Ethiopia Diary Entry #4 – A Gift to Us

The next entry in our Ethiopia Diary comes to us from Sheila Walsh, who tells us how their trip was not just a one-way blessing. See what she describes as “a gift to us” in the video below.

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Have you given someone a gift and found yourself blessed by the experience? Do you know someone who is making a difference at home or abroad? Are you involved in a project or ministry that impacts lives in a positive way? Tell us about it and see more stories on our  Making a Difference page here.


  1. 2 years ago
    Sylvia Duclo says

    Our church, St. Paul Lutheran, in Trenton,Mi. and Arthurs School, also in Trenton, Mi. are a team in providing donated clothes freely to the community. We have a shed for donations and every other Monday a team sorts, sizes, and bag clothes to transport to the school. There is a designated area in the school where the clothes are available to all. The blessings we receove from this service cannot be described adequately.

  2. 2 years ago
    Brenda says

    Bless your hearts, WOF, for sharing your trip to Ethiopia with us! Everytime we say grace @ mealtime, I think of those who will go hungry today, some even dying from starvation. How very blessed we are, and yet, how ignorant we can be of our blessings.