Out of Her Shell


October 25, 2012

Out of Her ShellThere was a very broken woman . . . one of those who avoided people . . . the first to run out the back door at soon as church was over . . . someone I knew was carrying very deep, dark secrets. I didn’t even know her name. But when I approached her, she agreed to go to Women of Faith, as long as she could stay with me at the conference and hotel.  We did . . . and her life was changed forever that weekend. Over that weekend, in a very soft and meek voice, she privately started sharing her story with me. It was such a heart-breaking testimony, but this Women of Faith weekend changed her and her life forever.  She came out of her shell big time. Slowly she began to become involved with the ladies of our church by inviting herself into all of their homes—and when she came she brought a wonderful homemade luncheon for the two of them, dishes and all.  This became so popular that she started having monthly luncheons in her own home for small groups of women. There was always a spiritual theme; even her dishes had scriptures on them!  There was unbelievable food preparation and spiritual fellowship that drew our women even closer to each other.  Again, this became so popular that she had to start finding bigger venues; she started renting facilities to accommodate sometimes up to 200 women in our community. She still comes to Women of Faith every year, but now she brings other women with her. This woman has been responsible for leading hundreds to the Lord through her ministry, including the man who murdered her sister.   What did I learn from her? That God uses broken vessels!
October 25, 2012 32 views Women of Faith