, hate to see you “pass the baton”. You, Patsy, Luci, Thelma and Barbara have all become my very own “porch pals”. I have only missed the very first conference. After my first women of Faith, I started asking my daughter to attend one with me. After about 4 years she finally said “Yes”. She mainly said she would attend with me just so I would finally quit “bugging” her. In her mind she couldn’t understand what older women could possibly say to her that she could learn from, Well, I just want to thank all of you for touching her life like you touched mine. We have been attending Women of Faith together ever since. In fact, in 2003, my daughter started labor on Friday night and we couldn’t be there on Saturday as she was in the hospital. Mary Graham announced this on Saturday morning and in the afternoon she announced my grandson’s birth. What a special memory that is for us and I thank Women of Faith for sending her the video clips of those 2 announcements. You, my very dear proch pal, will always hold a special place in my heart. You have so much wisdom and we all can continue learning and growing closer to our Lord through you. Thank you for sharing so much of you all these years. Please don’t stop sharing your God given gift of bringing others closer to Him. Love and Blessings to you and this next wonderful chapter of your life.

  91. 2 years ago
    Dawn Vesco says


    When I first went to WOF,you held me bound by the wisdom you shared. You are God’s willing vessel with that gift of wisdom. You helped me process what the world had ingrained in me to walk that bridge of understanding to God’s view and ways.
    I want to thank you for that.
    God is transitioning you to a new glory.May you be blessed and enriched by this new part of your journey and may He speak into your life as you have spoken into so many.You gave to so many,may He answer the secret petitions of your heart!

  92. Hi Marilyn,
    I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your speaking “several Times” over the years. I live in Las
    Vegas by the way. You are “rich’ and will be greatly missed. However I do understand when our LORD
    says its time to step down. I served in Womens Ministries on the board in every office over 30 years at
    my church. I kicked a little when it was time to leave but oh how I look back and see now how it was
    God ordained. He never gives us more then we can handle and only HE knew what was coming up and
    the NEW ministry HE has had for me.

    Enjoy the Journey,

    Sincerely, Cathy Dykema

  93. 2 years ago
    lorrie Bechtel says

    i have not been able to attend women of faith for the past 2 years. before that i dint miss a one. we went to the philadelphia event. it just wont be the same without Marilyn. She will be greatly missed. I wish you well and may God Bless you always

  94. 2 years ago
    Jeanne Helstrom, Idaho says

    Marilyn ~ I hate to see you go. You have put in your time, but I think you’re wrong when you say it’s time to hand it over to “younger” women. Keep in mind the women “our age” who come to WOF conferences. They/we need someone to speak to our needs as well. I have been coming to WOF almost the whole time, since it’s beginning, missing only 2-3 years, with my daughters. I have learned so much from you, and I wish you many of God’s blessings as you head off to another chapter of your life. Even though you say you’ll not be a part of WOF, please remain available to offer your wisdom whenever they, they younger ones, need it and ask for it. Love, love, LOVE you!

  95. 2 years ago
    Kim Cox says

    I have been coming to WOF since 2000! I saw you with Barbara Johnson that year. I have watched you go from a speaker that I wasn’t too sure about initially, to a speaker I cherish and look so forward to hearing every year! Now, you are leaving WOF! I won’t say retiring, because, I know God is not done with you yet!! You are in the prime of your life!!! Your speaking is God-inspired; your wit is endless; and, your spirit of love fills a room. Thank you for your service to God through WOF. You have been a blessing and I will miss you terribly.
    May God Grant you Love, Joy and Peace.
    Kim Cox

  96. 2 years ago
    Sarah Hail says

    Dear Marilyn,
    I am sorry to see you moving on, but blessed by all the laughing, crying, and growth I’ve done as a result of your poignant messages. In addition, I want to thank you for your comment, which I quoted (hopefully correctly) and gave you credit for in more than one paper during my three year MFT program at Western Seminary, Portland. At a conference in Sacramento, you stated, and please correct me if I’m wrong, “Psychology reveals, God heals”. This comment continually reminds me that there is value for the church and the world in the field to which I’ve been called. Blessings to you!

  97. 2 years ago
    Anli says

    Dear Marilyn,

    Thank you so very much for your services through Women of Faith. Majority of us, if not all of us will miss you so very much when next year’s Women of Faith rolls around. Thank you for your candidness, humor, teaching, and stories.

    May God continue to bless you whatever He has you do. All of us sisters have truly benefitted from learning from you. All of God’s very best.

    Love & blessings,
    Anli :)

  98. 2 years ago
    Bonnie Sather says

    Marilyn- I am so sorry to hear you are passing the baton in WOF. I have heard you several times in Minneapolis, MN and am thrilled my daughter got to hear you also. Your humor, wit, wisdom and constant faith have been a blessing in my life and in many others. I wish you all the best and many of God’s blessings in your years left on earth. Know what a wonderful job you have done for the Lord. Really missed alot of you porch pals in Minnesota this year! Keep spreading the good word!

  99. 2 years ago
    Barbara Kleinofen says

    Dear Marilyn,

    I was blessed to hear you speak at my first Women of Faith Conference in Albuquerque, NM in 1997 and in 1999 I became a group leader and for 2 years we attended W of F in Denver, CO and then when we moved to Indiana I was blessed to be able to share Women of Faith for 10 more years with my faith family. I always told those attending that not all of the speakers would reach them, but God would have someone there that would and almost invariably, no matter the age, your messages always spoke to the ladies attending. I am grateful that I was able to attend W of F in Indianapolis again this past August and share with you one more time.

    Thank you for sharing your life journey and most importantly, your faith journey with us. God will continue to use you to serve Him in some special way, I am sure.

    Blessings for the journey ahead and for ALL of joy you have brought to so many sisters in Christ,
    Barbara Kleinofen

  100. 2 years ago
    Colleen Johnson says


    What can I say that hasn’t been said in all these posts from women whose life you’ve touched so deeply?

    We all love who you are at these conferences because we’ve met and come to love the real, God designed “you”. You have given wise counsel, deep soul searching questions and extremely fantastic humor. You have enlightened us with personal stories about Ken, your daughter, your wins and losses. Every one of us could stand beside you and never stumble – unless you tripped us ;-), could count you as friend and confidant. Thank you for sharing, caring and loving us with the heart God gave you.

    Best of what God is giving in everything you do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  101. 2 years ago
    Stella Singleton says

    You have blessed me each time I attended a WOF conference. My fondest memory was the year you gals were on motocycles to promote the event. I start listening to you talk and your stories have me in stitches, and then you tie it all into something spiritual and beautiful that hits home for me ane touches my heart. You have a natural gift of wit, wisdom and humor that I love. I wish you the best in whatever God puts in your path. I know you listen to His still small vocie and follow His leading. Thank you for refueling my soul each conference that I was priviledged to attend. Ride that motorcycle off to see what new things God has in store for you on the horizon. Whatever that is, you will be awesome!

    Much love,

    Stella Singleton

  102. 2 years ago
    Leah Wehman says

    My first thought was “NO! Not Marilyn! She just can’t be leaving WOF!” But then, I came to my senses and realized, of course you’re leaving. This season is over and God needs you elsewhere! I can’t wait to hear what He has in store for you (and us!!). Thank you for years of wisdom and laughter, and now, seeing your trust and obedience to Him. God bless you Marilyn!!!


  103. 2 years ago
    Marilyn Stuckwisch says

    Dear Marilyn (I love your first name! :) !)
    After reading many of the tributes to you, my heart is stirred by the outpouring of love for you and for our Lord. You have a remarkable gift! I attended a number of WOF gatherings in Phoenix and elsewhere including the first National Gathering in San Antonio, was a group leader for a number of conferences. I was always blown away by all of you Porch Pals! I still have most of the books I purchased and delight in rereading them. Among my favorite stories of yours are your driving your car on the sidewalks at the college, your ski trip, and moving your parents to CA from Phoenix!! They make me laugh outloud each time I read them. I admire the way you are able to share your faith in such a clear way. I’m sorry I have not been able to attend recently but will always hold all of you in my heart and look forward to seeing you in the “heavenlies” some day! My best to you in whatever new adventure the Lord provides you! Marilyn S.

  104. 2 years ago
    Sharon Knowlton says

    What can I say but I love you Marilyn!!! You have touched so many women’s hearts!! Only God Himself knows how He has used you to help so many women. Is it possible that you will change your mind? Older women have much more to say since they have lived longer lives & have already experienced so many more things!! God’s blessings on you whatever you do!!

  105. Dear Marilyn,

    My first Women of Faith event was so special, just as those that followed. I believe it was the first year of the WOF and you began in California, I think. A group of four women from our Congregational Chuch in Milwaukee, drove down to Aurora, IL to a church that held 2000 in the sacturary with an overflow in a very large room with closed TV because there were so many ladies. My daughter brought another group of women from her church in Crystal Lake, IL. Friday evening was wonderful with you, Patsy and Luci – among others. We laughted, cried, passed the kleenix and were over joyed to be together with all of you. The second time I went was a WOF in Denver, CO. This time my oldest daughter flew with me and my 3rd daughter, who lived in Vail, joined of for a wonderful weekend of sharing, crying and hugging together. Last year my 2nd daughter invited me to the Milwaukee WOF. And this year I gathered 10 women from 2 sister Congregational churches, with the hope of expanding that group at WOF 2013. God Bless you as you have Blessed us, as you go forward.

  106. 2 years ago
    Jean Roberts says

    Dear Marilyn,

    I have been blessed by hearing you speak several times at the WOF Conference in Indianapolis, IN. Your humor kept me laughing, your serious side gave food for thought, and your spiritual insight brought us face to face with our God. Thank you for that. May you be blessed by God’s next path for your life; and may Bird Bath Bob stay out of your rose garden!

