Healing for the Busy but Lonely

Healing-for-the-Busy-but-LonelyWe do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. —2 Corinthians 4:16

Many of us live busy, lonely lives. We can be surrounded by people, even family, and still feel isolated and alone.

How is that possible? It happens because it’s risky to be known. It happens because we imagine that, in a moment of finally stepping out of our cocoon ready to spread our wings and fly, someone will laugh at us—or worse still, simply turn her back and continue with her conversation.

When a child is born and the very first face she focuses her eyes on is the face of her adoring mother, part of the rip of Eden is healed. When that love and acceptance are further strengthened through the years by her father and by family and friends, it will be hard to convince this little one that she is not worth loving. The trouble with the human experience of many of us is that the love we needed and craved as children was withheld, and the tear of separation that began in Eden has gotten bigger.

One of the greatest spiritual gifts of rebirth when we give our lives to Christ is that we have fresh eyes to look into and see how much we are treasured. You have a Father who adores you, who delights in your laugh, who celebrates your gifts, and who catches every tear that falls from your eyes. His love will give you the courage to leave the cocoon behind and fly.

Excerpted from Daily Gifts of Grace. Copyright ©2012 by Thomas Nelson. Published by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.



  1. 2 years ago
    Letty Hanson says

    Hello everyone
    Again this site is wonderfull. I pray for the will of GOD in our lives. I need power in prayer . I am doing all i know to do.Breifly i have smoked cigerettes for about 38 years in my mind im done i dont want to smoke or pay the money on something that isnt good for me any more i have prayed to GOD and asked him for help i am sincere i keep trying the first time i stopped for 11 hours the second time 10 i get so strong and them i give in and feel very very sad and disopointed in me. im smoking now i have went from allmost one and a half packs aday to about 15 cigerettes aday i have prayed for this addition to be gone i have rebuked it im doing alot better im not beating myself up inside any more as i told my self keep on doing it just belive so please help me brake the chains that bind me to this horrible habbit and adition also im in need of eye surgury so keep that in prayer as well please im awaiting a apointment with a eye surgen i want so bad for my eyes to be where i can see it is hard to read my bible and i want to be set free from the cigerettes thanks so much everyone your sister in Christ

  2. 2 years ago
    Letty Hanson says

    Thank you Jen.
    This has been the hardest of them all.As i had to find inner self again and un boggle my mind and learn to except and love me and forgive me. I pray for GODS will he knows best not me. Yes im healing more and more each day and understanding and im starting to express my personality again for instance. today there were alot of leaves on the lawn my son in law and two grandchildren were out side raking them up i was standing there watching in my mind i wanted to just go jump in the pile and kick the leaves but i didnt want to un do the good job they were doing working together or upset them by messing up there pile i came inside and shared with my daughter i told her how i wanted to just go jump in the pile of leaves she said mom go do it then i said i didnt want to upset anyone as there working together she said just do it mom have fun what do you think there gonna do when there done she went outside and then came back in and said mom come here i saw my son in law standing behind her she said joel is standing here mom he said nana come on with a huge smile i went he said nana dont worry about it if you want to go jump in the leaves do it have fun so i did it was fun but to get to that point wasnt if you can understand that my mind is becomeing un boggled and im starting to enjoy life instead of being sheltered from the world and controled and dictated to in every move or thought or word i did or said im slowly comming out of my shell and im so thankful i cant even begin to explain what GOD has and is doing for me Thanks and GOD BLESS you all

  3. 2 years ago
    Letty Hanson says

    Thank you.I have never been to a meeting.Looking forward to them.I joined women of faith some a few months ago as i needed fellowship,I have been reading and not responding much at all and I decided to jump in.Thanks to all you really have helped me.I always was the bold one who went out and helped and told people about GOD and the wounderfull things he has done for me for years and still continues to do.breifly my life has been full of trials some i brought on myself.I am 50 now and found myself in a wounderful intament relationship with GOD.Im healing again and I recently walked away again from all my material and home and man of three years ,I finaly opened up my heart and thought all was well, I knew i found the right one.I was decived and almost destroyed spiritaly and phyicaly i sold my car and got away with a few clothes and my life.I am healing and understanding and in pain have my ups and downs i still have everything i had with GOD the faith that i can walk on water if i want to. Thats how strong my faith is and im searching for it again and the joy again i pray and talk to GOD i thank him for restoring my mind and saving me and so much more .I want my joy back I dont have any friends where i move and im leary of making any.Thanks for listening .and being there GOD IS SO WOUNDERFUL and i thank GOD for keeping his promises.Its alsways been my hearts desire to have a marriage under GOD and go and teach his word.

    • 2 years ago
      Jen says

      Sweetie, hang in there. I know thing are tough now as you are in the valley, but with your attitude and your renewed faith and love for God thing will get better! Now you just need to find a good Christian Church where they can love on you. I know you have been broken but God can and will heal you.

  4. Thank you for this. I too feel busy in this crazy world of hurry up going everywhere for everyone including the Family of God and yet being very alone. My Lord Jesus is always Faithful and never leaves me no matter what I may think and I am so grateful for that. HE is my Strength and on some days it is only because of Him I keep going. I try to remember this world and this body is slowly passing (maybe speeding up now) but HE is coming and those of us that belong to Him will be with Him for Eternity! What a Glorious Thought that is! What a Glorious Day that will be! Eternity Forevermore with Christ-WOW!

  5. This really speaks to my heart. I always stay so busy trying desperately to fill myself. I am looking in the wrong palce for fulfillent. I needed to be reminded of how my Father sees me, and adores me, just as I am. Thank you!