Celebration Stories

We asked “what do YOU celebrate?” and answers have been rolling in! We’ve seen celebrations of everything from leaving a cult and finding Jesus, to a new job, to the ability to wear shoes. (There’s more to that last entry than you might think. Watch the video below and read the description for the rest of the story.)

There’s still time to join in the celebration and share whatever it is you celebrate! Visit our “I Celebrate . . .” page to print out a celebrate poster and upload your photo or video. Meanwhile, join us as we celebrate those who are celebrating…

It’s not too late to Celebrate What Matters in person! Our 2012 tour continues through the first weekend of November. Find an event near you.


  1. I was in your section on Friday, but my cousin and I had our seats exchanged on Saturday. I did hear about your mom from the gals in our group that were still sitting in that section. I’m glad your mom is doing fine and I will pass on the word to the my cousin and the others. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. 2 years ago
    Amy Stahl says


    I had attended the Milwaukee conference on Saturday with my 88 year old mother and 2 of my best friends. The morning had just started and Patsy was talking when I looked over and my mom was lifeless. I was sooooo blessed to have nurses and EMT’s sitting all around us. These wonderful, faithful, women of faith sprung in to action and helped my mom. She barely had a pulse. The paramedics were also wonderful. There were many women that helped in many ways without hesitation. God is faithful!!!!!! My mom is doing fine today.

    I love the Women of Faith.