  107. 2 years ago
    Sharon Marcotte says

    To a woman of Grace and Beauty, Marilyn Meberg:
    Dear Marilyn,
    What a “friend” in Christ you have become to me! So wise. So witty. So fun-loving. So Godly in your life and advice. So vulnerable in sharing your life with so many of us. So full of the Grace and Beauty of Christ. I only wish I could know you better, … and in person. You’d make the BEST next door neighbor! You have made me laugh and cry all in one breath! You have given me insight and wisdom into my own life and into the lives of those to whom God gives me a ministry. I am glad to know you are NOT retiring, merely “revamping” (check my choice of words!) for the next chapter God has for you. You will missed by all who have come to love and know you through WOF. But.. watch out! We’ll all be watching for that next chapter. And I look forward to worshiping our Lord in heaven together one day. Love and Blessings to you.

  108. 2 years ago
    Susan says

    I know God will continue to bless you Marilyn. I got to see WOFfor a 3rd time in Indy this summer with my sister, her best friend and my best friend (all who have never been). My 1st WOF was in Chicago about 15 years ago and I got to enjoy the original Fab 4!! You bring a wonder message and delivery about God’s intentions, love, grace and mercy. I’m so glad he brought your footsteps across my life.
    And I can never look at a golf cart with laughing from your stories years ago. Thanks and blessings!

  109. Hi Marilyn, My 1st thought & response is “Bummer” – not another 1 of the original Porch Pals leaving the ministry! When I attended the 1st WOF conference in Houston at 2nd Baptist Church (before the ministry grew & needed a larger facility) I didn’t know who Marilyn Meberg was. But, “WOW”, what a message you share with wisdom & wit from your heart & I never wanted to miss out on whatever new you had to share each year, not only on stage but in your books. So I’ve never missed a year’s conference to reap the spiritual, uplifting, liberating messages you’ve blessed me with. My favorite characteristic about you is how you ENJOY life & the “crazy” pranks you & Luci play on each other, trying to outdo the other one. The funniest one is about the visitor card Luci fills out in church with a fictitious name.
    So, continue to enjoy life (which I know you will ) and many blessings in your future ministry. I will miss you ! Luv & Prayers, Susan

  110. Dearest Marilyn,
    I really thank the Lord for all you have done and all you will do in your life. God has certainly blessed you and all of us women at the conferences, all the women who read your books, etc…. I am truly saddened that you are leaving the porch pals, but I know that Lord will bless what ever or where ever he leads you. You will always hold a special place in my heart for helping me to grow in God’s word, to know Him more intimately, to help me feel like I wasn’t alone; to help carry me through the rough roads onto smoother ones. I love you sister in Christ and look forward to hearing from you in the future. God bless.

  111. 2 years ago
    Sareva Greenhaw says

    Dear Marilyn, thank you for your time on the Women of Faith tour and your service and obedience to God. All of the WOF speakers are great, but I particularly related to you, and your words pointed me in the right direction and helped me through some very difficult times in my life. Your book, ‘God at Your Wits End’ helped me tremendously in a season when multiple tragedies had taken place including the death of my 16 year old son. I just want you to know how much your witness meant to me. I so appreciate you!! God bless you. Sareva

  112. 2 years ago
    Gail Buttrick says

    Oh Marilyn,

    I will miss you so much. Your wisdom, wit, charm and presence. I’ve attended W.O.F. for many many years now. Way back in the beginning, I was there. This is bittersweet. But, I know you well enough to know …. you are obeying Jesus. You will be missed, you know this!! Oh how I’ve wished we could have rocked together on my front porch a few times. Enjoy your new adventures with our Lord, wherever He leads you next.

    Precious memories… how they ever flood my soul.
    Memories ~ pressed between the pages of my mind.
    Thanks for the memories, lessons of life and for giving of yourself all these years.

    Continue to make more with family and friends …. God bless you Marilyn …… Gail Buttrick

  113. 2 years ago
    Nancy Stevens says

    DEAR MARILYN, I was WILDLY excited to have attended the WOF conference in BOSTON a few years ago..WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT..ID SAy you just put on your jammies and go have yourself a great time..you deserve it..ALL ThE BEST…SINCERELY, NANCY STEVENS

  114. 2 years ago
    Jana says

    I’m so saddened that Dallas didn’t get to see you during your final WoF tour. You and the original porch pals have blessed me so much through the years! If I had a rough year, I knew that going to the WoF conference would lift my spirits and help me to be closer to God! I pray that you are blessed in every endeavor that God leads you to be apart of! You are loved more than you know!

  115. 2 years ago
    Nancy Stevens says

    and God said, this is my beloved in whom I am well pleased…WELL DONE GOOD and FAITHFUL SERVANT…however it is so that you will be missed…but a GREAT MAN SAID I MUST GO so HE will come and lo I will be with you always..and as it is with JESUS so it is with you….your spirit lives on in the hearts and souls and hands and feet of everyone you touched..ME being one. I’ll never forget the women of faith conference in Boston MA a few years ago..that to this day I think about you sitting there in your glorious suit jacket so graceful I never clap without thinking of you…and you will be pleased to know that we still support World Vision and are taking care of our little Tanzanian girl and have helped her not only be supported but have helped her become a supporter!PRAISE GOD…you did that! I love you..WEll DONE BRAVO WELL DONE!BE STRONG and FAREWELL!ENJOY this much needed time of rest and relaxation..YOU JUST PACK UP YOUR JAMMIES and GO have yourself a Grrreat time..it was honor to have been in the same room as you…BE BLESSED! sincerely, Nancy STEVENS

  116. 2 years ago
    Carol Wolfe says

    Dear Marilyn,
    Since the first WOF weekend I attended many years ago, your words encouraged, challenged, tickled and delighted me. Some also made me cry and in time cry out to God. When my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the words of your journey, love and laughter gave me strength. Since his death you have given me an example of a life lived for God’s purpose instead of remaining in a hollow vessel of grief. I sure will miss your spontaneous laughter and wisdom. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  117. 2 years ago
    Laurie Wenger says

    Dear Marilyn,
    I have many of your books, highlighted and flagged, that I have studied. You have taught me so much and I have shared what I have learned with others. Your words have blessed my friends as much as they have blessed me. I shared your story about Chip going to the Aerosmith concert and the lesson of learning to “let go of the leash” with our adult children with my friend as her son went off to the Air Force. I shared your message of “connection” with my friend who gave a baby up for adoption. It blessed her to hold on to the fact that they will always be mother and daughter. I saw you in Milwaukee 3 weeks ago. We happened to stay at the same hotel. I saw you in the lobby as you were waiting for your ride to the airport. I was so tired from the weekend that it didn’t occur to me until the next morning that I should have asked you to sign your book I had just bought! Duh! Oh well, I wish you the best for a blessed, happy and healthy future. I love you and miss you already!

  118. 2 years ago
    Lani Morel says

    I am crying right now – so sorry that you are leaving WOF. Please take back the baton!!!!

    I started bringing my daughters to WOF when they were just 11 and 13. They are now ages 25 and 27 – we have not missed a year since. You have been such a wonderful blessing to all of us over the years.

    Last year my daughter Kylie was in your very long book signing line at the Anaheim conference. The “powers that be” cut off your book signing just a few people in front of my daughter. You were so gracious and kind and took the time to sign her book as the guards were scooting you back to the stage. It meant the world to my daughter who loves you, your fabulous stories and wonderful books.

    You will be greatly missed and we wish you many amazing new adventures!

  119. 2 years ago
    Barbara Wiley says

    Dear Marilyn,
    It has been such a wonderful thing to be able to hear your stories each year at Women of Faith. I will miss you for sure.
    I remember when you came for the weekend at the Estacada First Conservative Baptist Church Women’s Retreat about 18 years ago. I was laughing so hard at the wonderful stories you told, and was so delighted to see what a beautiful person you are inside and out. We had great talks together and I was on the Retreat Committee, so we got to pray for and with you each day. What a great weekend that was…I was very inspired. I wrote a song, “Rejoicing in the Lord”. I have sung it many times in many places since then. Thank you and God bless you in your future endeavors.
    Your sister in Christ Jesus, Barbara

  120. 2 years ago
    Christina Chamberelin says

    I was saddened and disappointed I did not get to see her in Portland this year I was so looking forward to her. She lights up the stage and brings such laughter.

  121. 2 years ago
    Jenn Stoll says

    I heard you for the first time this year at WOF Indianapolis, & I was blessed. I bought & read your book about cravings & learned so much & was ministered to as I read it. Thank you for allowing God to use you as you ministered through WOF. I will be praying that the next adventure will be just as rewarding for you!

  122. 2 years ago
    Victoria Wagenaar says

    Dear Marilyn,

    You will be missed!. I love how you live your life in humor. I have listened to you at WOF, read your books, watched you on the DVD’s. I too hope I will be able to sit and visit with you in Heaven some day.

    Victoria Wagenaar from Montana,

  123. 2 years ago
    Luci Swindoll says

    Dearest Marilyn,
    Since I met you in 1973, I have loved hearing your hilarious stories, never dreaming one day we would share stories from our own friendship with Women of Faith audiences. What an honor to work with you! Those years hold some of my sweetest memories. I trust God will give you many opportunities in the future to teach, bless and minister to those who cross your path. You have a wonderful way of sharing the most important things in life — with wisdom, joy, humor and encouragement. I’m so glad we’re friends and I wish you the very best during the days and years ahead. Thank you for all the enjoyment you’ve brought to my life!

    I love you,
    Luci Swindoll

    • Dearest Luci,

      I just entered a note to Marilyn but when I saw your note, I just had to say you and Marilyn are so special. As I said in my note to Marilyn, the very first WOF that I went to in Aurora, IL was wonderful beyond compare. Thanks so mush for all you and Marilyn have given to all of us.

