Gathering Around God’s Word Back in the Day

Mind if we revisit the early 1980s? Big hair, big shoulder pads, big jewelry, and big Bibles in zippered covers made of leatherette or fake fur. They had deep pockets on the outside. A large dove. And handles. Seriously.

Back then I was a freshly minted Christian in my late twenties, eager to study God’s Word, but unsure where or how to begin. Should I take a course at the seminary in town? Flip open the Bible anywhere and dive in? Or start on page one and methodically read straight through?

Then I heard about a women’s Bible study meeting at someone’s house—a novel idea for this Former Bad Girl, who thought the only place people could study the Bible was at church on Sundays. “Do your homework,” the leader cautioned me. Clearly this group meant business.

I arrived that first Tuesday night wearing a dress and pantyhose. Every question in my workbook was dutifully answered—in pencil, in case I got it wrong. I nodded at the roomful of strangers, found an empty seat, then tried not to giggle when a middle-aged woman led us in praise and worship with her ukulele.

Fast forward three decades to Fall 2012.

Women still get together for Bible studies in people’s homes, but they’re more likely to show up with a Starbucks and an iPad. They might pop in a DVD or download a teaching video onto the hostess’s laptop. Or they might cook a meal together and share what they leaned that week by living out their faith.


  1. Amen!!! God’s word is powerful and is still changing lives. It never ceases to amaze me how you can read a part of scripture one time and receive a message from God and read it say a year ;later and receive a totally different message and learn something new and you find yourself standing there saying…ha, I never knew that was in there. Thank you Lord for speaking to us from your word each and every day.

  2. 2 years ago
    Sherry Brown says

    Many years ago Liz spoke in our community at a ladies event sponsored by the local hospital. She was so amazing and even though her talk was geared at lifting the spritis of worn our women I could feel God in her. What a blessing that Women of Faith have discovered her gifts.