Made Just for Me

Made Just for MeI have been to many of the events over the years, all of them special in some way. I’ve left each event with something to carry with me that added joy and growth to my life. But recently I have been struggling with bad memories and mourning lost things.

It was another event that I almost cancelled at the last minute. I had been feeling more than just a little despondent and really just wanted to be alone. But God prodded and I listened. I had cried that day over the news of a severely abused child and in the car on the way to the arena I cried with my friend over the children she fosters.

I am crying as I write this because this event felt as if you called me before you planned the event and asked me what I needed. Forgive me if that sounds a bit narcissistic, but it is very true. From the moment I walked into the arena and saw the ‘Christ’ Eyes’ picture, I felt different, out of myself and into God. I actually heard myself speak out loud to the picture before I remembered that I was not alone. I saw the eyes and said “Hey You!” with the joy of meeting with an old friend. Then I remembered that I was surrounded by others and I looked around sheepishly before going to my seat with my friends.

I wept as Sandi took me back with her medley of old songs and when she spoke of hiding in the balcony. I was reminded of how devoted God is to us in our darkest hours. The ballet brought to the surface of my soul my desire to just dance for my King, and in my heart I did just that as they were on the stage.

The Jesus Painter captivated me with the story of God bridging the gap between us and Him. Brenda had me crying as I was reminded how God takes the broken and makes it beautiful. Marilyn, Patsy, Kelly, Mandisa, the worship singers, all of it reached deep within me and ministered to me as I felt Jesus speak to me through the whole event, telling me to just be still and feel how deeply He runs in my veins.

Again, I just want to say this whole event was a very personal one for me. I have never felt so ministered to in my over 30 years as a Christian. Never. I thank you for being there. I thank you for allowing God to do what He does through you. I thank you for a weekend that has had my heart dancing for days!


  1. 2 years ago
    Becky Bodnarchuk says

    Oh my goodness Patricia! I could say ‘Ditto’ to most of what you have written. I have been so blessed-at every WOF, but this one…no words can describe the awe and JOY!
    I wasn’t even planning on being there this year, money is very tight and grief has been nearly unbearable…but Poppa shocked my socks off.
    Thursday before the event my neighbor called to say she had a ticket, did I want to come?
    And every moment was precious, especially those eyes in the Jesus painting.
    Mandisa, Patsy, the worship…and it keeps coming….That Nehemiah study is sweet!
    I so praise and thank Poppa for each and every person that makes WOF a reality…and an eternal blessing.

  2. 2 years ago
    Deborah Deal says

    Thank you for being transparent. You are a blessing and freeing all of us. JESUS loves you deeply and forever.

  3. 2 years ago
    Lane McFarland says

    Patricia. Thank you. Over the past few years, I’ve endured a series of unbearable losses, each one more painful than the others. The most recent & most painful was the loss of my identical twin sister. I’m single. She was married with 5 children. Recently her husband remarried & “keeps” the children to himself. I’m the sole survivor of my family of origin. I was going to go to church choir tonight. Then I realized that, once again, they’d be rehearsing Christmas music. I’ve done all the “things” one does when walking through the valley of the shadow, giving to others, doing for others, sensitizing myself to others’ hurts. My church “family” is now in the throws of some very destructive power politics. They are not the family I so desperately need at this time. I’m a semi-retired University Counseling Professor, well-versed in “helping.” By the Grace of God, I live. Literally. Sheilah Walsh & Luci Swindoll are 2 of my WOF “faves.” The truthfulness of your testimony touched me deeply. Your words give meaning to The Words of my precious Lord, “…the words that I give you, they are spirit & they are life.” Be still & know that I AM God.

  4. 2 years ago
    shelly barton says

    I just attended my first Women of Faith conference a couple of weekends ago.It was an awesome experience. I was going through a rough patch with my finances and the heard the Lord speak to me there and tell me all will be fine.That lifted a big burden off my shoulders.And put a big smile on my face.Iv since let the Lord take over my troubles and let him handle them for me.Iv also learned that I need not worry about things.I know the Lord will always be there for me no matter what I’m going through in life.

  5. 2 years ago
    Maxine F. says

    Each time I read about Women of Faith (WOF) am very excited. I visualize myself icentered, in the place of beautiful people, ministry of singers, teachers, etc. I have never been to a WOF concert and I hope one day I am able to be there (WOF) recieve all that I need for this heart, soul, mind and body. I hope WOF will once again be in Atl and that at time I have the privilege & honor to be there. THank you sooooooooo much for sharing. Walk good and be at peace.