      God Bless you both.

    • 2 years ago
      Laura says

      I want to send you a note as well, for you have been a part of the special tradition of WOF for me for so many years, right alongside Marilyn. I have already been missing the two of you, as we have not crossed paths at WOF now for the last couple of times I’ve attended.
      Please know that your life’s ministry has been a tremendous blessing to those of us who have had the privilege to call ourselves the audience of WOF.
      I will greatly miss the Old Guard,

  124. 2 years ago
    Carolyn Gerlach says

    Marilyn, I am so sad you will not be at WOF any longer, but I understand. Your eloquence on such profound topics and your marvelous sense of humor will be sorely missed. I hope I can sit down with you in heaven and have a good long chat. God bless you always.

  125. 2 years ago
    Donna Twilla says

    Sweet Marilyn,
    You are such an example to all women. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord’s call on your life, and for your willingness to continue to listen to the Lord when He confirmed it was time to step down from Women of Faith. I pray that the coming years are filled with much more love, laughter and peace for you.

    You touched my heart profoundly in San Antonio a few years back at the “Over the Top” conference. What a beautiful picture of scripture to have the older women teaching the younger women. How I wish I lived next door to you and could come over and sit amongst your roses and listen to your advice.
    God Bless you sweet friend, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven one day, it will be so much fun!

    Love, Donna Twilla

  126. Marilyn,
    I have been inspired by you throughout the years and you have made a difference in my life. I retired this year also so I can appreciate what you are going through and I also knew when the time was right. I know it won’t mean that you have stopped being an instrument of God’s hand, you will just find a less public venue for the talents he has blessed you with. I could always relate so well to you as I have been also been a teacher and a counselor. Thank you for every word you spoke. Thank you for your humor…dry and lovely and very funny. It is pretty wonderful sitting in the audience…I am sure you will also enjoy it from a new view with new buddies. God Bless you mightily as you have blessed others, It is a time to CELEBRATE! Love, Laura Dunham

  127. 2 years ago
    Kathy Washnis says

    Best to you in God’s journey for your life! Thank you so much for all that you have contributed to at Women of Faith conferences. I’ve seen you twice in Rochester, NY so maybe you can do special appearances every now and then. My most memorable thing you said was about using human hair in the garden to keep rabbits away! That has always stuck with me and I’ve shared that story with others! I have yet to listen to your video message but you will always be a woman of faith and a woman of wisdom and will be missed. Thank you!

  128. 2 years ago
    Patti Williams says

    Marilyn–Your combination of intelligence, eloquence and super-sharp wit made you my favorite speaker of all time! I was there when you won the bet with Avalon by working “ringworm” into your talk. (I also remember the look on Luci’s face as you did!) You did more for my “zippered heart” than I could ever express. We had a personal moment the day I asked you to sign a book to “Patti with an i,” because Mother was a Patti Page fan. You immediately started singing “How Much is That Doggie in the Window,” and didn’t stop until you had finished the whole song! There may be younger women coming along, but there will never be another Marilyn! God bless you, and I hope He leads you to my area some time soon!

  129. Thank you for the many years of giving us such an uplift. I will miss having you in front of us in the WOF but can certainly understand your reasons. God has blessed me through you and I just want to tell you that I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement over the years. I met you first back in 1997 after being diagnosed with cancer. You, and the other ladies on the program touched me and helped me to deal with that diagnosis and to see light at the end of the tunnel I was in at that time. Without your words my journey would have been more difficult. Keep up the good work and I will continue praying for you too. God bless you.

  130. 2 years ago
    Juanita Ensley says

    My Dear Marilyn,

    I have always wanted to tell you how God used you one lonely night over twenty years ago, so here goes:
    Deep, dark despair…it came fast and hard, taking no prisoners. At thirty years old, I had no training or preparation for this lonely journey. For those of you who have gone through this valley, I know all I need to say is one thing…”the nights”…and you understand.

    Fear; anxiety; destructive self-talk; endless conversations that take place only in your mind; these are the loooonnnngggg nights. The enemy was winning with ease, and I was sinking. I was desperate to fill the outward silence…and silence the inward noise!

    Maybe I should try the radio beside the bed…midnight…oh, a Christian station (ummmm, the only station I could get that night…hmmmm) WHAT!? No music, just talk, oh brother!

    And your wonderful, amazing, comforting, funny voice echoed through my bedroom, my mind, my heart, and my soul. And it wasn’t this slow transformation…you know, like when Aslan breaths on the stone figures and they slowly melt into rebirth…NO! Within the first three minutes I was laughing so hard I fell right out of bed and finished listening to the program sitting on the floor! Do you know how long it had been since I’d even smiled much less laughed? God used you to save my life that night, Marilyn…I’m not exaggerating.

    Next morning i was on a mission…I couldn’t remember the name of the woman who I heard, and I HAD to hear more. I live in a very small community, and the radio station is just up the road, so I actually got a real person when I called the station (KJOL Grand Junction, Colorado). I made my request for the name of the woman on the midnight program, “We don’t have a program at midnight, just music.”

    “Well, it was just last night, so could you look on your schedule and give me the name?”
    “I just checked, and last night was music…really.”

    Seriously, Lord, the comedy angel who saved my life last night isn’t going to have a name, I can’t hear more? That’s not funny…I wonder if I could find her Home Ec teacher, she’d put me on the trail.

    So, I headed to the Christian bookstore. If I just related some of the stories I had heard, surely they would know, after all, she must be famous. “It’s an M, it’s two Ms…Margret, Maggie, Madelyn????” No luck. I listened at midnight night after night, and though I never heard my comedy angel again, my nights were filled with God’s presence. The enemy lost his hold, and joy came in the morning.

    Then I went to a Women of Faith Event in Denver. No one in my group understood the screaming, waving, crying, laughing, dancing thing that occurred once I realized who you were! (I am a rather low key kinda gal) God, however, was having a grand time watching this unfold, I’m sure. I’ll bet He laughed until He fell out of bed.

    Thank you, Marilyn, for being obedient and faithful to God’s call. I will be forever grateful.

    Sincerely Yours,

  131. 2 years ago
    Susan says

    (I’m typing with a broken wrist & discovered a few misspelled words…now, what would Marilyn say at a time like this??!! LOL)

  132. 2 years ago
    Susan says

    Dear Marilyn,
    As I scrolled down reading the notes to you from many beloved fans, I laughed and cried (and laughed and cried and…) along with them! I don’t remember the first time I attended a WOF Conference, but it was before my husband was saved in 1997. You, Patsy, Luci, Thelma and Barbara were amazing, teaching us that we can have true joy in our lives, no matter what’s happening at the time, if we only keep our eyes on Jesus. Even though I was feeling quite alone then, you made me feel as though I had a true friend in you. God’s love just oozed out of you. I learned that laughter is healing and holding grudges is not. It has indeed been sad to see the original team leaving, one by one, but thankful to God for you all and the times I was able to see you & learn from you.
    My best memory from one of the Michigan conferences, along with the sticker story, was when your suitcase didn’t get to your destination at the same time you did and you had to wear your travel clothes to the evening meeting! You just laughed it off and went on in spite of it, proving, once again, God is in control and He wants us to make the best of every situation; He will not leave us nor forsake us. Thank you for sharing your high times as well as your low times with us. Thank you for being a beacon of light in a dark world.
    I have never twittwered, but I may start, just to see what more you have to say!
    God bless you, dear friend.

  133. 2 years ago
    Dorothy Salzsieder says

    Ms. Meberg, you are a role model to me, and source of support because of who you are in Christ, through your books, wisdom, laughter, and just being very comfortable in your skin. I have been greatly blessed by you, and it is my prayer that our LORD continues to use your life for His glory.

  134. 2 years ago
    Chris Wegner says

    Marilyn Baby,
    You helped me reach out to Jesus at the first WOF conference in St. Paul many years ago. You speak the truth peppered with hysterical looks into the camera’s….and then speak directly to each of the WOF attenders….what a gift you have been, you are and will be!! Have fun hanging out with Lucy! We sure had fun hanging out with all of you on the crazy WOF cruises….have an AWESOME time in your next adventure…we KNOW there will be more! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to my Heavenly Daddy, who wants me, no matter what I’ve done, to sit on his lap. I’ll miss you, but will see you in heaven.
    Blessings from one of the MN Girls

  135. 2 years ago
    Alice Satterfield says

    I remember the first time I saw Marilyn at WOF in St. Louis. I was totally bowled over by her wisdom and compassion, and of course her humor had me laughing so hard I cried. Thank you, Marilyn for sharing yourself with so many of us. May God bless you greatly in whatever adventure is coming next!

  136. 2 years ago
    Tia Greenwood says

    Marilyn! I have been to many WOF conf. one of my favorite stories is the one of the sticker in the clothes that cracked me up. Thank you for making me laugh and cry both. You have touched so many lives what a blessing you are.- I will miss you!

  137. 2 years ago
    Reha Otte' says

    There comes a time in the season of life when you must pass the baton. It’s not easy and I know you didn’t make that decision without the prompting and willingness to obey our Lord and Savior. You have been an inspiration to so many women during your time with WOF, using your wit and tremendous insights into living life. I know God will be using you in a special way to communicate His love for us to others, in another venue that will challenge and bring you many blessings. I can’t imagine you not sitting on the porch with your old buddies, with that radiant smile, and bringing us a word of encouragement. However, it is time for you to bring that word to others in your own special way. May God Bless you with love, comfort, peace, and a joy beyond all your understanding. Have fun in retirement!

