Made Just for Me


November 14, 2012

Made Just for MeI have been to many of the events over the years, all of them special in some way. I’ve left each event with something to carry with me that added joy and growth to my life. But recently I have been struggling with bad memories and mourning lost things. It was another event that I almost cancelled at the last minute. I had been feeling more than just a little despondent and really just wanted to be alone. But God prodded and I listened. I had cried that day over the news of a severely abused child and in the car on the way to the arena I cried with my friend over the children she fosters. I am crying as I write this because this event felt as if you called me before you planned the event and asked me what I needed. Forgive me if that sounds a bit narcissistic, but it is very true. From the moment I walked into the arena and saw the ‘Christ’ Eyes’ picture, I felt different, out of myself and into God. I actually heard myself speak out loud to the picture before I remembered that I was not alone. I saw the eyes and said “Hey You!” with the joy of meeting with an old friend. Then I remembered that I was surrounded by others and I looked around sheepishly before going to my seat with my friends. I wept as Sandi took me back with her medley of old songs and when she spoke of hiding in the balcony. I was reminded of how devoted God is to us in our darkest hours. The ballet brought to the surface of my soul my desire to just dance for my King, and in my heart I did just that as they were on the stage. The Jesus Painter captivated me with the story of God bridging the gap between us and Him. Brenda had me crying as I was reminded how God takes the broken and makes it beautiful. Marilyn, Patsy, Kelly, Mandisa, the worship singers, all of it reached deep within me and ministered to me as I felt Jesus speak to me through the whole event, telling me to just be still and feel how deeply He runs in my veins. Again, I just want to say this whole event was a very personal one for me. I have never felt so ministered to in my over 30 years as a Christian. Never. I thank you for being there. I thank you for allowing God to do what He does through you. I thank you for a weekend that has had my heart dancing for days!
November 14, 2012 6 views Women of Faith