A Place We Never Knew We Could Go


November 1, 2012

A Place We Never Knew We Could GoNovember 20th, 2010 my sister and I attended a Women of Faith convention in Hartford, Connecticut.  The theme for the weekend was Over the Top.  The speakers took turns sharing their testimonies as to how God has moved in their lives, changing them forever.  I heard the repeated message that God will take us places we never knew we could go, if we just let go of our need to control our own lives and allow Him to take over the steering of the ship, so to speak. I logically understood this to be true.  At that point, I had already given my life over to Jesus for some time, and prayed almost daily that He guide my steps and use my life to make a difference for others.  I had faith that God would work miracles in my life, but I can’t really say that I had ever actually seen any blatant evidence of it.  That is, until Over the Top. Mary Beth Chapman, wife of singer Steven Curtis Chapman, had recently written Choosing to See.  Her book chronicled their family’s loss in the tragic death of their five-year-old daughter and the ways in which Mary Beth struggled with God, and yet at the same time relied on His promises to pull her through.  Mary Beth Chapman was one of the speakers.  It seemed to me that she was still raw in her grief.  I was intrigued by her vulnerability.  I decided to purchase her book. I read Choosing to See over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Actually, saying that I read the book doesn’t do justice to the experience.  I was absolutely captivated by it.  It was as if I had an intense sort of knowing that I was supposed to be reading this book; like God was speaking to me through the words on its pages.  Three of the Chapman’s children were adopted from China, and a sizable portion of the book focused on their adoption experiences.  Adoption was something that we had always thought sounded like a wonderful thing to do, but my husband and I had never really considered the possibility of us actually adopting.  We had not yet even attempted to have a biological child. Two years later, we are the parents of a beautiful adopted daughter who we adore and couldn’t imagine not having in our lives.  Our journey to becoming a family has not been an easy one.  To be honest, the adoption is still not finalized, but we are getting through it by the grace of God.  This Women of Faith experience inspired my husband and I to have the courage to let God take us to a place we never imagined we would go… and we are so unbelievably grateful!

November is National Adoption Month.

We celebrate the parents and children who have found each other through adoption and rejoice that God, our heavenly Father, has chosen to adopt us into His family (Ephesians 1). For more about the Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman’s story and their adoption ministry, visit http://www.showhope.org/
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