    God Bless You,
    Reha Otte’

  138. 2 years ago
    Pat Bolda says

    Dear Marilyn,
    When I saw you for the first time this summer in Indianapolis after reading your books and stories all of these years I knew that I saw Jesus Christ in you. You are a grace filled woman and it takes grace to step away from something that you love to let other’s grow and find themselves. You have taught us so much and I for one will try to teach other’s in his name.
    God Bless You.
    Pat Bolda

  139. 2 years ago
    Mary Grace says

    Marilyn, Your humor and wisdom have been such a blessing to me. I first saw you at a Women of Faith Conference, and have purchased many of your books. I will be watching, and waiting, for more from you. You mention moving aside for the younger ladies coming along, but I have to tell you, at about 21 yrs old my daughter attended a WOF Conference with me. You were the highlight of the conference, for her. Your message, infused with humor is captivating. You will be missed, but I will keep you with me in memory and in the pages of print. Thank you for allowing God to use you.

  140. 2 years ago
    JoAnn J Dunn says

    Thank you Marilyn for all you have done for Women of Faith. I for one will miss you. I only got to see you once in in Chicago, about 12 years ago, don’t remember the year,but I was so impressed with what God had for me. It was the Great Adventure tour. I think I brought every book you all wrote at that time. You and your co-hearts made Jesus come alive for me in so many ways, it would take to long a letter to write. God Bless you, and may Godd have more adventures for you.

  141. 2 years ago
    Heidi Church says


  142. 2 years ago
    Heidi Church says

    Dear Marilyn,

    Thank you for sharing that video with us as your farewell. I’m a youth and family director in Iowa, and the biggest thing that I’m seeing in youth ministry is that the youth need to get connected with the generations above them to see the wisdom and knowledge that God has placed within those generations to be gleaned from. You are a bright example of that. I’m 31 years old and have attended WOF for six years. I LOVED listening to you because you would share some vulnerable things and would show me that God uses those times in your life to reach those of us “beyond the porch” no matter our age!! So please don’t feel that every age looked to you and learned from your faith and example to stick with it. No matter the age in the Body of Christ, we can all learn from one another. Thank you…THANKS BUNCHES for sharing your hear with us for all those years, and don’t ever stop!!

    In His Grip,

    Heidi Church

  143. Marilyn, thank you for all the wisdom and humor you gave us throughout the years! One of my favorite stories you told was about the sticker on the comet can and the game you played with your husband, Ken. It is the fun and humor in marriage that helps keep us loving each other through the years and that was such a fun story! God’s blessings to you as you go on to another adventure in your life because as you said, we don’t retire, we just go on serving the Lord until we see Him however He directs us.

  144. 2 years ago
    Carol DeUsanio says

    Well, what a blow!! Jumbled mix of thoughts and emotions — but, if you have prayed to Jesus and He has confirmed/answered your prayer, who am I to even question that in any way?!? What I can say is how very blessed WOF and we were to have your wit and wisdom over the years. I do understand “passing the baton” — I do — but, I do think, too, that we need some “mature” (I won’t say “old or older”) women on the stage who have gleaned great wisdom over the years. The car, garden-digging, sticker, just plain real life stories you have shared, mixed in with great counseling wisdom, has touched my life and so many others who have come in my group so many, many times. You, our sweet baby girl, may be getting older in years but you are still quite young at heart — and will be deeply missed. Doesn’t matter that we’ve never met — our hearts are bonded together by His beautiful Spirit and hope you know that you will continue to be prayed for as WOF is prayed for. Please, please keep us posted as to where He is leading you ….. and “cameo” appearances, I hope, are not ruled out <3

  145. 2 years ago
    Myrna says

    I was very sadden this year at Women of Faith in Anaheim, Ca not to have heard from Marilyn. Now I am very sad that I won’t next year or any year. Marilyn you have blessed me immensley.
    At least I have your books. I pray the Lord will bless you in your next adventure in Life the Lord has in store for you.
    Thank you for all you have done. You will never know how much you truly blessed people until you meet our master and he says “Well Done thy good and faithful servant.”

  146. 2 years ago
    Vicky Vechart says

    Marilyn, my first Women of Faith I went to was 12 years ago in Chicago with my mom. We laughed and cried together and had an absolutely amazing time. A year later she was gone, having lost her short battle with cancer. It took me 10 more years to return, when WOF started coming to Milwaukee. A dear friend and I have attended the last three years, with this year being the first that my own daughter also attended with me. You have been such a blessing and will be dearly missed. Thank you; for being part of the wonderful memories with my mom and now my daughter. You have touched our lives and we are so thankful for these opportunities to have seen you. May God richly bless you as you begin this new part of your journey. We will miss you!

  147. 2 years ago
    Karen Spencer says

    Marilyn, Life has changed soo much since the first WOF conference I attended about 10 yrs ago. I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been listening to your encouraging words and wonderful humor. Your faith through troubled times has inspired me and reminded me that God is in control and has a plan even when we cant see it for the pain. I thank God for you and your ministry and for seeing you through life’s storms so you could bless my heart among 1000′s of others.
    I know you will be missed on tour and by your many fans, but God has a plan as always and I know you will bloom where you are planted!

    Keep smiling and may God continue to bless you as He uses you for His glory!
    Hugs and prayers for the journey,

    Karen in Colorado

  148. 2 years ago
    Missy Wall says

    Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing your life and faith. You have encouraged us to “keep on keeping on” in the midst of trials with grace. Your sense of humor has blessed and touched the deepest part of our hearts. May God richly bless you as you have blessed so many others as He leads you on to new things. There is no “retirement plan” in His kingdom — we work until He calls us home. May the work of your hands be flowing with His grace, mercy, peace and love!!

  149. 2 years ago
    Tamara says

    Marilyn, you will be missed. I admire you passing the baton, and hope that those who take the stage after you have learned some of your presentation skills. You are truly one of the most intelligent speakers I’ve heard, and not just at Women of Faith. The depth of your understand in the Word of God and your practical applications live with us all – you have made even difficult passages come to life for us all. Bless you and all that you do. I really don’t think you are that old, however. 73 is probably the new 53 (right???)…….really way too young. Jesus must have some wild plans for you to have you stop WOF so young!

  150. 2 years ago
    Lynn Bryan says

    Dear Marilyn, My friend encouraged me to join her for Women of Faith 10 years ago and we are still attending, last weekend in Charlotte! You have so touched my heart on so many occasions and I will truly miss seeing you and hearing your stories! Part of me is very sad to see you go (for the other women and me who attend), but another part is so happy for the new experiences you will have. I truly wish I had had the pleasure and honor to have known you personally! Thank you for sharing your Wonderful God! How Great He is!! You will be missed.
    Lynn Bryan, Greenville, NC

  151. 2 years ago
    Brenda McLean says

    While I am very sad to see you leave the WOF team, I totally understand. I have been Patsy’s hostess, and an alternate hostess (I got to bring your hot water for tea that time:) so I’ve seen what goes on behind the scenes. It’s a very demanding schedule, yet I am so thankful we have had you as a speaker for all these years! (I missed the first year, and ’09, but have been to all the others) I LOVE YOU, your wisdom, humor, wit, tender heart and your playfulness. Oh how I would love to have been a part of the “pink golf ball” incident and see you “become a waiter”! I LOVE your stories!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you… for all your years of service! I am so blessed to have been one of the millions who have enjoyed your speaking/teaching over the years and have learned so much from you!!! YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED!!! <3

  152. 2 years ago
    Nell says

    Marilyn, for many years now you have been a part of my WOF life. I have attended conferences with my three daughters-in-law in Dallas. You have been such a fun and inspirational part of my week-ends with you. Thank you, God bless you, and continue to share the Good News of Jesus.

  153. 2 years ago
    Laura says

    PUDDLES…so glad I got to hear you last year in Spokane at my first WOF. You may be 73 but the connections you gave us are REAL all will last. God Bless You, Marilyn

  154. 2 years ago
    Alison Draino says

    I have so appreciated hearing you speak at all the WoF conferences I’ve attended over the years! The personal stories you’ve shared about growning up, your husband’s illness and your children were all things that made you real–someone who had gone through her own trials and was still here praising God and encouraging the rest of us. I will miss your sense of humor and warmth on the porch, but also the depth of your messages, Marilyn. Thank you for all the time you devoted to WoF–may God continue to bless you in whatever is next for you! (P.S. While there may be younger people to pass the baton to, there are lots of us ‘oldies’ in the crowds that need a voice too!)

  155. 2 years ago
    Sandy Policani says

    Marilyn, you will be missed so much, but I admire your realization that God has other things in store for you. You will leave a very big space to fill. You have been an inspiration and delight. Thank you.

  156. Oh, Marilyn, I have been privileged to hear you twice. I have two devotional books in which you have shared. You have made me laugh and have challenged me. Thank you for both. May God continue to use you and bless you.
    In His love,
    Jean Beeler, Omaha

  157. 2 years ago
    Angie Alden says

    Marilyn, my husband Gil, a prison chaplain in Washington, and I met you a number of times. He attends WoF with me, and you like to call him “Handsome”. And you would think I was Chinese if you didn’t know better. :-) From the first time he heard you, you have been Gil’s favorite because he is an evangelist, and he appreciated your gentle, clear presentation of the gospel every time.

    We will both miss you. It is hard to have the speakers we love leave the stage one after the other, even though we enjoy each new speaker. I wish we could just keep the old and add the new!

    Thank you for all you offered us over the years, from the hilarious stories (you and Ken passing the Post-It note back and forth) to the touching invitations to come to Jesus that so deeply ministered to hurting women. The Lord bless and keep you, Marilyn. You have contributed greatly to the body of Christ over the years, and I know you will continue to do so.

  158. 2 years ago
    Judy Rogers says

    May God richly bless you in all you do!

