A Place We Never Knew We Could Go

A Place We Never Knew We Could GoNovember 20th, 2010 my sister and I attended a Women of Faith convention in Hartford, Connecticut.  The theme for the weekend was Over the Top.  The speakers took turns sharing their testimonies as to how God has moved in their lives, changing them forever.  I heard the repeated message that God will take us places we never knew we could go, if we just let go of our need to control our own lives and allow Him to take over the steering of the ship, so to speak.

I logically understood this to be true.  At that point, I had already given my life over to Jesus for some time, and prayed almost daily that He guide my steps and use my life to make a difference for others.  I had faith that God would work miracles in my life, but I can’t really say that I had ever actually seen any blatant evidence of it.  That is, until Over the Top.

Mary Beth Chapman, wife of singer Steven Curtis Chapman, had recently written Choosing to See.  Her book chronicled their family’s loss in the tragic death of their five-year-old daughter and the ways in which Mary Beth struggled with God, and yet at the same time relied on His promises to pull her through.  Mary Beth Chapman was one of the speakers.  It seemed to me that she was still raw in her grief.  I was intrigued by her vulnerability.  I decided to purchase her book.

I read Choosing to See over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Actually, saying that I read the book doesn’t do justice to the experience.  I was absolutely captivated by it.  It was as if I had an intense sort of knowing that I was supposed to be reading this book; like God was speaking to me through the words on its pages.  Three of the Chapman’s children were adopted from China, and a sizable portion of the book focused on their adoption experiences.  Adoption was something that we had always thought sounded like a wonderful thing to do, but my husband and I had never really considered the possibility of us actually adopting.  We had not yet even attempted to have a biological child.

Two years later, we are the parents of a beautiful adopted daughter who we adore and couldn’t imagine not having in our lives.  Our journey to becoming a family has not been an easy one.  To be honest, the adoption is still not finalized, but we are getting through it by the grace of God.  This Women of Faith experience inspired my husband and I to have the courage to let God take us to a place we never imagined we would go… and we are so unbelievably grateful!

November is National Adoption Month.

We celebrate the parents and children who have found each other through adoption and rejoice that God, our heavenly Father, has chosen to adopt us into His family (Ephesians 1). For more about the Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman’s story and their adoption ministry, visit http://www.showhope.org/


  1. I completely know the feeling this mom must experience while watching her daughter transform by the Holy Spirit at this young age…it is precious beyond any words can express. Thank you for sharing it with everyone, for us who have been praying for our loved ones for a long time and especially my son, who is turning twenty one this month. I pray for his salvation, and I know that God hears each prayer we put out for Him. I encourage all you mothers who are praying for their children. Please do not give up, never give up. God has a divine plan for each one. Trust Him. It gives Him immense pleasure to see His children come back to Him.

  2. 2 years ago
    Pats says

    RE: Children at the Women of Faith Events: “out of the mouths of babes!” I have been recently working with preschool-kindergarten kids in the area of music at church (during Sunday School). There is NOTHING more precious to me that hearing children (of all ages) raising their voices in praise to our Savior. Remember, for them to learn to worship… they must experience it with examples of sincere worship. Their hearts are open in ways our older hearts have gotten away from Bravo! to a mom whose own heart was open to hearing the Spirits leading!

  3. 2 years ago
    janice Bradshaw says

    Meet Abraham and Sarah…aka Rodney and Janice…whom the Lord chose to raise 3 boys in their old age! We were raising our grandson since aged 2 and he was reaching his teens…we thought Yes! we are at the end…Rodney already beginning retirement and me working as a secretary of our church. Then we got the call…Our Grandson’s 3 siblings had been put into the foster system in OK and we are in CA. Would we take these boys? I having a Mama heart was ready to jump for it…also being 13 years younger than my retired husband helped alot! We got the call in September 2009 and on July 16 2010 and beautiful foster mom (and wonderful Christian) delivered 3 scared young men…. They were coming to grandparents whom they had never meant and in reality were not biologically theirs (they all share the same mom with 3 different fathers — the oldest being the son of my son). On July 31, 2012 Rodney and I went to OK to finalize adoption of these lil men, now ages 10, 7 and 5. While it has truly been a journey it has also been a blessing. We have seen the Lord’s hand as he gathered this family together and placed our lil guys into our lives. We have heard stories in which the Lord truly had his hand on their lives prior to them being delivered to us. Thank you Jesus for our family!

    • 2 years ago
      janice Bradshaw says

      Let me rephrase that…we are raising 4 boys…ages 14, 10, 7 & 5.

  4. 2 years ago
    Nina Zick says

    You are so right about God taking you places you never, never thought you would go. About 10 years ago during a Bible study “Here I am, Send someone else”, a good friend said Nina don’t you want to do Prison Ministry and since I could never tell him no, I said yes. Now 10 years later, I do Disciple studies at 2 prisions. It has changed my life compeletely. Only God could have sent me to those prisons.

  5. 2 years ago
    Beth says

    There is no greater joy, struggle, fount of happiness, or stress than parenthood. As the mom of three children, all adopted, I have NO doubt that these are exactly the specific children God chose for me to mother. I thank Him every day for my precious children.

  6. Adoption is a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us and embracing of our unique design that folds us into His family forever. Personally, we have a biological son who is 17 and our daughter from China who is 10 days away from her 13th birthday. We actually had the opportunity to meet the Chapmans at a dinner party in Houston a couple years ago for Show Hope just after the Women of Faith event the night before. We also have met another friend of theirs (whom I also love his music, Geoff Moore) and they too have babies from China!
    If you would like to be inspired by what God does through the life of his children in another read, check out my recently published book, IN HIS GRIP…A Walk Through Breast Cancer by Amy K. Hauser. Webisite listed here. : )