Ethiopia Diary Entry #3: Generations of Difference

Our Ethiopia Diary continues with this entry from Brenda Warner. Before you watch the video, stop just a moment to take a good look at your hands. Never mind about your manicure (or lack thereof), just think about all that your hands do every day . . .

Now you’re ready to meet the amazing Ethiopian woman featured in today’s entry.

Do you know someone who is making a difference at home or abroad? Are you involved in a project or ministry that impacts lives in a positive way? Tell us about it and see more stories on our Making a Difference page here.


  1. 2 years ago
    tonie says

    What a blessing. Those are precious hands. This video has made my day – thank you.

  2. Thank you and your team for helping me to focus on the priorities in my life.

  3. 2 years ago
    Kim B. says

    So beautiful & so touching. Sometimes we become so absorbed in our day to day we forget to think about other’s & their day to day. What a wonderful reminder!

  4. Not just the hands, but has anyone really looked at the faces of Brenda Warner and the woman in at the beginning of the video. Look at their noses and look at their eyes. Worlds apart, generations apart, difference in the color of skin, yet look at them. Both tiny women, with noses that are similar, eyes that are similar . . .
    Thank you Brenda Warner for all you are able to do and for sharing your love around the world.
    Praise God!
    My love to all around the world. Rita Rausch