  159. Oh, Marilyn, what a treasure you are! You will be greatly missed by your WOF sisters and by all the women who love you. I am grateful to call you my friend and have learned so much from watching you minister over the years. God’s blessings on you always! xoxox

  160. 2 years ago
    Kristi Andrews says

    I have attended WOF for seven times now. Marilyn has always been one of my favorites. When I read her books, it’s as if she is sitting down in my kitchen having coffee with me. She is so wise and such an ambassador for Jesus! I love the way she uses the term of endearment, “Sweet baby girl.” I often find myself using those same words with my daughters. Marilyn, we will miss you!!!!

  161. 2 years ago
    Judy Rogers says

    I don’t know why, but the thought of you leaving WOF made me cry. I’ve never met you personally but I feel like I’ve just lost a friend. You have touched my life these years that I’ve been going to WOF and I’m going to miss you. You address needs that I have in my life that other younger speakers don’t. They don’t have the life experiences that you do. Your leaving will be a great loss for WOF and for all the women who will never get to hear you speak. You will be missed! I know God will use you greatly in whatever you do 73 is still young. When you get to your mid to late 90′s, then you’ll be old, and God will still be doing great things through you! You’ll be in my prayers.

  162. 2 years ago
    rebecca bain says

    Hi Marylin, I live in Julian N.C. I started with women of faith about 5 years ago It is the highlight of my year You will be missed. I had wished that you were my neighbor so many times to ask so many questions. I would have been the (OH here she comes again) You have so much insight to how the mind should work, mine is always a work in progress. I have learned alot from all the porch pals.I purchased the VOICE while in Charlotte .The story of the woman who touched JESUS ‘S robe I had heard a 100 times but the way it read made it so much easier for me to comprehend and retain it. I have a very hard time with that I can read but when I’m done I cant tell you what I read. So to be able to read the VOICE and retain it is absoutely awsume. I wish you so many blessings for all those times you blessed me. Have a God filled day You will be missed

  163. 2 years ago
    Gail Hosea says

    Dearest Marilyn,

    I have been attending Women of Faith conferences in Phoenix, AZ for about 5 years; each year there have been more and more of my family who have attended and everyone from myself to my mother to my sisters absolutely love you! This month we travelled to Portland, OR since the conference was taken out of Phoenix, but we missed you terribly. You have always been a lady who could reach out and make each person in the audience feel as if you were talking directly to them, one on one, nobody else in the room. I am sorry to hear that you will not be sittin’ on the porch with the girls anymore. Thank you for your grace, your wit, and your charm, we will most assuredly miss you. May you be blessed in the same way you have blessed thousands of others. Keep smiling your beautiful smile, keep sharing the love of Jesus which shines forth so brilliantly from your being. We love you, Marilyn!

  164. 2 years ago
    Joyce Thompson says

    Great farewell video from Marilyn. She will so be missed! thanks for the memories and sharing your faith with all us women.

  165. 2 years ago
    A. Elaine Benner says

    I will truly miss you as I have Luci, Thelma and some of the more “mature” ladies. I think you all bring the words of wisdom and guidance to the younger women and also to some of us older “mature” ladies.. Loved your rose garden as I love my flowers too. They always bring a beauty and calmness to an otherwise busy life. And the beauty of a flawless petal, the spendour of color and smell, just reminds us of the Creator. May God continue to bless and use you as an instrument for His work.

  166. 2 years ago
    Brenda McKenney says

    Dear Marilyn, Who am I to argue with Jesus? However, my daughters, granddaughters, and I will miss you so much. You are one of our favorite speakers each year and we look forward to your message which always blesses and challenges us. We wish you God’s richest blessings as you continue to minister in His name. Sincerely, Brenda McKenney

  167. 2 years ago
    Paula Stewart says

    I love Marilyn’s wit!! My favorite story was the “cleverly placed sticker” that she shared with her husband!
    I have several of her books that have helped me through some difficult times and I follow her on twitter as well. She is one of my all time favorites! May God continue to Bless her life!

  168. 2 years ago
    Shelly Horton says

    Hello Marilyn,

    I have to say I am having some very mixed emotions in regard to your retirement – sad that we won’t be hearing from you as frequently, and happy that you are going to be able to take some time for yourself. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that you have often been a source of inspiration for me. We share a counseling background, and I find myself often in the need of inspiration. I have enjoyed several of your books, and am hoping that retirement from Women of Faith doesn’t necessarily mean retirement from writing! Looking forward to hearing about this next chapter of your life. And, by the way, thanks for updating us on Birdbath Bob. I had been wondering about him!

    Love and prayers – you will be missed!
    Shelly Horton

  169. 2 years ago
    Lori A says

    Oh, Marilyn. I will miss you terribly. I wasn’t sure about you the first WOF I attended, but before your first “talk” was over, you were one of my favorites. I actually hate that you’re passing the baton, simply because you have SO much wisdom to offer. You have caused me to stretch in my thinking and my faith. Thank you.

    My favorite story you shared is back several years about digging in your garden and worrying someone would think you were burying a body. I still smile at that description and can still see your facial expressions as you tell it.

    Be well, Marilyn. You have been a gift.


  170. 2 years ago
    Rev. Vicki Jackson says

    Dear Marilyn,

    I have watched and listened to you for years through Women of Faith, and definitely encouraged other women to come see and here you………..and all of the other gifted, dynamic women “on the porch”. I’m disappointed to learn that you are stepping down from the speaker’s circuit, but we know that our Lord has abiding plans for us each and every day, and it is our joy to follow where He leads.

    I pray blessings to cover you as you move forward.

    Joy in Him,

    Rev. Vicki
    Christ Presbyterian Church
    Goodyear, Arizona

  171. 2 years ago
    Sherri Suchy says

    I LOVE Marilyn! So sad to see her go….especially since we didn’t get a chance to see her in Anaheim this year. I will never forget the story she tells about the sticky tag on the bottle of cleanser. I tell that story to others who have never been to WOF and they just crack up everytime! Thanks Marilyn for your wonderful testimony and the love that you tell us about for your husband. You are an inspiration!!!

  172. 2 years ago
    Maureen Farber says

    I think my favorite Marilyn story is the one about her and her husband and the sticker. I have laughed so many times thinking about that story and how that would be so something that my husband and I would do. Thanks Marilyn for the memories!! And God bless you in all your new endeavors.

  173. 2 years ago
    Kristen Ulm says

    NOOO!!! I totally love you Marilyn. You can’t leave!!! I have been going to Women of Faith conferences since 2000. I have laughed with you and cried with you! You will be missed! Barbara left, then Luci, then Mary and now you!! I don’t like change! It will not be the same! Good luck in you future endeavors! God Bless You!

  174. 2 years ago
    Patricia Robbins says

    I am SO SORRY to see Marilyn go! I have loved her honesty and ability to show her vulnerable side over the years. My favorite memory of Marilyn was a few years ago when she shared about her breast implants and how one day while walking across the street, she tripped and fell flat on her implants. She didn’t realize right away that they had burst when she fell, but later she became very ill. The material from the implants had worked it’s way into her system and had become a toxic substance. I was sad to hear she had been so ill, but she shared her experience in such an amusing way that we all were rocking with laughter in our seats! I love all her personal stories of her husband and family, which many of us could relate to. Love you, Marilyn, and will miss you so much! God bless you as you continue to touch the lives of those with whom you come in contact.

  175. 2 years ago
    Robin Smith says

    I’m saying this not to make Marilyn sad but to let her know she has been such a huge impact on me. This notification has brought tears to my eyes. The first year I attended WOF my stepfather (in my life since I was 5) had been diagnosed with ALS. I was not handling things too well knowing what to expect from this terrible disease. Marillyn was the host for the Pre-Conference this particular year. She spoke to me in ways only Marilyn can. Every since that first year Marilyn has been my favorite Porch Pal. I love them all but I just had this connection with her. I buy every book and learn something about myself in each of them.

    The first year of All Access I met all of the Porch Pals and got a hug from each of them. When I saw Marilyn I didn’t get a hug the first time she was before me, not because of anything other than I couldn’t believe she was standing before me. With Marilyn, I was a bit starstruck. I did get a hug at the 2nd All Access.

    I have known this moment would come and have not looked forward to it. I am very sad. WOF will never be the same; although still great. Marilyn will be truly missed. Marilyn, I hope that you will continue writing so that I can continue to read your books.

    Marilyn, I love you dearly and would love to sit in your garden with you and chat!

    You inspire many! I know you didn’t make this decision easily & I am sure you looked to God for guidance so I trust you are making the right decision and big things are ahead of you.

    Sincerely, Robin Smith

  176. 2 years ago
    Helen Snyder says

    Oh Marilynn – how I will miss you at Women of Faith. You were one of the reasonsI kept coming back to the WOF conferences in Rochester, New York. I remember well the first time I watched you climb the steps and walk across the stage. You were wearing a black pants suit, your hair was perfectly done and I thought, oooooooooh she just looks too perfect. And I thought your talk would be, dare I say it? Boring! But then you opened your mouth and it took you about 10 seconds to change my mind COMPLETELY about you. Your wit and wisdom and love for Jesus were SO obvious. I think you make God smile with delight at His particular creation named Marilyn Meberg!!!!

    I will miss you at the WOF conferences. You have been a blessing to each one of the thousands of women who have heard you speak. But, I know that God is certainly not done with you and that he has you firmly in His loving hand as he leads you into your future. God Bless You as you grab firmly onto Jesus’ hand and hang on for the ride as you go forward! Your Sister In Christ, Helen

  177. 2 years ago
    Kim Melton says

    Marilyn, when I found out that this year would be our last year to see you in Hartford, tears welled up in my eyes. You mentioned that it’s time to “pass on the baton”, but forgive me for saying this, I’m not ready for that. I’m 43 and in so many ways you have been my “mentor from afar”. A few years ago, you wrote to me in the newsletter and spoke to my heart in such a deep and personal way that I felt like you really “got” me. You’ve been my premier speaker at Women of Faith and the one to whom my heart clung to. I sit and write this and cry. I understand cognitively that you feel your time has come to leave, but emotionally I am not there yet. So, please know that my life has been touched by you, your wit and amazing wisdom. You’ve reached through the audience in Hartford and “saw” me. Without knowing it, you spoke to me while I sat amidst friends feeling completely alone, broken and torn. So, needless to say, the WOF conference will not be the same for me. I will miss you terribly.

  178. 2 years ago
    Patricia Ann Sherman says

    I actually heard (read) this news yesterday 10/25. To my Father God, I am filled with gratitude, not just in seeing and hearing Marilyn Meberg speak a few times at Women of Faith, but also to know that I will be in attendance at Hartford, when she says her farewell at her very last Women of Faith conference. I follow her on Twitter. She inspires me. She is good for my soul. I will miss her immensely. Actually, I really think that we need that aged wisdom of her 73 years, because at 63 years of age myself, those whippersnappers (is that a Marilyn word?) that she is passing the baton to, are way too young to give me sage advice, and I NEED it. However, the good Lord has spoken and we should always listen to Him.

  179. Marilyn , I am sad to here you are leaving WOF but very happy for you. I have been going to the Philadelphia conference for many years ,the last 2 yr i have been a leader and have 50 ladies who join me , hoping for more 2013. I have always loved hearing you speak, WOF is so inspiring and uplifting ,you can definetly feel Gods presence there. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and WOF I thank you for the many years you have Blessed us. I miss Lucy ,i loved her as well ,as i do Patsy , when i 1st started going you 3 and oh yes who can forget Sheila Walsh were the Group WHAT A WONDERFUL GROUP !!! The new people are very good also Love them ! Best wishes to you and Lucy as well ,whatever you do. and i look forward to continuing seeing Sheila and Patsy !!!!! May God continue to Bless you ! God Bless , Ernie Wygal

  180. Marilyn, I so admire your wisdom and obedience! It is difficult to let go of something in the middle of great success, but how wise to listen and be obedient to the voice of God. I have enjoyed my friendship with you, at a distance, but this decision has probably impacted me as much as anything you’ve done. Well, except the time I saw you jump on the maintenance truck in Athens. I will never forget the look on those men’s faces as they tried to decide what to do! I am eager to see how God uses you in this next stage of life. Thank you! Marylyn Leonard

  181. 2 years ago
    Melinda Bouwman says

    I remember going to my first Women of Faith conference (for which I was also the coordinator of the group) and during the last “round table” with all of the Front Porch Pals, one of the younger women had gum in her mouth, and I think that someone jokingly told her that she shouldn’t speak while chewing gum, so she took it out and passed it to the person next to her, who popped it in her own mouth, eliciting laughter (and groans) from the audience. That continued throughout the group, but the biggest laugh came when Marilyn received the gum and proceeded to put it in her mouth. I have only had the opportunity to return to WOF twice more in the 10 years since that experience, but each time I have felt so full and refreshed afterward, and Marilyn has been a big part of that feeling. Marilyn, I know that the audiences will miss your wit and wisdom on the stage, but we will be looking forward to whatever opportunity to share your wisdom and humor with us that God puts in your path. Sending love and prayers to you as you move to the next chapter of your life.

  182. 2 years ago
    Kay Jarrell says

    My most favorite memory of Marilyn Meberg is her story about the tenacious comet sticker, and the various places it wound up. I laughed so hard about her pranks with her husband, then cried as she smartly transitioned the story into her brokenness over the loss of her baby girl. This story touched my life, and because I bought the DVD, I can laugh and cry over and over with her. Best wishes to your future opportunities and rich blessings as you choose to pass the baton, you will be greatly missed

  183. Please return to Phoenix AZ for a conference. I have been to three, first one in 2000 with my daughter. We both live in Yuma AZ but love making the trip to Phoenix to enjoy and be uplifted by THE WOMEN OF FAITH message… God’s message.

  184. 2 years ago
    Pamela Hendricks says

    My favorite memory of Marilyn is her telling her story about when she was golfing and she hit her favorite colored golf ball into a man’s living room. She saw it on the couch and the door was open wide so she went in to retrieve it! She got caught! I could so relate and laughed so hard. Marilyn could teach such spiritual lessons with the funniest stories! I love her! God bless you, Marilyn, in your “retirement”. God won’t let you rest. I’m sure He has more for you to do.

  185. 2 years ago
    Linda Thompson says

    I started many years ago coming to WOF events and you have been one of my favorite speakers. Just the way you tell your stories… with the tilt of your head and your little smirk… It always cheered me up when you were heading up to the stage because I knew we were in for a treat. Have fun in “retirement” I’ll miss you!!
    Linda Thompson
    Green Bay, WI

  186. 2 years ago
    Carolanne Todd says

    My all-time favorite “Marilyn Moment” was in San Antonio, TX. She was talking about how God was so wise because the younger women have babies. She jokingly said, “God was smart to let the younger women have babies. At my age, I would forget where I put the baby.” I remember my daughter and I almost falling out of our seats with laughter.

    Thank you for being such a special person with the Women of Faith team. You are truly an inspiration to everyone. I realized how much more inspiring you were when I heard you were a Lutheran. I was amazed that “a Lutheran” would be willing to put themselves out there like you do. Most of the women in my home church are so afraid someone will see them doing something “not Christian” that they won’t step out on faith but you set the example.

    Thank you for your years with Women of Faith but please continue writing. Your books are such a help.

  187. 2 years ago
    Sunni says

    This was my first year to be able to come to WoF, and I am so thankful I was there! Marilyn, your words (God’s words, through you) spoke loud & clear to me. I learned a lot about contentedness in the Lord. Thank you!! Sunni

  188. 2 years ago
    Pat Shrader says

    Memorial story about Marilyn:
    I have several Women of Faith event DVDs so I listen to them as I fall asleep at night. I like the story that Marilyn tells of her cousin who was traveling with her husband from California to Phoenix (I believe). Marilyn’s cousin gets out to brush her teeth and is only dressed in her housecoat & slippers as she has been sleeping in the motorhome. When she gets back outside, she witnesses her husband driving off without her!! It takes him a couple hours to notice that she is not in there. When he finally returns, Marilyn’s cousin has been joined by some men who “keep her company” until her husband gets back. When he gets there he says to them, “I’m so sorry I missed the party”!! Marilyn is funny and insightful and we will miss her!!

  189. 2 years ago
    Sharon Dawson says

    Thank You Marilyn. Your messages have always left me inspired, comforted, laughing, and wanting more. You will be missed.

  190. 2 years ago
    Deb says

    Marilyn, I would just like to thank you for your willingness to allow God to use you in such a marvelous way. I have attended the WOF conferences for probably at least 10 years and have been inspired and encouraged by the worship and messages that have been presented in each one of them. Probably one of my favorites of your stories was the one when you were golfing and lost your ball in someone’s living room sofa pillow. I think, if I remember correctly, that it was called your “little pink lady”. Thinking about that made me laugh so hard that I thought my sides would split. I have enjoyed listening to your messages, reading your books, and the humor that was included to lift my spirit. I will miss your presence at the upcoming events that I will be attending, but you have left a mark in so many lives through your messages and writings. I’m sure God is not finished with you yet, but as you said, in a much smaller scale…..but every bit as important! May God continue to bless you in your life as you glorify Him!!! Thank you once again and I love you!!!!

  191. Marilyn, your special perspective will be so missed! God Bless and keep you as you begin your days without us in your “present” life!

  192. 2 years ago
    Sharon A Cooley says

    Dear Marilyn, a wonderful Woman of Faith:
    I have not been able to attend a conference for a couple of years now, but since I recently was retired from my place of employment, and knew it was just time to move on, I can understand your thought process.
    I will share that after traveling from our home area to the nearest conference for several hours, my best friend and I were able to share a lot of what had been happening in our lives, which I still treasure when we get together (she has moved 800 miles away, so our chats have taken on the form of phone calls and email – not the same). The one thing that we always chatted about on the way back home, is what we heard and saw at the conference.
    Marilyn, you and the others were and are an inspiration to many Women of Faith all over this great country of ours. The number of times we laughed with you or even shared a tear or two would be hard to count. You have taken the small things we just see as obsticles to life and showed us how to make lemonade from the lemons life serves at time.
    Don’t even begin to think that you will not be missed. You have shared a part of your being that God created in you to share with others in a way that only you could do.
    May God continue to bless and keep you in His loving arms as you move forward to the next leg of your life.

  193. 2 years ago
    Karen Kuntz says

    I am really going to miss you at WOF!! You have been such an inspiration to me! I will always remember your saying: “You have to feel it to heal it.” I’ve told so many people you say that! And it has applied so much to my life. Love you, will miss you SO much!

  194. 2 years ago
    Karlene Anderson says

    It was my first time to Women of Faith and I enjoyed being there. I still remember Marilyn telling that story of the Bobcat in her Birdbath, it was quite funny to me, and a little scary, the thought of a wild animal just acting as if her home was his personal space. I think I will always remember Bobcat in the Birdbath. God bless you Marilyn and all the best in your future endeavours

  195. 2 years ago
    Stephanie Del Biondo says

    Marilyn . . . you have been my favorite speaker since the first Women of Faith conference I attended in Philadelphia. Each year, for many years, I organized a group of women from our church to volunteer at the conference. I had the distinct pleasure and honor of working at your booth at one of those conferences. Due to a few reasons I was unable to attend the conference for the last two years, and, lo and behold I was invited to attend the 2112 conference as a Women of Faith guest. How appropriately that I was able to be part of your last tour. I love you Marilyn and pray the Lord continues to bless you as you have blessed so many of us. (We share a special blessing in that we both have an adopted daughter. The tour in which you spoke of your daughter, I was in the audience with tissues!)

  196. 2 years ago
    Amy says

    I have always loved Marilyn! I’ve attended Women of Faith all but 3 years I think. Usually I come with my Mother to the Indianapolis Convention (although we’ve traveled to Chicago once). She has always been spot on with her teaching and even though she is Deep, it is so easy to understand and gleen from. Thank you Marilyn for your wonderful wit, laugh and God inspired teaching! Many blessings as you move into this new venture.

  197. 2 years ago
    Kim Phelps says

    I will never forget at a WOF event in Michigan during a particularly difficult time in my life dealing with a panic disorder and depression (panic and anxiety makes WOF events very difficult!), I was sitting on an end seat, because that is the best place for a person with a panic disorder (to make a quick escape if needed). During a break, Marilyn came up the aisle and all she did was touch my knee and smile at me, but at that time in my life that meant alot to me. And we were not seated by the stage, we were several tiers up. Thank you, Marilyn, for just that small jesture that left an impression on me. I wish you blessings as you leave WOF! You are a gem that I am glad that God gave me the opportunity to hear speak on several occasions!

  198. 2 years ago
    Debi says

    My favorite Marilyn moment was when she told the story about the Ajax sticker and her continuous fun between her and her husband with that crazy thing.
    It was at a time when my husband and I had lost the “fun” in our relationship and it sparked the hope of not taking things so serious and enjoy the little things.
    I think of the story every time things get “heavy” in my life and it makes me chuckle and put things back into perspective. Thanks Marilyn for your faithfulness and years of inspiration. You will hear “well done thou good and faithful servant” someday,(just not too soon). Love ya. Blessings on your next journey God has planned for you.

  199. 2 years ago
    Cindy Chatham says

    Dear Marilyn,

    Because of you, I laughed my hiney off at Women of Faith for years. Your wit is beyond explanation-it must be experienced in person! Because of you, my eyes were opened to the daily presence of my Savior oh about 10 years ago. Your wisdom is such a blessing! Because of you, I realized so many things that I hadnt before about myself. I have some really deep thoughts too and sometimes they overwhelm my heart but so incredibly bless my soul. Because of you, Marilyn, I enjoyed my time at Women of Faith every year so deeply and the one year you were not on the team, I missed you the most!
    I am so thankful that this year I was able to meet you in person in the Philadelpia group leader meet and greet, look into your eyes and hug you, and tell you how you have blessed me. That my friend, was truly a gift from God, because I did not know until just now that this is your last year! It wont be the same again without you, but I am so thankful that the good Lord has given me 12 out of 13 years of hearing you speak, writing down your messages, and having those notes to go back to as well as your great books! You and Patsy were always my favorites!!!!
    You will always be remembered with lots of love and as one awesome blessing to my heart!
    Thank you for your friendship and sharing your wisdom with humor beyond compare!!!! You’re the best!!!
    Love ya always,Cindy Chatham

  200. 2 years ago
    Debra Oldham says

    MS Marilyn you’ve been one of my fav’s from the start. You’re a classic Christian motivational speaker. (Say that three times in a row.) Thanks for allowing God to work through you to motivate millions to fall in love for the first time or just take a closer walk with our wonderful Redeemer Jesus. LOVE YOU!!! As Jesus would say “You’re a Keeper” and I agree. You will be missed but the show must go on and it will to fulfill God’s purpose.
    Thx B 2 God 4 U all you did and will continue to do for His Kingdom, Love and Prayers, Debra Oldham

  201. 2 years ago
    Connie Lape says

    I have really appreciated the wit and wisdom of Marilyn Meberg. She is an excellent speaker and I’m sorry to know she will not be a part of Women of Faith after this year. I hope she will continue to write so we can learn from her in that way.

    My favorite memory of Marilyn Meberg was at WOF in St. Louis. She was talking about how she and her husband had a plan for their lives and they had their first child first. When she realized what she had said she laughed and laughed and we all laughed along with with her! Thank you, Marilyn. You are a real treasure!


  202. 2 years ago
    Sherryl Huseonica says

    Sad to see Marilyn “passing the baton”, but she is one wise woman of faith who always listens to God. We will miss her wonderful ability to combine humor, faith, wisdom, and solid teaching at the Women of Faith events. We know she will still be working for the kingdom in other areas, though, and we thank God for that blessing….for the blessing that Marilyn has been to so many women (and men) all these years!

  203. 2 years ago
    Sheryl Culpepper says

    She is my absolute favorite.

  204. 2 years ago
    Patti Stankovich says

    I have to say, when I first saw Marilyn at my very first WOF conference, my first thought was “She looks so serious. I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy listening to her”.

    Then she started speaking :) I discovered that she’s sweet, warm, caring, and unbelievably funny!

    I’ve been attending WOF on and off for over ten years, and Marilyn has always touched my heart and taught me something. She has been an inspiration to us and she will be greatly missed.

    I know that the Lord has special plans for her and He’s not done with her yet.

    May God bless you, Marilyn!

  205. 2 years ago
    Carol says

    This year was my second time of seeing you with WOF. When I saw that you were to be at Rochester, I was very excited and you were everything that I had remembered. Your eloquent way of speaking right to the heart will be missed. Yes, there may be others coming along with WOF, but be assured you will be missed. I have several of your books and refer back to them when my heart and soul need the boost or a quick shake to snap me out of my dulldrums. Thank you, Marilyn, for enriching so many lives of women with your knowledge and faith.

  206. 2 years ago
    Dorothy says


    Thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord through WOF. My prayers are with you as you continue on your journey. May God continually bless your every effort.

  207. 2 years ago
    Tammy Gibson says

    You will be greatly missed on the stage, but I am so excited for you to rest a bit more and enjoy those roses. I will look forward to your “appearing” at times and rejoice with the Lord in all of the good you have done – you have been a good and faithful servant, a true example of obedience to us all. May God richly bless your life with much joy – as much and more as you have imparted to all of us!

  208. 2 years ago
    Kathryn Cook says

    From my very first conference Marilyn has spoken to me as a woman of wisdom. I am 5 years younger than she and I have appreciated her maturity. She has spoken about life experiences that have helped me move through issues in my life with more understanding and peace. I have some of her books, etc, and will be purchasing other books, CDs, and DVDs that she provides. She may be “passing the baton”; but, she is definitely going to continue to be a point of faith in my life. Thank you, Marilyn, for your peace and guidance through the years. Best wishes :)

  209. Marilyn you will be missed! Your stories have touched so many people over the years, you’re an amazing woman of God! I know that He has great things for Women of Faith, and you will continue to do great things, no matter what you do! Thank you for all the ways you have blessed so many of us! Oh, and I am STILL searching for the perfect purse!!! :)

  210. 2 years ago
    Tee Gomes says

    Marilyn, I have been coming to women of faith for years and have loved to hear you speak. Thank you so much for your contribution to our lives over all of these years. Thank you for listening to God and answering the call that He placed on your life. I have been truly blessed by hearing you. Enjoy your retirement and whatever God has in store for you next.

  211. I am very saddened to hear you are leaving WOF. You have always been one of my favorite speakers. I wish you were my neighbor and I could sit and chat with you in your beautiful garden. That will never be, but I do want you to know that you spoke to me this past fall in Rochester, NY. I was sorta at the conference under protest. I didn’t really want to go because I had just lost my wonderful “Dad” because of a massive heart attack. Granted, he was 90, but it’s still a great loss. We were very close and spoke almost daily. I miss him sooo much!! I was crushed, sad, depressed, grieving, but my husband and friends encouraged me to go. I needed it. So I did. I had been considering going to a grief counselor. Something you said, I think it was something like, “Do what you have to do.” So I did and am seeing a couselor. It’s good to just talk through my grief and sorrow.
    So anyway, just wanted you to know that God used you once again, as I’m sure HE has done so many, many times before. Again, sorry to see you go, but you must do what God is telling you to do, too. God Bless you greatly, Marilyn!!!!

  212. 2 years ago
    Mary Ashcraft says

    When I first heard Marilyn speak I was going through the Methodist Local Pastor process and I had many blockades thrown against me. 1. I am a woman 2. Working full time no religious training 3. I am a dwarf. But Marilyn inspired me not to quite no matter what happens to believe in God’s word that HE has a plan. I also had others but her determination oozed from every story she told and the very fact that she serves God in such an awesome way with Women of Faith.
    I am now a part-time local pastor for a mission church that reaches out to those many churches would not want to come through their doors. Women of Faith reaches out to women who have been beaten down and feel no one wants them even God. Marilyn and your whole team show women that they are a big part of God’s plan to share HIS love.
    Marilyn you will be missed but I know you will continue to share love, encouragement and faith to all who are blessed to see, read or meet you.
    May you truly feel God’s pleasure and rejoice in the love of our savior.
    Mary Ashcraft

  213. 2 years ago
    Linda Girten says

    I love Marilyn! She shares God’s love with such warm humor as she is an excellent storyteller. She is also a very wise woman! I’ve read her books and enjoyed her counsel (and I hear her voice while reading!). I will miss her at Women of Faith conferences, but I certainly wish her well in all her new endeavors. She is one classy lady!

  214. Marilyn will be deeply missed! She was the first porch pay I mentally and spiritually connected with long ago. Her intellectualized and humorous approach to understanding the love of Christ brought me back to believing God loved flawed, smart women too. She makes being brilliant fun and approachable. Thank you for your ministry Marilyn.

    • 2 years ago
      Debbie C says

      Well said, April. Marilyn will be missed for all these reasons and more!

  215. 2 years ago
    Carol Dodgson says

    My group came to the 1st WOF that was done at a church in Tacoma, Wa & then continued when it was moved to Seattle, Portland & Vancouver BC. Marilyn will be missed by us very much, but send our heartfelt best wishes in her new adventures. The story of how she met Luci & their many adventures together including the golf cart incident has provided many moments of laughter.
    The Silver Fox rocks!!!

  216. 2 years ago
    Kali Hunyer says

    I’m so sad to see her leave. I truly enjoy the original crowd! I was at Dallas this year with the newer crowd and it just wasn’t as good. Not sure why but I feel like beyond Shelia Walsh, there was just not a lot to be there for. I feel like this is the overall feelings of our large group but then again maybe it’s just the change that we are not ok with… It just wasn’t as inspiring and didn’t have that Women of Faith feel to it. Either way best of blessings to you Marilyn!

  217. 2 years ago
    MISSY mELHEIM says

    I will miss you deeply . you have been great over the years and I know God has wonderful plans for you in the future I will miss you in Phoneix Az next year but know you are right God speed in what you do I will miss you Marilyn

  218. 2 years ago
    Tammy Hitch says

    I will so greatly miss Marilyn next year at woman of faith. Her book Constantly Craving was awesome. I was able to bring my daughter with me this year and it was such an amazing experience to be able to share that time with her hearing the Word of Wisdom from several of the woman speakers. I love see God speak thru each and everyone of the speakers. I am planning on coming back next and bring my daughter with me if it is God’s will we will see Woman of Faith next year.

  219. 2 years ago
    Margie Keith says

    Back in 1990 I was studying some of Charles Swindoll’s books. “Improving Your Serve” was the one that comes to mind. He mentioned either on his radio show or somewhere Marilyn Meberg. I immediately went out and got her tapes. I had gone through major life changes where God just picked me up and put me in a different world! No one was familiar, my surroundings weren’t familiar, and I’d experienced a lot of grief and loss. I laughed with Marilyn as I listened to her stories. It felt so good. I played them over and over to keep laughing and to have fun with whatever I was going through, rather than being so serious. Marilyn, thank you so much for your humor. I know it’s God’s gift, but thank you SO MUCH for sharing it. Even when you didn’t want to. Thank you.

    Your service to us women will not ever stop. We pass it on!! With love…

  220. 2 years ago
    Maxine F. says

    Marilyn, I wish you all the best and I personally wish I had the privilege to meet you. However I am so glad WOF share this video of your history with WOF. May God the living father continue to keep you strong, healthy and blessed. Walk good and continue to be a light in someone elses life.

  221. 2 years ago
    Lisa Stone says

    Thank you, thank you for everything. Your a wonderful teacher, and I have enjoyed your ability to teach us with laughter=)

  222. 2 years ago
    Debra Blankenship says

    I am sad to hear that you will not be speaking with the WOF anymore.
    Over the years I have really enjoyed hearing and learning God’s Word from you.
    Your life stories are always entertaining and brighten our day. I am going
    to miss you but I know there is a season for everything. Hopefully you will still continue to write your books so we can enjoy what you have to say that way. Know that you are loved by millions and will be greatly missed. May God bless you. Love, Debra

  223. 2 years ago
    Debbie Murphy says

    I have enjoyed listening to Marilyn over the past 4 years at Women of Faith, Philadelphia. She has inspired me in many ways. May God continue to bless her as she looks at the next chapter of her life. We will miss you Marilyn. Your sister in Christ, Debbie

  224. 2 years ago
    Dianne Cooper says

    I loved Marilyn and Lucy Swindoll and all the original ladies so much! Marilyn will be sorely missed just as I missed Lucy this year and Barbara in the years after she was gone. Please know we all love you Marilyn and will see you again iif not here on earth, in Heaven for sure!

  225. 2 years ago
    Sharon Turner says

    I’m so sorry Marilyn won’t be with WOF in the future. I love her sense of humor and she has such tremendous wisdom and is able to present things in a way that makes sense so anyone can understand it. God has truly blessed her and through her, us. She’s one of my favorite speakers.

  226. 2 years ago
    Emily says

    My favorite Marilyn story is when she told about a time when she and her husband took turns hiding a sticker inside each other’s clothes, which would later be discovered at some most inconvenient times. It had me laughing so hard. I think I love that story so much because some of my favorite times with my husband are when we can make each other laugh. Thanks for your time with WOF, Marilyn. We’ll miss you!

  227. 2 years ago
    francisca says

    I am sad that she is leaving,I had gone with some of my friends to atlanta,ga.,gone twice and I am really looking forward to hearing Marilyn and Luci Swindoll,and of course all of the other ladies,Love Patsy Clairmont.I had bought the book “A Grand New Day” I read it over and over,I use to live in Georgia and the ladies at our church there go every year,I just wish that you folks will come to Ft.Smith,Ar. The church that we are going now is alot smaller,but I know that god is there also.I am so bless to know so many people that loves the lord.Thank you for doing this for so many women,and even if you don’t come to Ft.smith,Ar.I still have all the wonderful memories of the “Women of Faith”God bless you all.

  228. One of my favorite Marilyn stories that I still laugh about (and my daughter laughs and remembers the story too) is how fast Marilyn likes to drive. I loved her story about the car her husband had bought her and it wasn’t her style and three years after he passed away she picked out her own car, and it was fast! I have a similiar story and I have been a widow for eighteen months, however; I traded cars after three months!

    Thank you Marilyn for always making me laugh! I have been attending Women of Faith since 2004 and you always were a bright spot in the speakers. I will miss you.

    • 2 years ago
      Glenna says

      Oh, Marilyn and Ellen –
      My story goes the other way. My late husband left me with two very fast cars and after a series of speeding tickets I DID NOT get but truly deserved, I traded them in for a more sensible vehicle that suits my new life just fine. It has taken me on three 1,000+ mile road trips – safely and (somewhat) within the posted speed limits. Your story makes me smile.

  229. 2 years ago
    Melissa Conte says

    This year, in Pittsburgh, was my first women of faith conference. Walking away, although I enjoyed it all, I was most affected by Marilyn. I did not plan on returning (ONLY because I found the crowds made me very uncomfortable) but I WON THE FREE TICKETS!!! So my mom and I will return next year. Sadly, now, the person I was most hoping to see again will not be there, but Marilyn – I truly, truly pray for you Blessings beyond your dreams and a long healthy, happy life!

  230. 2 years ago
    Karen says


    I will miss you so much at Women of Faith. Your deep insight, coupled with your humor, have spoken to me over and over through the years. May God richly bless you in whatever He has for the next chapter in your life.

  231. 2 years ago
    Tara says

    Best of wishes to Mrs. Meberg! Saw her at WOF 3 years ago…Loved her!

  232. 2 years ago
    Debbie Crawford says


    I cannot begin to share with you how you have encouraged me and have spoken truths that I needed to hear! Whether it has been through one of your books or through a Women of Faith Conference, God has used you to touch my life many times! Your words have kept me going on many a dark day in my life. You always remind us how much God loves us and for that I am eternally grateful!

    I am saddened to hear of your leaving Women of Faith, but I know that God has yet another set of plans for you! As you move into the next season of your life, please know that you are prayed for, cared about and loved by the women whose lives you have touched through the years. May God richly bless you, keep you and order your path.

    In Christ,
    Debbie Crawford

  233. Dear Marilyn,
    Thank you for your clear teaching from the Word of God during your ministry with Women of Faith. I have appreciated your honesty and faithfulness. I ask God to bless you in all your endeavors.
    Deb Penwell

    • 2 years ago
      Debbie says

      Dear Marilyn,
      such an amazing woman of God you are and what a blessing you have been. i have enjoyed your talks, teaching, humor!!! i have learned so much from you and I hope the younger generation coming up has a s well as you have such a gift of speaking and sharing that surpasses so many. continue your great work for I am sure God is not finished with you yet :) please keep us posted where you might be or anything new you might write.
      God Bless You!

    • 2 years ago
      Evelyn says

      Marilyn when the video for Charlotte oct 2012 come out will the messages from each speaker be on it

    • 2 years ago
      Judy Johnson says

      Marilyn! For some time now I’ve been secretly dreading this announcement! How you will be missed. Now I fear you’ve gone & given the other golden gals the same idea. Then, in time, we fans over 60 will no longer have peers with whom to relate… what then? Wha and boo-hoo.
      However, I am happy for you, as I’ve often wondered how you gals a decade ahead of me kept up such a frenetic schedule.
      I do hope WOF replaces you (not that you could ever be replaced; and I pity the woman who dares try to fill your worn-out shoes) with someone who has at least a few decades of maturity under her belt.
      Blessings, Judy in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    • 2 years ago
      Julianna says

      Dear Marilyn,
      I admire you for letting go when the Lord says to do so. I know how hard that can be. Your book on How to Survive or Prevent a Roof Cave In has saved my marriage over the years, especially the other day when my more person resurfaced. Lord knows Marilyn, I am going to miss you, but you continue to be a source of wisdom through your books. I got Constantly Craving this weekend at Ft. Lauderdale and already it is helping me to accept my life with all its challenges and count my blessings. I wanted to thank you in person but wasn’t able to so I wrote you instead. I wish you all of God’s richest blessings forever.

    • 2 years ago
      Linda Groth says

      Dear Marilyn,

      Mahalo nui (thanks much) for sharing from The Word, your heart, and your life experiences about the Lord at the WOF conferences as well as elsewhere. God’s blessings as you begin a new chapter in your life. You are a woman after my own heart when you stated at a WOF event in Dallas a few years ago: “Computers belong in hell!” It was refreshing to know others weren’t crazy about technology either!! Aloha.